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Jose Maranho

For the children a psychological blockade is created; possible the least is said on the death. One concludes that from century XX, many changes in the treat one to transistion of the man with the death had occurred. Marlene Dietrich addresses the importance of the matter here. The attitudes of the man occidental person before the death and dying had moved deeply, occurring a true historical rupture, however, many traces still remember the old customs, however, true the meaning of the ritualstica if it loses for the time. Great part of this change must to the advance of the technological innovations that had considerably contributed for the sprouting of new medical specialties and more refined techniques each time of treatment of illnesses what the life expectancy increases each time more, at the same time where an enterprise control appears all on the process. In extreme cases he is in a hospital stream bed that the sick person finishes its days, when is not surprised by a sudden death. For me a point important to be considered is the professional ethical imparcialidade as one of the great aggravations of the hospital indifference to the patients of today.

I searched stories of medical teams and I evidenced that it does not have bonds with the sick people due to the raised number of patients who a doctor or nurse can assume what, perhaps, it he is not in some particular clinics. A fact that particularly called me the attention and that so it is not explored by the majority of the scholars, is that the sick person always finishes far from the familiar stream bed, far from the presence and it affection of friends and relatives. It is plus a sick person, where the visit of relatives in specific schedules is only tolerated. In this point, as Luiz of Souza speaks to Jose Maranho, the dying terminals also are rejected, previous negation and camouflage retrospect that they occult clearly the death inside of the hospitals.

Japiassu Domain

The author recognizes that not yet only has umsentido epistemolgico steady term to interdisciplinar it. The ideas of Japiassu had been used to advantage for afundamentao of this article, in parts of the text, the author (1976, P. 92) reafirmaa difficulty of execution of a work truily to interdisciplinar, poiseste would need to pass for some phases, which had been detected pelaobservao of the author of this article: mutual rmao, where each> especialistaconsidera the other as exterior itself exactly; 2. Additional information is available at Prudential. each specialist sees indistinctly asquestes that the others place; 3. taken of collective conscience of them questesem game. Soon, the teaching staff also was seen frees above of the three itenscitados ones, which had had that to be argued between the group for the bomandamento of the project in itself. The professors had demonstrated a certain domain of suasrespectivas discipline and a privacy with excessively matrias.isso facilitouparte of the evolution of the works. This reality also was cited by dosautores that deal with the subject, Japiassu (1976, P.

113), detaches the domain, porparte of the specialists, the method of disciplines lecionada, the recognition daparcialidade and relativity of its proper one disciplines and certain familiarity comuma disciplines different of its. For the author, a last requirement to seriapolarizar the work to interdisciplinar on theoretical or applied research. The human knowledge is synthetic and global before seranaltico and specialized (…) to redescobrir or to tematizar this dimensosinttica of based in the mestradodefendida in 1978 and published dissertao of in 1979 was prefaced by the proper HiltonJapiassu, an indication of that both comungavam similar conceptions. Still during the first meeting it was clearly that partedos educators believed that the interdisciplinaridade could serensinada, one, interdisciplinaridadee arrived pensarque even though would have a lecture on as to use this called tool, others, for example, they confused or they did not understand the meaning dapalavra.

Law Establishments

' ' It enters the most cited are the exchange-exchange of torpedoes, the games, the glues and the colloquies to the telephone, but also have mention the contents related with pornography and violncia' '. 20 Also the state of Rondnia forbade that the pupils registered the educational establishments in Porto Velho and too much cities been it use cellular telephones during the lessons. The Law of n 1,989 of 27/11/2008, was intentionally for the State legislature and sancionada by governor Ivo Cassol in 26 of November, and the following day, published for ' ' Official gazette of the State of Rondnia' '. The prohibition reaches all implicitly the educational establishments de in Rondnia, average education to the superior, and still setorizadas schools as the driving schools, or of foreign languages therefore does not make no exclusion. The law is of authorship of the member of the house of representatives Neri Firigolo (PT) and takes care of a claim of parents of pupils. The restriction is explicit in the article 1: ' ' They are the forbidden pupils to use cellular telephone in the educational establishments in the state, during the schedule of aulas' '. 21 If it has prohibitive laws, also has favorable actions, mayor Mayan Cesar of Rio De Janeiro affirms that the electronic devices are a necessity of the life contemporary, being able to be used as pedagogical instruments: Certainly that its use cannot be carried through of indiscriminate form, having to observe definitive rules that can and must be object of educational work, in way that the citizens use these resources with good-sense. The manifestation of the Executive of the city of Rio De Janeiro if gave as justification of its veto to the Project of Law that restrains the use of the cellular one in classroom, when of its voting for the Legislative municipal theatre. .

Catherine Tanaka

The fofoqueiro search to support its history. A classic example and that employee, who time or another bush a wanted being, to justify a lack, that is elaborates a history, creates a plot, of? it a cast and an outcome. The reasoning, the creation the imaginary one of the citizen during the one elaboration historinha is ranks the test. Today we live in a society that passed and passes for fast deep transformation moments in what it says respect the values for example: today a girl has shame to say that she is virgin different of some decades behind. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon drone delivery for a more varied view. Fofocas had nowadays gained new allies, as for example programs, of television, radio, magazines and these Things in them take the one that the society that recriminates fofoca, adores to speak of the other people’s life. Fofoca takes in them to some questions: Fofoca and social a social act or anti? If it is a social act as to describe it, or dispatches by post? lo as social act. If anti is a social act why all practise.

