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Water Resistant

dobau FLEX-Sme – pasty, thixotropic sealant is used in waterproofing balconies, terraces and parking garages. Also, bitumen-latex emulsion should be used for waterproofing of floor slabs and walls; are in direct contact with the ground. dobau FLEX-Sme has the following features: Fits thixotropic, so that can be used on vertical surfaces. Method of application – painting or spraying. The material is elastic, does not form cracks Outstanding thermal stability. Even at low temperature, the material has a high degree of flexibility and elasticity. Can be used on wet surfaces. Does not contain solvents, is environmentally friendly.

Good adhesion to and mineral surfaces. Can be used for internal work. Water Resistant to solvents, acids unconcentrated, salts, lime, cement, etc. Requirements for the weather conditions: When working with dobau FLEX-SME surface temperature of the construction site and the air temperature must be above 5 C. Avoid exposure to water, rain and frost during application and drying. Requirements for surface condition: Construction of the surface, which will be applied dobau FLEX-SME, must be rigid, straight, not to have cavities, visible cracks, sharp edges, and should be cleared of contamination. Dimple size is greater than 5 mm, open and horizontal butt joints, or potholes, should be closed cement-sand mortar. The surface of the brickwork, open butt joints of up to 5 mm and surface profile or roughness should be closed and aligned either with plaster (thin or leveler), or sealant, or putty. Packing: 30 kg drums or 200 kg.

UNEP Sustainable

The model of economic growth of the capitalist system generated grandesdesequilbrios, since it exists much wealth and abundance, but, on the other hand, amisria, the ambient degradation and the pollution increase daily of formadesenfreada. Of this way, it appears the idea of the sustainable development, queprocura to harmonize the economic development with the ambient preservation to better paraconseguir quality of life and conditions of survival for half doequilbrio between technology and environment (CALCAGNO apud SONAGLIO, 2002). Maimon (1993) salient that the guarantee of the balance dependede a technological development guided for stability goals emrelao to the environment. It also needs the incrementao of the capacity technological deinovao of developing countries. Soba optics of the sustainable development the progress understands the demaior generation wealth, equitable social benefit and ecological balance. White (1988, P.

86) still adds that: ' ' pasesrealmente developed of the world they do not sacrifice its cultures for umdesenvolvimentismo that benefits to much more industrials and traders them doque nao' '. In accordance with Sipil (apud AGENDA 21, 2008), sustainable development understands the job of the capacity human being to think time to use the limited natural resources without a previous reflection. As the IUCN, UNEP and WWF (1991apud AGENDA 21, 2008): The true objective of the development is to improve aqualidade of life human being. To be a process that allows the beings to humanosrealizarem its potential fully and to take worthy and satisfactory lives. Economic Ocrescimento is an important part of the development, but not to podeser an objective in itself exactly, nor can continue indefinitely. Odesenvolvimento it is only real if it becomes our better lives. The people need to reexamine its values and to change comportamentospara to adopt the ethics of living sustainable. For this, the society to devepromover values that apiem new ethics and to discourage those incompatveiscom a way of sustainable life.

CVM Expenses

In the work to follow, it will be displayed on what they are the debentures, are movable values regulated by the CVM (Commission of Movable Values) and its more used forms, the same ones can nominative or contractual and be classified as simple or convertible in action. They can also classify them according to species that are: with real estate security, with floating, quirogrfica guarantee or without preference and subordinate. The debentures not guaranteed and the debentures with guarantee also exist. The importance will be presented of if to make a financial planning, which are the operations most common and that measured they must be made to diminish the risks of the investments. Being elaborated a personal financial planning, with analysis and I diagnosis of the income and the expenses. It has three types of expenses, being they: fixed expenses, changeable expenses and arbitrary expenses (superfluous).

1.1Os that they are debentures? It is a heading of divides amortizable, whose name has origin in Latin debere that it means to have or what it must be paid. Debenture is, therefore, an evidential heading of divides of emitted who it. The debentures are movable values regulated by CVM (Commission of Movable Values) the representative ones of divide of medium and long run that its detainers assure (holders of debentures represented for the agent trustee) right of I credit against the emitting company, right these established in the Writing of Emission. The emitting company can effect an emission more than, each one of them can be divided in series, being of the same series of equal nominal value and conferring its bearers the same rights. The Agent trustee is the legal representative of the community of interest of the holders of debentures, protecting its rights next to the sender. Its presence is obligator in the emissions publishes. In the case of the emission of debentures, the investor loans to the emitting company the corresponding amount to the value of the headings that this acquiring with the promise to receive, in the contracted stated period, the main one invested, increased of remuneration and in the form defined for the Writing of Emission.

First Gastronomic Scene Venues

The first locations were already awarded in the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. Wiesbaden, 14.09.2011 in three German cities the best restaurants, bars, Cafes, and hotels have been recently awarded address Award with the finest. The company Maximus award to gastronomic scene venues in major cities, which were rated above average in four categories. The quality of the food, the diversity of the beverage range, location and guest profile of the location are crucial. The selection criteria are aimed in particular to the special needs of young business traveler. The first locations were already awarded in the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. The award winners are listed on the website and have been identified with a visible external award seal. The first addresses BBs, Mainz include gusto, as well as the Frankfurt WEGA, where among others the well-known Wiesbaden restaurant beetle wine bar already international stars such as pink have dinner.

Currently catering establishments will be evaluated in other German cities. The granting of the award forms the basis of the planned gourmet city plans of the company Maximus. On the maps of the city, the excellent locations for business-friendly and gourmet unerringly through foreign cities to accompany. Also a corresponding iPhone app is already in planning. In times where you should feel anywhere at home, is a little insider knowledge you can rely on, gold worth”says Christoph Acher, Managing Director of the company Maximus. As a young entrepreneur, he knows what he’s talking about. It was the two business partners Johannes Stephan and Christoph Acher especially to reliable balance during customer Qype reviews. Johannes Stephan sees the merit of the finest address awards in independent quality control: everyone all can say something on the Internet. Online assessments but on personal revenge campaigns, competition war or a very alternative marketing concept is based, while the reader cannot recognize unfortunately.” Refer to for more information about the award. Contact also the distribution company Maximus.

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