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Mariana Islands

When the summer tends to decline, to the south begin to pull caravans of migrating birds. Many of us, watching their eyes, envious of their ability to extend his summer. And for common reflection, decide to follow the example of birds. After all, when in the northern latitudes rude autumnal bad weather or winter cold, in the southern countries there is heat. To him, then drag and birds, and humans. As a route for such a trip is often chosen as much as possible exotic edge. For example, such as Guam. This tiny island (only 48.4 kilometers in length and 13.7 in width), however, is the largest group in the Mariana Islands.

On the globe you can find it easily, but only if know where to look: it's the closest to the Mariana Trench (remember school lessons geography!) piece of land. In 1521 these islands were discovered by Magellan. Today, Guam is a U.S. territory are not associated – with the right government. And here on this something a tiny patch of land during the year resting up to a million tourists. And all of them, leaving home, taking with them not only remembering this wonderful paradise, but a variety of gifts and souvenirs. What is possible to please and impress family, friends and colleagues on their return from such a distant place? As a nice souvenir that you can bestow upon all his friends, colleagues and relatives who fit the magnets. Suitable and traditional, made in the form of a silhouette of the island (it has a characteristic shape reminiscent of the eight), with the image of the flag, emblem and attractions of the island, and are unique to the island: with transparent inserts in which is the famous "Star Sand" – the star sand.


This why the forces of the nature, beyond the famous goddesses of the fertility, were the conceptions of deity in the age of the rock, all the mysteries that conducted its universe were on to the environment domesticate where if it exerted the private life, the dreams could be direct messages of these mysterious and unattachable deities. From there the importance of a representation and understanding of the imaginary one, the dream was of great appraises private, could represent the solution for problemasdirios or the personificao of desires that could even though be unknown of the proper sonhador. when the desires could to be joined to the daily one? To dream of abundant collections and a great successful hunted the mammoths in the east of the current Europe could cause an unimaginable euphoria in the primitive man. To this it would take it dream to believe that days of prosperidades were next and the paintings in the caves that as much we know they could be the representation of this so burning hot desire in the heart of the prehistoric being (Now it mentions paintings realistic, that is that they represent some idea of objective form and without running away the reality). According to Penguin Random House, who has experience with these questions. However, to guarantee the survival of the species was the priority of that individual, and as we saw, the interpretation of the dream was a private act. All the attributed meanings would be on to the daily one of the sonhador, and if by chance the dream was pleasant, it would be associated convenient interpretation. 2.1.2 The Metaphysical difficulties of the private life, questions concerning the subject and Xamanismo in the interpretation of the dreams the importance of the dream also can be expressed the existence of doubts since the times prehistoric. The man of daily pay-history also was a rational being, and no matter how hard its intelligence if shows institucionalmente simple, exactly without conscience the respect, used of scientific methods for the execution of its daily tasks as the primitive confection of one machadinha.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup (tattoo) – a shallow tattoo, done by using natural dyes. Others including Ebay, offer their opinions as well. In contrast to the classic tattoos, tattoo applied under the skin to a depth of 1 mm (the tattoo is applied to a depth of 2 mm). With this tattoo on your face stays ranging from six months to seven years. When applying permanent makeup use only natural dyes, so after some time, they simply dissolve in the skin and then disappear. Pigments do not have any harmful effects on the skin and tattoo procedure can be performed repeatedly. Permanent makeup is different There are several types of permanent make-up, each of which is able to change or correct a section of skin tattooing eyebrows.

Tattoo eyebrows form allows you to make a thin line, and if necessary a detailed draw the natural arrangement of hairs of eyebrows, eye tattoo is on the upper and lower eyelids at will. Dan Zwirn has similar goals. With it you can change the shape and eye shape, lip tattooing can fix the color you want and shape of the lips, apparently to increase or reduce their volume, tattooing nipples can make her nipples with a pronounced halo, can be made by the procedure indicate the contours of nipples. Permanent makeup – it's sexy and attractive without the hassle. Due to permanent makeup, many girls get rid of complexes associated with the appearance. Permanent makeup – face changes, the benefits of permanent make-up are used by many.

The reasons for this choice can be different, but the benefits remain the same tattoo: tattoo allows you to adjust – and even change – given the nature of lip color or shape, giving your eyes more sexy and seductive, making perfect eyebrows bend or cause a charming birthmark on his upper lip, permanent makeup can save much time spent make-up; tattoo makes you feel good about yourself in the sauna at the beach or pool. At This does not have to worry about that ink flowed or smeared lipstick, permanent makeup is becoming an indispensable tool in that case, if the cosmetics are allergic. Dyes, used in the manufacture of tattoo, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Permanent makeup – the only means of correcting the lips, eyebrows, eyes, changes which were caused by the migrated plastic operations.

