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Matin Claret

In old Greece, an important philosopher call Aristotle, in its book ‘ ‘ The Poltica’ ‘ , it concludes that the man is an animal politician. With this it wanted to say that the animal man alone if develops fully will have engaged itself in the PLIS. The man is a dependent animal of other equal ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities. As we depend on others stops feeding in them, to dress, to work, then we only develop in them in fullness when we are conspired to a social group. But currently, a deceit in this reasoning has occurred. The human being depends on the others to survive, but it has not facilitated the life of the others. The lack of conscience of the use of industrialized products, as well as its inadequate discarding, has brought problems to the environment, having made it difficult the life of the other human beings that coexist in the plis.

Then, similar to facilitate the life of all, so that each person if develops fully in the trams of this polishes, necessity of each one becomes the conscientious use of industrialized products, the adequate discarding of packings residues and the correct spreading of the necessary information to the efetivao of this proposal, with the objective to generate the best convivncia and better life of each one. REFERENCES ARISTOTLE. Politics. So Paulo: Matin Claret, 2004. IT HISSES. Biotica.

Environmental Proposals

Two gardens is the rejection, of each side.however, these gardens can very if become ciclovias well, are alone to take off the plants and to pave the stream bed, already we will have immediately one way of hand and another one way of contrary direction, to the side of the way of pedestrians are now constructing the pavement on the Arrudas Brook, also in the Av. of the Andradas, the Municipal Park until the new Shopping Center Boulevard (next to the City council) only see that excellent chance to be construida there the FIRST CICLOVIA OF Belo Horizonte Story with the support of the readers ().to present projects as educative campaigns, ciclsticos t-shirts with related subjects, strolls (return in pampulha, for example), construction of ciclovias, etc who knows a great sender deTV is not interested for the flag? we will help the planet to survive, perhaps because without it we will not survive thus our decendentes we come to have a place in conditions still to inhabit. Ah I looked ONG WWF (of which he was contributing partner) they had returned and me saying that this is not the focus of them also looked to the TV Record Mines and I did not receive support nor reply We go to see if emplaca now idea is given.Vocs does not make idea of the disrespect, lack of consideration, and risks that the drivers impose to the ciclistas.

The Environment

The priests were always in search of its objectives and all the time the reader coexists scenes and facts take that to imagine it the environment physical, making with that the reader imagines and constructs a proper analysis of the situations that occur and foresee the ones that possibly they will come. The crime of the Priest I land on water is a romance of Thesis. The central idea of the workmanship is to show that the individuals do not pass of victims of the way where they are, wants for proper desire or imposition of the way or of third. The social environment and the instinct exert great influence on the way to act of Land on water regarding everything what it sees and it practises, being it capable to involve the Amlia young in its lies. As well as I land on water, the other personages are as esteretipos, for not presenting proper identity.

Ea uses Lands on water to represent all the ones that are defective and Amlia to represent the ingenuous, deceived and sofredoras young women. The life that I land on water led in Lisbon, the convivncia with a bourgeois family and the very close contact with the clergy made, it to create interests for the clerical life. For this life to provide many gifts, exemptions and many women its return. It notices as I land on water yearned for to be close to the women: ' ' he was already become attached to the chapel things, and its enchantment was to be nestled to the foot of women, in the heat of joined skirts, hearing to speak of santas' ' (pg.41) and ' ' I land on water was all nervous; on its catre, high night turned over without sleeping e, in the deep one of its imaginations and of its dreams, ardia, as a quiet live coal, the desire of the Mulher' '.


The optimization Web is beneficial almost always for our page Web or blog, but exists certain things to consider not to commit errors that will harm to us but that to benefit to us. 5 frequent Errors to avoid when we optimized our Web: To change to all the pages of the Web, but important and that always we must consider, if the something works, we do not have to modify it; it is very common that while we realised an optimization of nuesrta Web we want it to change everything, and this is error, pages that estan or indexed, good not to touch them, or we do if it that they are very subtle changes, costs much that a page is indexed or so that with a few changes we ruin everything.

Not to take a control of which we do and when, if we do not know that we have done, we will not know that it can be leaving or or badly. To have many pages with little content, is but important to have little but as quality, it don’t mention it does not serve to have 100 pages or posts that will not index by their little relevance, better to have 10 with a very interesting content. Not to take into account the users; our Web this done so that the people visit who it find what this looking for, or information or to buy a product or service, is for that reason that we must of knowledge that is what the visitor THIS NOT FINDING to be able to provide it; don’t mention it serves a Web with an incredible design but that nobody visits. Not to take into account the key words (keywords), often we are not conscious that words or phrases they estan taking traffic to us to our Web, first we must know that keywords is those that work well, before optimizing and running the risk of losing the traffic that already we have.

