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Good Corporate Identity

We must admit it, when you start a new venture does not have the money needed to cover the many expenses that the initiative requires, especially because in the first stage there are many outputs and revenues slow in coming. Next to the large number of needs, the employer will be face the difficulty of having urgently a name and an image for your product or service. It is at that moment where often decides to perform the work in person, perhaps also, resorting to someone you know or find someone who can do it at the lowest possible cost. It is this decision so common that we constantly see brands that do not communicate or that make it wrongly, images that do not match the product or service offered and similar contradictions. Without doubt, businessman knows that its initiative deserves a better brand identity, but costs were those who determined their choice, without taking into account the benefits of a professional corporate identity can empower you to your company. These benefits can easily restore the money invested to reach way quickly and effectively to the public that wants to offer your product or service. A professional corporate identity work will need to know the characteristics of the company or project, determine the true target audience, then interpret what they want to truly and finally develop more accurate communication how to reach him.

But what about what you want to my target audience?, it is certainly not clothes, a vehicle or any other product or service that you can sell you, purchase motivation is determined by the feeling, the emotion that produces have the product and not on the product itself. If we pay attention we will observe that the big brands don’t offer products, but emotions. Some examples of this, in their latest campaigns Coca Cola tells you 125 years uncovering happiness; McDonald s, I love; the traditional text of Quilmes is the flavor of the meeting, in all cases resort to the emotions that we have been talking about. It is precisely there where the work of professional identity Act, offering your product or service in the right way, finding a motivation and working on it. The company achieved so to construct an image of strong brand and pregnant will be chosen over the other generating you great benefits. We invite you to take the challenge with us.

Lic. Violeta Paputsakis, DG. Manuel Rampulla. Violeta Paputsakis, graduated in social communications; Manuel Rampulla, graphic designer. Both, members of the study PARADIGM solutions communicational, design and communication Studio specializing in corporate identity. Address: 1188 Alvarado. Salta.

Huitzilopochtli Guadalupe

– Tezcatlipoca God of the Sun, – Coyolxahuqui, goddess of the moon, – Tlloc, God of rain. – Quetzalcoatl, God of the wind. Then the fable farce of the appearance of virgin of Guadalupe was used to persuade to the Indians to the catholicism, and dispersed in the world, doing to think that Maria was the virgin, who had conceived to our Mr. Jesus Christ by work of the spirit santo. And it is here where the falsification becomes but remarkable, because the name of Guadalupe nowhere of the sagradas writings registers its name in no language, far from it the existence of Juan Diego has been able to verify, very in spite of the vain canonization being very obvious its invention with aims to familiarize the name of Guadalupe to its new conquest of the dominant catholicism in those times. To have the conviction of which Virgin of Guadalupe is false of all falsification, at no moment takes offense to the memory of the virgin Maria..

Lehman Brothers

And if we needed examples, we can throw a look to Lehman Brothers, AIG, Iceland, the Russian rouble or to some employees of the suburban one of New York. Although British premier Gordon Brown has been first in recognizing the beginning of a new one was global, is vital that as much politicians as opinion leaders begin to admit publicly this reality. Therefore this necessary change of mentality will be only accelerated. And the fact to have a just chosen president, lets to the United States in a very advantageous position to lead this process successfully. The G20 is making the correct thing when meeting to confront the crisis and to show a cooperation attitude, but will not serve don’t mention it if nobody is able to understand it like the beginning of a new model for the businesses, or even like a new model of mentality. After all, the one is not solely our financial system that is ill, but all the humanity.

We are not able to support nor to allow the growth to us of the others, something than we would benefit all. Instead of that what we found it is egoism and the contempt towards the others: this is the true disease. And we suffer all it. For that reason, we must direct our efforts to give priority to the common interests before the own ones. And this is literally our table of salvation. The development of a new one brings back to consciousness global is not a simple term of the New Era that animates to us to be embracing trees. It means that you, I, he, she, who all together ones we must develop brings back to consciousness that one worries about the well-being about all, of each person and each thing, or while we make businesses or while we lived our daily life; or passing the vacuum cleaner, buying or taking a coffee with the friendly.

