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This graph demonstrates if really the objective was reached, where intention was mainly to observe the functioning of the reading in the institution and to create propitious ways to arrest the attention of the children, considering that 100% of the amostral population declared to have happened in efficient way, it was tested varied methods to reach this objective. Question five: 5) The used method, in accordance with the etria band proposal, was satisfactory? Graf 5: The used method corresponded the etria band chosen This factor observed bigger difficulty, due to the time where the children if kept intent, carrying a method that from the perception of the group the children kept greater attention, for more time was tested more than and had demonstrated preference only for one, beyond activities proposals after the readings the graph below will demonstrate for which method the children had shown to greater interest: 6) For which presented material, the children had demonstrated to greater preference? Graf 6: It demonstrates for material which the children had presented more preference. The playful side that brings the infantile films, propitious that the children that free the imagination, and with concentrate them to certainty with bigger easiness, the moment of infancy brings tona and inside arises the imagination of each child leading to the daily one of the same personages who like, and even though imaginary friends, this proves the preference of the children for infantile films. Question seven: 7) Of that it forms the work contributed for the children and institution? It explains. Graf 7: It demonstrates of that it forms the work contributes either for children and educators. The amostral population in its totality defended that it contributes of positive form, justifying that it had the development of the attention, concentration, creativity, beyond to provide the pleasure to hear and to imagine, as well as oportunizar moments so that the children exert communication and socialization, for the educators she made possible the comment of as the children react by means of the other professionals, beyond having propitiated a partnership that the education of quality offered to the children gave to sequncia, carrying can themselves be said, that the work carried through in the Institution propitiated an exchange of knowledge between children, pupils, and educators in a general way, observing cognitivo growth for both the parts.

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