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Mariana Islands

When the summer tends to decline, to the south begin to pull caravans of migrating birds. Many of us, watching their eyes, envious of their ability to extend his summer. And for common reflection, decide to follow the example of birds. After all, when in the northern latitudes rude autumnal bad weather or winter cold, in the southern countries there is heat. To him, then drag and birds, and humans. As a route for such a trip is often chosen as much as possible exotic edge. For example, such as Guam. This tiny island (only 48.4 kilometers in length and 13.7 in width), however, is the largest group in the Mariana Islands.

On the globe you can find it easily, but only if know where to look: it's the closest to the Mariana Trench (remember school lessons geography!) piece of land. In 1521 these islands were discovered by Magellan. Today, Guam is a U.S. territory are not associated – with the right government. And here on this something a tiny patch of land during the year resting up to a million tourists. And all of them, leaving home, taking with them not only remembering this wonderful paradise, but a variety of gifts and souvenirs. What is possible to please and impress family, friends and colleagues on their return from such a distant place? As a nice souvenir that you can bestow upon all his friends, colleagues and relatives who fit the magnets. Suitable and traditional, made in the form of a silhouette of the island (it has a characteristic shape reminiscent of the eight), with the image of the flag, emblem and attractions of the island, and are unique to the island: with transparent inserts in which is the famous "Star Sand" – the star sand.

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