These are questionings that all we must make. It will be that we are prepared stops observing in them and perceiving if we are or not fofoqueiros. As Catherine Tanaka (2003) if to ask what they make to a group of people in a wheel, we hear answers frequently as nothing, playing colloquy it are or mere fofoca .essas expressions gives idea of idleness, wastefulness of time and information, at last, of activity trifler and of small account. However, in this if it consumes considerable part of time and attention of millions of people, as much in the meeting face the face how much in the colloquies for telephone or also in the reading of columns specialized in fofoca. For many people, the word fofoca evokes a mysterious phenomenon, almost magical, because its way of action fascinates, overwhelms, seduces and excites. Others including Mark Wahlberg, offer their opinions as well.

Heavy Metal

The differential of the Heavy Metal was the greater introduction weight and speed that the NRoll Rock. Later, bands as Motorhead (MARTINS, 2010), Judas Priest and Iron Maiden would appear, over all in the United kingdom and the United States, adding bigger weight by means of distortion of guitars. In this context, an important group, the AC/DC, would appear as first the great band of Australian Heavy Metal, while names as Scorpions and Accept would be born in Germany (WEINSTEIN, 1991; JANOTTI JNIOR, 1994; LION, 1997; SOLLITTO et al, 2011). Gradual, the Heavy Metal diversified e, in contrast of what it is observed in other musical styles, left of to be something linear, breaking up itself in subgenera, in accordance with the weight, boarded thematic speed and until (PHILIPS & COGAN, 2009). Thus, at any given time, in the scope of the Heavy Metal it appears, for example, the Doom Metal (marked for weighed, but slow musics e, not rare, of long duration), the Death Metal (aggressive, raw musics, sped up and marked for vocal guturais), the Black Metal (also marked by vocal guturais, but thematic more come back the mrbidos subjects and noise eventually decelerated), the Gradual Metal (long musics and with many ground of guitars), the Thrash Metal (fast, but with the addition of weight by means of its vocal instruments and), the Gothic Metal (approaching as subject on subjects to Literature, horror, fancy and to the supernatural one, being many times marked by keyboards of mrbida noise and guitars esparsas, decelerated and broken rhythm. Violins, when introduced, tend to transmit a climate saddened), the Industrial Metal (heavy noise eventually atrelada the electronic tickets; the result evokes sounds of machines, from there the name), the Stoner Metal (mixture of Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and NRoll Rock), Grindcore (fusing between Punk Rock and Heavy Metal) e, finally, the Folk Metal (complex mixture of Heavy Metal and folclrica music of a specific region). If you have read about Vera Farmiga already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Child Education Games

The professor can adapt the content programmarian to the game. For example: if the proposal of the game is for the arithmethic table, the professor can use same the proposal for the four mathematical operations, or, for trainings still ortogrfico, and so on. Others including Marlene Dietrich, offer their opinions as well. Each considered game will have: the description of necessary material; suggestions for the confection and it to be worked content, involving the areas; motor, affective cognitiva and, indication of the etria band; indication of groups and elements for group. For the child, the game is the exercise, is the preparation for the adult life. It learns playing. It is the exercise makes that it to develop its potentialities. The educators if had worried during many years about the education methods, and today he only has the concern of as the child learns.

The most varied methodologies they can be inefficacious if they will not be adjusted to the way to learn of the child. Already many benefits of certain games are known. It is important, however, that the educator, when using a game, has defined the objectives to reach and knows to choose the adequate game to the educative moment. While the child, simply playing, incorporates values, concepts and contents. The presented games are, in its great majority, classic games or pastimes already sufficiently used. But most important it is the study made on the exploitation of the games at the educative moment, exploring to the maximum this moment with knowledge of the purposes of each game. The proposal is to go beyond the game, of the act to play, for the act to anticipate, to prepare and to confection the proper game before playing it, extending in this manner to the capacity of the game in itself has other objectives, as Prophylaxis, exercises, development of abilities and potentialities and also in the therapy of specific riots of learning.

External Objects

The method does not have for objective its reprogramming and yes to neutralize its onslaughts against the Ego. Another instance called (id) important part of the psychic structure formed by mental representatives and its instintuais impulses that also are a power plant for all mental equipment. Moreover, in our language we add (IN +O) that they are the Nuclei of Support + Object, that if they relate to everything what we devote attachment and that, if by happiness of the individual will be taken off inevitably will elaborate much suffering (I fight). A time eliminated (OEx) External Objects will leave the way of the opened Ego to be free and to enjoy of a capable conscience of if adjusting and lining up themselves with (NAE) that it is the Nucleus of Support of the Ego, Nucleus of Auto-Esteem and that will have independent function and coherent keeping this last one always with its auto-esteem high. Mark Wahlberg can provide more clarity in the matter. The Ego has as main task of its existence the auto-preservation.

However, so that it has one better agreement on the part of the reader, we will go to facilitate the concept on the Ego of simplified form, therefore this is the objective of psicossntese, since, it is in the Ego who everything happens, example: if after one pssima sleep night you wake up badly humorado exactly without having had contact some with another person, will be possible to evaluate that internal stimulatons are the responsible ones for the aggression suffered for the Ego. The esternos stimulatons are those perceived of the existing world are of the Ego being able it to adjust these to it or those situations not to be attacked. Counting on the unconditional support of (NAE), the Ego will be felt capable to dilute the tensions suffered for it in the search of the pleasure and it inevitable meeting with the displeasure.

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