Water Resistant

dobau FLEX-Sme – pasty, thixotropic sealant is used in waterproofing balconies, terraces and parking garages. Also, bitumen-latex emulsion should be used for waterproofing of floor slabs and walls; are in direct contact with the ground. dobau FLEX-Sme has the following features: Fits thixotropic, so that can be used on vertical surfaces. Method of application – painting or spraying. The material is elastic, does not form cracks Outstanding thermal stability. Even at low temperature, the material has a high degree of flexibility and elasticity. Can be used on wet surfaces. Does not contain solvents, is environmentally friendly.

Good adhesion to and mineral surfaces. Can be used for internal work. Water Resistant to solvents, acids unconcentrated, salts, lime, cement, etc. Requirements for the weather conditions: When working with dobau FLEX-SME surface temperature of the construction site and the air temperature must be above 5 C. Avoid exposure to water, rain and frost during application and drying. Requirements for surface condition: Construction of the surface, which will be applied dobau FLEX-SME, must be rigid, straight, not to have cavities, visible cracks, sharp edges, and should be cleared of contamination. Dimple size is greater than 5 mm, open and horizontal butt joints, or potholes, should be closed cement-sand mortar. The surface of the brickwork, open butt joints of up to 5 mm and surface profile or roughness should be closed and aligned either with plaster (thin or leveler), or sealant, or putty. Packing: 30 kg drums or 200 kg.

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