In other words, the global model is not another form to handle the capital to obtain major yield: one is a new mentality, a new vision of the world, the unique way to obtain positive results in a global era. And we only needed to change the center of our attention, transferring it from the individual thing towards the group. The fault of which Lehman Brothers came down was not of the salesmen in the open, and they were not the derivatives which sank AIG: they were the insatiable avarice and the anxiety to become rich at the cost of the others. If we managed to change all that greed by an insatiable desire to favor to our resemblances, and, if we make it together, mainly then it waits for a future plenty to us of successes. Guaranteed. Original author and source of the article.

Emotional Intelligence

Wikipedia defines emotional intelligence as the ability to recognize feelings own and others and the ability to handle them. Psychologist Daniel Goleman popularized the concept of emotional intelligence a few years ago in his book Emotional Intelligence to distinguish capabilities such as recognize our feelings and emotions, have the ability to motivate us, interact and relate with other people. Studies made by Dr. Goleman alongside other experts summarized in essence that a high IQ (IQ) does not always guarantee the personal, professional or financial success of a person; in studies conducted over many years could not be determined that persons with a greater emotional coefficient have achieved better financial results and professional in their lives. and to that comes all this and that relates to the marketing of networks?, has much, much to see why?, because in the marketing of networks we have to deal with constant rejections, involves having perseverance with the goals, it involves defer bonuses in pursuit of rewards in the long term, involves interrelate with people and auto motivate us not perish in the attempt to meet our goals, involves self-determination, involves a recognition to improve every day and have the ability to be aware in undertaking a journey of struggle and constant falls, there is where our emotional intelligence is put to the test and betray us on our capabilities and emotional limitations. With the evolution of technology, the development of marketing networks over the Internet has helped us to take advantage of the deal, to a certain extent more impersonal with people, and helps us handle rejection more efficiently, because not having a direct contact with the people, the disincentive effect is less. Maintain a network marketing business through the internet does not mean maintaining a low contact with our team, even more so on the contrary, it should be increased by the very nature of work online, than not to have direct contact, it is It is necessary to strengthen by this means in order to make it to last over time. An important aspect related to greater emotional intelligence is as regards the ability to defer bonuses, which although it is not the only aspect to network marketing businesses Yes it is; Unfortunately this activity has had and has its opponents and defectors that often have not the best comments on the mechanics of this activity. Even so and as in any business, network marketing gives his reward for all those who are willing to pay the price the price of freedom above safety, unlimited income above fixed income and as well as these two reasons are perhaps the main for the majority of networkers, so also there are many others that each entrepreneur considers important. Yes you already decided that this is your thing, I invite you to embark on this fabulous journey of personal fulfilment and of your dreams.

B-tix GmbH Expands Offer

b-tix GmbH expands offer BiPRO test management and open source test tool Nettetal, may 6, 2010 on the standards of BiPRO e. V. business processes such as such as the conclusion of a contract of insurance between brokers and insurers optimize. For this purpose, their systems on the basis of interfaces according to BiPRO standard are interconnected. In particular the testing of these BiPRO interfaces is a challenge, because they can be addressed in various manner from the outside. “As the insurer is his counterpart, i.e. the application of mediator, not under control; This requires a special care when testing the interfaces”, so Markus Heussen, Managing Director of b-tix GmbH, co-founder of BiPRO initiative and Deputy Chairman % test case coverage by methodological competence and Know-How of BiPRO experience shows in the standardisation Committee of BiPRO e.

V. 100, that often specifically for the interface test developed user interfaces used to solve the problem. Such test surfaces are only conditionally for a collection of test case data. The tester moves here already in a predefined, controlled environment. A third-party system may behave but completely different, as it envisages such a test surface. The result is”the danger that not 100% of the test cases are defined to ensure correct behavior of BiPRO services, says Michael Krusche, Managing Director of Krusche & company GmbH, a consulting company for methodical quality and test management. Even if a company already uses tools for the collection of test cases and the test application systems, the question of how the existing test cases for testing by BiPRO interfaces can be reused often arises.

In cooperation with Krusche & company GmbH the b-tix GmbH now offers especially a test management for BiPRO services. The core competencies of both companies complement each other perfectly. The test competence of Krusche & company along with our BiPRO expertise ensure that our customers can achieve a 100% test case coverage already during the development period.

How To Care For A Leather Jacket?