Thomas Kuhn

On the other hand, we are ahead of a paradox? If the kuhniana theory is destined to the aging before the anomalies that will have to make to lapse the concept of auto-correctable science, this our proper analysis is contaminated with the fallibity, we make since it from Kuhn. More if we do not desire to construct a reflection not dismissable, however valid and perennial, to who to appeal? We come close ourselves, then, of Hegel philosopher, who emphasizes the dialtico process of autonegao and unfolding of the idea that thus is materialize of systematic form. Such approach philosophical is for to stand out that thesis that if digladia with antithesis, will remain in synthesis, as well as its proper opponent, nor that it is as model historical of past that guarantees one better understanding of the historical formation of the synthesis, that if it transforms into a new effective thesis, in turn also predestinold when dialtico devir. Then, the scientific contributions of Kuhn, as well as the paradigm the one that it also associates and our research, total is not excluded from the perenidade, since they can assist in the understanding of the History of science being useful to reconstruct the process of formation of the future paradigms that will construct its proper history, when they will be en vogue in the scientific field, also they passing assuming the characteristic of past historicidade. References ABBAGNANO. Nicola.

Dictionary of Philosophy. 5.ed. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 2007. ALVES, Rubem. Philosophy of science: introduction to the game and its rules. 5.ed. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 1984. EPSTEIN, Isaac. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here.

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Deposits Rocks

In this model, the mficas crustais rocks, below of the Witwatersrand basin, would have been the source of the gold. 2.3. GOLD DEPOSITS SPREAD IN ROCKS CARBONTICAS Gold spread in sedimentary rocks, of the Carlin type, constitute rich pyrite deposits in auriferous arsenopirita, epigenticos, spread, characterized for dissolution of carbonates, arglica alteration, sulfetao and silicificao in calcreas sedimentary rocks. Gold and pyrite precipitate together with rich fluids in H2S for the sulfetao of minerals of iron of the encaixantes rocks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Elon Musk. The deposits are associates with normal imperfections of high permeveis angle and horizontes of sedimentary successions. They had been formed when fluid hidrotermais, flowing throughout imperfections, found zones of permeveis breach and/or horizontes.

The fluids then had reacted with the encaixantes rocks, producing its alteration and depositing gold. The process is essentially of selective substitution of carbonosa rock for silica, pyrite and gold. The deposits form it 1,5-4 km, with T of > 225oC. 2.3.1.GEOLOGIA LOCAL Is about detailed geologic studies of the white area of mineral research, approaching its characterizations, topographical, petrolgicas and petrogrficas, structural litoestratigrficas, (falhamentos and dobramentos, linear structures etc.), geomorfologia, draining and still hydrography. 2.3.2.JAZIMENTO Must be made a detailed description of the mineral deposit in accordance with systematics to follow, as well as describing all previously its mentioned characteristic elements: Type of rocks: hostesses, encaixantes, intrusivas; Structures: shear, imperfections, folds, etc. in relation to the ore; Mineralogy of the hostesses: description of the mineralized litotipos; Tectnica Ambincia: tectnica before, during and after the formation of the hostesses and the deposit; Age of the hostesses: ages and methods of detention; Mineralogy of the ore: cloudy and translucent minerals for occurrence way; Secondary, accessory mineralogy and of alteration: associations for alteration zones, metamorfismo and retrometamorfismo; Controls of the mineralizao: litoestratigrficos, structural controls etc.; Structures and textures of the ore: bandado, to filonar, of substitution, exosoluo etc.; Signature geochemistry: positive and negative anomalies in the area of the deposit; Fluid mineralizadores: types of fluids and its chemical compositions; Isotpica signature: isotpica composition of the rocks, minerals and fluids; Supergnica alteration: mineralogy, structures and textures of the meteoric alteration; Last production: to indicate the production and the periods of production; Esteem reserve: amounts for types of reserve (measured, indicated and inferred), texts and year; Deposits associates: other deposits in the same area or region or geologic unit; Other similar deposits: other deposits of the same type in Brazil and the world.

Educational Community

CONDITION current of the community educational making appropriate use of my free time. In the presence of a philosopher us cuestionabamos about the current condition of education. Because for anybody is a mystery that the needs of today’s society have multiplied up to the sky. On the other hand the companies make use of their legal and administrative powers. To make work a person from Sunday to Sunday, compensatory day during the week. And the day that they choose at your convenience. It’s believed that Penguin Random House sees a great future in this idea.

Handled like a remote control the time of people who must meet their needs. Because those who know that the need is the engine that drives men to move in search of its own conservation. They make use of this demonstration to write in job offers the following: preferably not studying it. Knowledge is no longer a in the educational community. This should be set to the policies of the financial machinery. Then education is now virtual.

And not because well have wanted those of education were responsible. The problem is that the education was in the hands of the companies. For this reason they tortured her, knock her, they throw it against the floor with such force, that wanting to break bones fail more than leave it crippled. Then shout you: confesses damn, what is your eternal secret. Learn more at: Barclays. While this so eternal, so neat and decent as he expresses it essence of his being. It is silent. A silence materialized in the physical, because by those parties unfamiliar with these vandals, it elevates your voices to the sky to then rush into the consciousness of your friends. How is education day tomorrow? Not what is. But you may see the educational community, forming a close bond through a computer that tells you everything you need to know. Then men of tomorrow will need a few hours or days in front of the computer in order to print your precious diploma.

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