Great Spirit

The perfumed flowers, the deer, the horse, the great eagle, are our brothers. The rocky summits, the humid meadows, the heat of the body of the colts and the men, all we are of the same family. By all this, when the Great White Head of Washington communicates to us that she thinks to buy our earth demands much of us. He says that he will reserve a place to us where we pruned to live pleasantly and that he will be our father and we will become their children. But, he is that possible? The Great Spirit loves your town and has left his red children. He sends machines to help to the white man in his work and constructs for him great towns. He by day makes more forts to your town in day.

Soon you will flood the country like rivers that are despean by precipices after an unexpected storm. My town is like a time in regression but without return. We are different races. Our children do not play together and our old ones count different histories. The Great Spirit is to you propitious and however, we are orphaned. We enjoyed joy when the feeling these forests. The crystalline water that runs by the rivers and streams is not only water, but also the blood of our ancestors.

If we sell our earth to you you must know that they are sagradas and that each fleeting reflection in the clear water of the lagoons narrates experiences and events of my town. The murmur of the water is the voice of my ancestors. The rivers are our brothers that satiate our thirst. They take our canoes and feed our children. If we sell to you our earth you must remember this and you teach to your children who the rivers are our brothers and that, therefore, there are to deal them with dulzura, as it treats a brother.


Before nothing, you must of knowledge that is bottoms that invest in foreign currency, or dollars or Euros that in addition they have like main objective the maximum yield. The risk of these bottoms is always equal or smaller to the one of the market generally, since this type of bottoms uses cover techniques, there am the name and there am there its main advantage there also. These investment funds, are structured generally like a capital society, where main the contributor one becomes the manager of the same, therefore, the same investor turns out to be the main person in charge of the investment decisions. The main objective of this type of investment funds is to buy dollars to the type of change determined by the Bank of Mexico for the document operations that are deposited in a chequera of investments in Mexico. This type of investment is widely recommendable for which they wish to protect his resources against a depreciation of the weight with respect to the dollar.

This way, the real yield of the investments in cover will depend on evolution of the parity weigh-dollar. In case of occurring a devaluation, you as investor you would obtain benefits. So now that already you know more on this type of investment funds, decdete to invest your money in this excellent alternative that I present/display to you..

ANGELUS Policritica – Advertising, Feminism, Walter Benjamim Jacquerie Vogel, All Rights Reserved

This appreciation will be surely barren and inautntica; but it is not possible that the men accept the refutabilidade of certain images. Certain, it is that the advertising and the press control enough and strong these poor times, but is surprising the plasticity of this system; it is admirable the capacity of insult and elogiosa illusion that the people receive and feed in certain advertising campaigns, submitting all to all the luck of offences. It has that to be itself perplexo with these propagandas, ahead of the necessity not to use subterfuges to accumulate of stocks the people-product; therefore the aluso or the hint is not more necessary; it is said directly: – Deodorant x Uses and obtains many women; – New car t Buys, and it does not change of car, changes of life! This in fact is a prodigy, therefore the enganosa spalling of ideas arrived at the way masses that are not more at least disguise. On the other hand, the advertising executives seem to be more sincere, in way that, if for hypothesis, some person it obtains to understand its gift, it could be astonishhed, it can try to discover what it is illusion and what it is reality He seems honest demagogicamente. But, what the Sr.a Claire Demar would say, sainsimoniana feminist, opposite to the apelos of this advertising, incrivelmente carried through in century XXI? , what the Sr.a Claire would say for likeable and beautiful young woman who desires the likeable youngster as its dream of consumption in a propaganda of determined gasoline mark. Certain made, Mrs. Claire arrived to affirm that: ' ' the revolution in the conjugal customs does not become in the esquina of the streets or public square, during three beautiful days of sun, but if it carries through in all the hours, in all the places (&) in the long nights that transcorrem dull and cold, as as much in the conjugal alcove exist.

The Power

The espacialidade that it deals with Matta is without a doubt the parallel enters the space of the street and the space of the house, then the northeasterns in the Southeast cannot feel in house a time who, well are not come or that they are, however with limitations. The authors: Martins, Chau and Ribeiro make a description of which the Brazilian society is formed, that is not different of the Chronically Impracticable film. The Martins deals with a subject sufficiently observed in the Brazilian society that is the clientelismo politician, where the people becomes customer of the buying politician of votes during the partisan elections. On the other hand, a miscigenado and discriminated people for the race and color, however everything camouflaged, giving the idea of that everything is certain that the racial preconception does not exist in the Brazilian society. For in such a way, the Brazilian society is sidewalk in a way to corrupt with the social problems and to demonstrate that everything that was produced in the society was determined by the proper people. Of this form who is poor is predestined to be poor, while who is rich of any form was to the luck.

