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Environmental Proposals

Two gardens is the rejection, of each side.however, these gardens can very if become ciclovias well, are alone to take off the plants and to pave the stream bed, already we will have immediately one way of hand and another one way of contrary direction, to the side of the way of pedestrians are now constructing the pavement on the Arrudas Brook, also in the Av. of the Andradas, the Municipal Park until the new Shopping Center Boulevard (next to the City council) only see that excellent chance to be construida there the FIRST CICLOVIA OF Belo Horizonte Story with the support of the readers ().to present projects as educative campaigns, ciclsticos t-shirts with related subjects, strolls (return in pampulha, for example), construction of ciclovias, etc who knows a great sender deTV is not interested for the flag? we will help the planet to survive, perhaps because without it we will not survive thus our decendentes we come to have a place in conditions still to inhabit. Ah I looked ONG WWF (of which he was contributing partner) they had returned and me saying that this is not the focus of them also looked to the TV Record Mines and I did not receive support nor reply We go to see if emplaca now idea is given.Vocs does not make idea of the disrespect, lack of consideration, and risks that the drivers impose to the ciclistas.

The Environment

The priests were always in search of its objectives and all the time the reader coexists scenes and facts take that to imagine it the environment physical, making with that the reader imagines and constructs a proper analysis of the situations that occur and foresee the ones that possibly they will come. The crime of the Priest I land on water is a romance of Thesis. The central idea of the workmanship is to show that the individuals do not pass of victims of the way where they are, wants for proper desire or imposition of the way or of third. The social environment and the instinct exert great influence on the way to act of Land on water regarding everything what it sees and it practises, being it capable to involve the Amlia young in its lies. As well as I land on water, the other personages are as esteretipos, for not presenting proper identity.

Ea uses Lands on water to represent all the ones that are defective and Amlia to represent the ingenuous, deceived and sofredoras young women. The life that I land on water led in Lisbon, the convivncia with a bourgeois family and the very close contact with the clergy made, it to create interests for the clerical life. For this life to provide many gifts, exemptions and many women its return. It notices as I land on water yearned for to be close to the women: ' ' he was already become attached to the chapel things, and its enchantment was to be nestled to the foot of women, in the heat of joined skirts, hearing to speak of santas' ' (pg.41) and ' ' I land on water was all nervous; on its catre, high night turned over without sleeping e, in the deep one of its imaginations and of its dreams, ardia, as a quiet live coal, the desire of the Mulher' '.

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