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It is of custom to confuse moral and ethical. Moral is norms, custom and behavior that we have inside of a society, is acquired by the education, for the tradition and for the daily one, the moral has obligator character, that is already it comes printed in us, a good character or badly, if they will not be worked in its sense I criticize, ethical and moral. Ethics are the science that studies the moral, are the form that we must holding in them in a society. Ethics are reflexiva theoretician and, while moral are the practical one. Therefore ethical and moral they are one of the biggest values of freedom of the human being in the society of today. They are few that give the due importance in these values, and destroys what they belong to they themselves, an example is the environment. In all the parts of the world practise it consumista, the search of having and the power for the profit all the cost, cause the destruction of its proper environment where they live. Therefore meditando on this subject we can observe the campaign of the fraternity of this year of 2011 ' ' Fraternity and the life in the planet. creation moans in pains of childbirth (Rm 8; 22) ' ' , where in them the importance of the ethics and the moral is placed. It moans to continue its process of life and resistance, but with egoism ' ' animal homem' ' only devasta, kills, destroys its proper habitat causing this pain of destruction the judgment of the men is inexorable in relation to the others, on the action that each one of them is ready to practise.

Environment And Its Problems

Environment and its problems the environment is one of the questioned problems more in these last years. we human beings are not in worrying about the environment what it is very sad. Nowadays the environment is a target that the people use to play its lixos, what she brings the pollution of the environment that generates some problems to the planet. One of these problems is that you vary species of animals enter in extinguishing, that is, dies for maltreatment of the pollution. The garbage is not alone that finishes with the environment the deforestation also is one of the factors that the situation of the well degradante planet leaves.

the cut, the burning of the trees what he is unnecessary. The smoke that comes of the burning of the trees brings some illnesses as irritativa bronchitis that is an illness that comes of the impurities of air. Therefore we must take care of our planet more than, therefore a made thing it our welfare cannot finish in this situation. It has some methods that can solve these problems as recycling of plastics, glasses, papers and cans; not to play lixos in the streets rivers so that it does not come to obstruct nets of sewers and to flood the houses. Being thus we can finish with the existing problems in our planet and have a better world

Economic Geography

Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses the quarrels in Geography is interesting, for its capacity to articulate so diverse sectors and for synthecizing very complex contents. Had to this colossal size and its object of study to be the world and its multiple relations, some subjects emerge and submerge with much easiness. A classic example was the fact of the quarrel on the occupation of the space for the culture destined to the production of biocombustveis to lose force and the center of the debate of Economic Geography to move in 2009 of focus for the United States and world-wide turbulence. The crisis is excellent without a doubt, but not more important of what the question of the biocombustveis. The production of biocombustveis is fact, consolidated and in expansion, mainly in Brazil. The moved cars the biocombustveis, as the alcohol, for example, does not possess nothing of new in the country.

The diversification of world-wide the energy matrix, passes mainly for the idea and for the use of the biocombustveis, for the simple fact that Oil, predominant energy in the planet, will be depleted. Before this the world it needs new alternative sources. However when the subject is the biocombustveis, the problematic one of the occupation of the space destined to the culture of the renewable fuel exists and this is the critical point of this project: the cultivated area cannot march on the environment, much less on the area destined to the food culture. Despite it obtains a space between the environment and the cultivated area, cycles of ambient impacts will be felt. The idea most accepted is that the biocombustveis march on the environment in biomas as Open pasture, Amaznia and the Complex of the Pantanal in Brazil. The fragility of these biomas, mainly of the Amaznia with its frivel land and its cycle of the water ' ' prprio' ' as well as balance of complex Pantanal, that to remain itself needs to remain of the form that is, highly will be impactado by the advance of the biocombustveis what it will cause irreversible impacts, although the media to defend the opposite.

Matin Claret

In old Greece, an important philosopher call Aristotle, in its book ‘ ‘ The Poltica’ ‘ , it concludes that the man is an animal politician. With this it wanted to say that the animal man alone if develops fully will have engaged itself in the PLIS. The man is a dependent animal of other equal ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities. As we depend on others stops feeding in them, to dress, to work, then we only develop in them in fullness when we are conspired to a social group. But currently, a deceit in this reasoning has occurred. The human being depends on the others to survive, but it has not facilitated the life of the others. The lack of conscience of the use of industrialized products, as well as its inadequate discarding, has brought problems to the environment, having made it difficult the life of the other human beings that coexist in the plis.

Then, similar to facilitate the life of all, so that each person if develops fully in the trams of this polishes, necessity of each one becomes the conscientious use of industrialized products, the adequate discarding of packings residues and the correct spreading of the necessary information to the efetivao of this proposal, with the objective to generate the best convivncia and better life of each one. REFERENCES ARISTOTLE. Politics. So Paulo: Matin Claret, 2004. IT HISSES. Biotica.

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