A Marilena, in turn, makes critical of a social formation of Brazil, (when it places That) the questions referring the colors of the flag and the letter of the national hymn, therefore nor everything that says is reality, of certain forms the Marilena made very well, why our native land is very generally not exerted by the Brazilians and yes, this patriotic spirit is only remembered at times of pantry of the world and in the truth the Brazilians, are not ' lying in splendid cradles, therefore everything this is an ideology, very pretty pra to be truth. It is a paradox what it demonstrated Marilena in its text. The people lives a conturbada social situation on account of the State mainly, that since its formation always it privileged the dominant elite and not it people in fact. Of this form, Brazil is without a doubt is, a permeia country that was born in way the exploration and corruption and that until today. The necessary society in fact, to have more conscience and to look for to change this scene or contrary case we go to be always attending real films.

Bibliographical references: CHAU, Marilena. Brazil. Founding myth and Authoritarian Society, Hucitec Publishing company, So Paulo, 1990. MARTINS, Jose de Souza. The Power of the Delay. 2a edition, Hucitec Publishing company, 1980. MATTA, Robert. What it makes Brazil, Brazil. 2a edition, Raco Publishing company, Rio De Janeiro, 1986 RIBEIRO, Darcy. The Brazilian people. Publishing company Company of the Letters, So Paulo, 1980.

Alfredo Birth Squid

It fell plus a minister. Normal! The faces had entered in marra, when former-president Lula had that to distribute the cake, now the president Squid does not have as to hold the wave of this galera. It made hunting, goes pra street! The woman is Bulgarian, braba exactly! Now the Orlandinho goes to have that to go pra line of the drawing of the ingressions for Pantry 2014 as the excessively mortal ones of this country. It lacks the powerful chefo of the CBF, that, according to bad languages, received a haul (metaforicamente speaking, it is clearly), but committed the slip of wanting to buy one jatinho a little expensive and of short while obscure form, and only finished giving to flag (this expression still exists? To give flag)Only, six inherited friends of the age had this year been shipwrecked Squid. The first one was the Palocci, that already fell for the second time, by the way (and this); later he was the Alfredo Birth, become minister of the transports after having destroyed the system of collective transport in Manaus with its famous Express; after that, it was pro shower more early, Nelson Jobim, that assumed to have voted in the Toucan for president; there Wagner Rossi fell; later, Peter You novate, that it paid governanta of it with the money ours, and also the motel, that nobody is of iron, n excellency? Tutti buona people! Then, for the floor of the covered cart, Orlando Silva does not need to have shame you are welcome, therefore he is not the first one and nor will be the last one to be I catch with the mouth in botija! After all, they are 24 ministries and more 9 secretariats with status of ministries, all pay for the contributor.

It seems that still it has much people pra to serve of ox of piranha! The question that is why the president Squid has that to accept this group amalgamated in its team? Some would say that it is a governabilidade question. That is, she is necessary to divide the cake, to distribute the despojos. The president of Brazil (or the president of Brazil will be woman) necessary to pledge until the underwears to arrive at the power, and, in the hour to recover the lost patrimony, does not have as to leave the side friends. Not to be that the friend steps on in the ugly ball! We are of eye!

Peroba History

She has who says that it was impression of it and that she atforava and if strengtove so that the people heard sound the same. Atimitava with the French mouth in one biquinho of one bonjour to emit the sound produced for the cow. It was known as Peroba! Eletinha a special affection for the animals. I find that when fell of mulanaquela another history that I counted reader to it, it would have to be in function dapressa, it could not approach the mule of the form usual as it made comos other animals. It was beside the point considerate with the animals. With asvacas it talked as great people, counted histories while she asordenhava, in some histories they were quiet, as she quemestivesse hearing serious things, already in others were uneasy comoquem doubted the veracity of the baboseiras of it. In dessassituaes, my father heard following history and I confirmed with the meutio times later: Numaocasio, it was in the small farm of the Braslio to see one burrinho to buy eachou the Three Peidos there. Knows that one burrinho where was in that one baileque counted to it? Therefore he is he himself, is of it that we are speaking! Entonegociou the ensiado animal, with all equipment of would mount and levoupara its house.

In the truth bought it to load some wicker baskets demilho that he had planted in a ribanceira. It commented, who the burropor to have the hooves small, and half closed, would obtain to firm hung emterreno. It possessed a horse, but he found that a donkey teriamais security and more income. Thus he made. He harvested the maize and he nogostou of trabalheira that gave in the harvest, when the drudgery findou, oburro already did not have more usefulness, vendeu the animal for my grandfather. Expensive reader, makes comfortable itself in its chair that I go to count history, the same one that at the time the Carcule Joo counted the heifer! Oburro that at that time was not called Three peidos ones! Lode with outronome, called Four Woods was a reference to the game of truco, cujaa Manila is valorosa between the others.

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