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Integrated Workforce Management Solutions Through Teamwork

Act Centurion and mobileX to cooperate in the business field mobile workforce management Sauerlach/Munich, may 2010. Act Centurion, IT systems integrator for industrial and military mobile computing, and the mobileX AG, leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions, establish business relations. With the combination of hardware and software they aim to provide comprehensive customer solutions. Hardware professional Act Centurion delivers custom mobile hardware for industrial and military use of the computer. Utility industry, machine and plant construction, facility management, maintenance organizations where GIS play a role, access hardened mobile computer. The mobileX AG optimizes worldwide with their mobile workforce management solution service and maintenance processes of large and medium-sized enterprises. This mobile workstations are integrated into the existing processes and systems (E.g. SAP).

The solution approach includes process and needs analysis and covers the development from conception up to for maintaining the application. Alfred Karcher, Melitta, STRABAG, elevators, etc. are names such as ThyssenKrupp clientele. Within the framework of cooperation, mobileX’s customers can purchase the hardened mobile computer by Acturion. Together, soft – and hardware partners are looking for the best solution.

Customers enjoy targeted, intensive support by the networking. While Act Centurion wins through the engagement of his Munich-based partner of major customers in particular in the fields of energy supply, maintenance and facility management, the mobileX AG extends its hardware products by Acturion. Both partners benefit from higher customer loyalty. To cooperating systems, a leading provider of workforce management are delighted”, says Acturion CEO Oliver Husmann. Successful workforce management only works with a holistic approach. It includes software and hardware!”stresses Hannes Heckner mobileX Board. About Acturion: The Act Urion Datasys LLC is a specialized system integrator in the Area industrial and military mobile computing. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified companies is aimed with its ruggedized PCs and system solutions in the sectors of telecommunications, automotive, air – and space, machinery, services, rescue and police, logistics and healthcare, as well as to the military. Founder Oliver Husmann and his team of experts get their knowledge from many years of experience and are integrated into a tightly-knit network of partners. Together with its clients, Act Centurion developed part and turn-key solutions for all tasks of the industrial and military mobile computing. More details under mobileX: mobileX AG delivers mobile solutions for field service in sales and service. Mobile workstations are integrated into the existing processes and systems (E.g. SAP). Service, sales and logistics are thereby connected via PDA or laptop to the corporate IT. With a graphical tour to control and optimize the field operations planners. Total is This a comprehensive workforce management environment. The products of mobileX AG bring particularly the sectors medical technology, machine and plant construction, catering, facility management, etc great benefit. Through the mobile connection of field staff, streamline processes and costs. This leads to better service for the customers. Jude Medical, among the customers of mobileX AG including ThyssenKrupp elevators, Alfred Karcher, St. Strabag, Alcatel-Lucent network services, Melitta, MVV energy, etc. For more information,

Cooperation With Vitadirect GmbH – Innovation Meets Experience! – so health is today! The Vitadirect GmbH Munchen cooperates since 01 April 2010 with the health portal. The Vitadirect GmbH is a logistics partner of the mail order pharmacy which is operated by the St. Ursula pharmacy in Munich. The portal is from the in Baldham near Munich-based marketing agency are managed in cooperation with Vitadirect GmbH and expanded the responsible pharmacist Frank Fussl to a new benchmark in the area of the German mail-order pharmacies., Tobias Boltze, Managing Director manifests itself very pleased on the completed negotiations: all participants have extensive Know-How. Both sides will benefit from this cooperation. ” Aim of the cooperation is a better positioning of the domain in the market, as well as the establishment of an innovative and ground-breaking health platform. Particularly the combination of high-quality health information with an easy to use and innovative online shop is at the heart of the planned cooperation.

Frank Fussl has many years of experience in the pharmacy industry. He was in business, the first with a mail-order pharmacy in Germany as one before he found a new job with the Metropolitan pharmacy at Frankfurt airport. Since 2007, Fussl leads the Vitadirect GmbH together with Michael Radhakrishnan Kamil. At the same time Fussl is active in various fora, such as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of STADA Arzneimittel AG and as a delegate of the Hessian Pharmacists Association. Tobias Boltze is a 5-member consultancy Managing Director since 1996 and since 2008 in legally sound health marketing. He supervised a number of healthcare providers in the areas of pharmacy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medicine leading in the field of online marketing. Early 2010 the brand was then Agency for health marketing”with which the realignment of the domain in the field of innovative health portals in Germany is promoted and the Services is concentrated in the area of health marketing.

About the company Agency for health marketing in March 2010 from the existing since 1996 B & B consulting GbR emerged. The company specialized in health marketing has currently 5 employees headquartered in Baldham b. Munich. The Agency supports medium-sized enterprises in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. mjducky is a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. There was founded the Vitadirect GmbH in 2004. In early 2007 the decision followed the Vitadirect GmbH with the same online shop as a logistics partner of St. Ursula, pharmacy to give a central pillar.

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