How to care for a leather jacket? It is always important to maintain our skin items in good condition. We would like to give you some tips for care and maintenance of your leather jackets. In chamarrapiel know that a jacket of skin requires certain care and that can not be treated as jackets synthetic or textile, natural skin is a unique material and therefore requires certain care which we will mention below: plug(125V) pumpkin SOAP, a soft sponge and a white preference flannel. 2 Sectioned the jacket in parts and starts to rub gently with a sponge soaked in water with SOAP of pumpkin, don’t you get wet it because it becomes stiffer, after that party have rubbed dry with flannel and continues with all the jacket. 3. Take your jacket to the cleaners make sure you specialize in leather garments, since the dry cleaning can severely damage your garment.

4. If your jacket gets wet, allow it to dry in the shade, and gently rub on itself so you lose rigidity. 5. Remove bad odours should be dry in the shade. 6.Existen products based on silicones which serve to give brightness to the skin when it loses its texture or this opaque, when use them trafficking rub gently to make the product work. 7.SI your jacket has long been saved, tries to get to orear to not produce moisture. 8.Cuando your jacket this despintada can take it to a specialised in dyed leather jackets. Hopefully these tips have been useful, remember that a leather jacket is a garment that can last for many years without passing fashion, what do you think? source: press release sent by mcdoval.

Desire Money Indeed

Desire money indeed with this tool Payment by click For the organizations who effectively use the resources in line such as all the social type and mass media for the commercialization Web, is due to recognize the fact that the emergent platforms are additional resources. These help to harmonize and to extend different existing sources from hiring. The social mass media can be used for the supplying of the candidates, interacting directly with the use plaintiffs and establishing a direct communication channel with them. Also they are possible to be used like an additional source of public relations of broadcasting by the daily updates making announcements effective. As it makes the payment by click.

The social platforms more frequented by mass media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and others are more and more being used by the organizations to in line satisfy their needs with requirement. The vestibules of hiring and the companies can help to organization in this intention with its experience and knowledge in the creation in accordance with marks for pages for social mass media. This also for of effective way the Payment by Click with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The optimization of the payment by click is one of the most important steps for its success of marketing in finders; we repeat: it is the optimization of payment by click for publicity campaigns (PPC). The idea that the PPC publicity and the optimization of motors search is the exclusively designed strategies of commercialization for gurs of marketing in line are totally out of place. One of the best tools of SEM for the commercialization in line is the publicity of payment by click. Although you can execute an intelligent payment by campaign, literally she can cut at any time to the competition thanks to the PPC.

The campaigns of payment by click are the gold mines of the publicity in line. You can form an account with some elevated CTR of payment by click and the company it will have access to the traffic of instantaneous way. The promotion of its business in line through campaigns of payment by click is a good option in the promotion of its products or their services. With cheaper and trustworthy results, it can be right what it is looking for to adapt to his budget of publicity. The social mass media give accounts of which to plan on the march and the management they render.

Windream GmbH On The DMS EXPO 2013: Mobile ECM Solutions In Focus

ECM solutions for the mobile use of Bochum, August 23, 2013. The Bochum of windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of the eponymous ECM system, stand C11 will this year again be with an extensive exhibition program at the Stuttgart IT fair in Hall 5. The focus is ECM solutions for mobile applications”topic. In this context, the company presents, inter alia the new windream mobile app, an application for the mobile document management for smartphones and Tablet PCs. The app, designed for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 documents are stored on a windream server, indexes and full-text search, show, and processed can be the windream mobile app. In addition, users can create Favorites and making documents available offline. As additional functionality, you can upload documents in the windream ECM-system via the app. Also the integration into the business-process-management system of the windream GmbH windream BPM is possible.

This allows windream users to access tasks and processes in the mobile application. New windream Web service in addition the company presented the new windream Web service, which provides a platform-independent access to the windream server over the Internet. Users can customize their own Internet solutions with this product and integrate the windream ECM-system quickly and easily into an existing IT infrastructure. Due to this new solution the DMS EXPO visitors on the windream stand on the new version 5.5 of the windream Web portal can check current version 5.5 of the windream Web portal in a live application. “The new release is presented in a revised design, the consistently on the look and feel” of Windows 8. The special functionality, it offers a preview of documents, as well as a convenient display of the index criteria associated with the documents included with the document browser. Thanks to a new plug-in the Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), windream users also about this can Online application E-mail access, that have been archived with the windream GmbH, windream Exchange, email archiving solution.

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