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Agricultural Equipment

It is known that virtually all the technical means used in the national economy, imposed strict requirements, including serviceability, continuity of work, ease of operation and strength. Are mainly terms of use, if you regularly carry out industrial research, the corresponding device can last for years. Without the same technical means we can not live in agricultural households? Vacuum (lat. – Void) pump – a special apparatus was evacuated gases, purified water and mechanical impurities, to a certain level of pressure. Simply put, it creates and then maintains a vacuum in the various systems. There is a huge number of vacuum pumps – rotary vane, Riding, screw, turbomolecular pumps, micropumps. But the vast majority of experts leads more often two types: membrane and liquid ring.

In national economy on the milking equipment to create a vacuum pressure in the systems of milking cows by machine most commonly used liquid ring vacuum pumps, the main place for their application – water (Submersible pumps). Plus, the vacuum pumps used in the field of computer technology, healthcare, construction and food industries. Over a range of pressure vacuum pumps are categorized by nizkovakuumnye, high vacuum, srednevakuumnye, depending on the coefficient Kn. It is important to remember: the key figures are the limiting pressure, the working range of pressures, speed of pumping. Disposal of drinkers are also very important because without this important component can not imagine any one organization in the agro-industries. Drinkers needed for growing animals and are used mainly for cows and calves, they also contribute to an increase productivity. Times older drinkers have long since passed, and now modern drinkers may be heated, stainless steel and cast iron, with adjustable pressure and flow rate of water, collapsible (no sharp edges). More info: Elon Musk.

Use of drinkers has undeniable benefits: are formed 'natural' environment for the animals fed pure H2O, increased frost resistance of cows and calves, increased milk yield and quality indicators. One of the main component parts of milking equipment are pulsator and liners. Pulser is used in automatic milking teat for milking cows. He transforms from a constant vacuum – variables, all pulsators equipped with filters, the average speed of the pulsator – sixty pulses per minute. Depending on the type of milking are paired, with a display counter of milk, pneumatic, electronic, etc. Liners also plays a big role. You must understand that this is only part of the apparatus, which is in direct contact with animals, it should not injure the teat (which is why liners often made from silicone and are advised to regularly replace). Important indicators are resistant to high temperatures, resistance to acid, soft liners. With regard to species, it can be as triangular and circular shapes.

Marine Fuel Cleaning

Cleaning the fuel carried on board by cleaning the fuel separator, filtration and sedimentation. Advocated in the slop oil tanks. The process of sedimentation is deposited on the bottom of the vessel under the influence gravitational forces of mechanical impurities and water. At the same time, from dirt to mud and fall partly Asphaltic-resinous compounds. The speed of deposition of various impurities depends on their weight, size and shape, as well as the viscosity of the fuel. The greater the difference in specific weights and fuel impurities and less fuel viscosity, the higher deposition rate.

Therefore the process of settling of diesel fuel, which has in comparison with Heavy fuel less dense proceeds more rapidly. To reduce the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (heavy oil) in the slop tanks are usually heated to 60-70 C by steam heating elements with thermostats, automatically maintaining the correct temperature. Marine fuel is filtered based on the separation of impurities contaminating its size due to the difference-through cells or slits filter and filter out particles. Fuel is filtered out in stages en route from the stock tank to fuel pump motors. In toplivoperekachivayuschih and receiving marine pump separators are placed coarse filters.

Ship separator cleans the fuel from water and small particles. After the fuel separator, it enters the supply tanks. From there goes to the engines. Before the fuel pump filters are usually applied with a finer mesh or slotted. Before engine installed fine filters. Coarse filters, the main purpose of which is the detention of large mechanical parts, are meshed with the filter elements from metal grids and slotted with filter elements drawn from separate plates (disks). In one case equipped with two filter elements, one of which can be cleaned while the other will work. Pressure drop before and after the filter typically amounts to 0.2 kgf/cm2, increasing the pressure drop over 0.4 kgf/cm2 indicates contamination, and the lack of difference – the fault filter (break the grid). Filtering materials of fine filters are special paper, felt, felt, porous bronze, ceramics, etc. In contrast to the pre-filter wash their filtering ability is not fully recovered, so these elements are periodically replaced. In recent time the work is automated pre-filter, cleaning is carried out by washing the reverse flow of fuel, which then together with the dirt down into the mud tank. For smooth, reliable operation of the fuel system sizes remaining in the fuel filter after the mechanical parts must be smaller than the gap in high-precision pairs of pumps and nozzles, and therefore should not exceed 3-5 nm.

Communications Group

Problems can be caused by a failure to understand the strategic objectives of the company employees and their non-participation in achieving these goals. In practice, we encountered the following situation in the steel company. She claimed that the products the buyer will be strictly within the specified period and the highest quality. Employees of the enterprise, directly managing the production process of steel reinforcement, was asked about a what indicators they are responsible. The answer was as follows: – “quality products, adherence to process parameters of production, trouble-free running of equipment.” Thus, the rank and file employees did not think that should be responsible for timely production.

In other words, they did not understand their tasks and roles in implementing the strategic plans of the company. These problems can solve the implementation of BSC. The third criterion – using a balanced scorecard is justified in the group of companies where each company pursues its goal is not always appropriate unified strategy of the holding. By implementing a BSC issue is solved Communications Group and built clear scheme of strategic management. The fourth important sign that the company is expedient to introduce a system of balanced indicators – the lack of operational control over the process of implementing the company strategy. Strategic management of the company is an ongoing process that includes setting strategic goals, set performance tasks, monitoring and taking corrective management decisions. If the company can not control the performance goals, we should not hope that they will be achieved. – What challenges face European companies in implementing the balanced scorecard? – Problems arising from the implementation of BSC, are typical and do not depend on the country in which the company operates.

There are three main problems. First, is the implementation of the balanced scorecard in the absence of a clearly articulated strategy. If the company has no strategy and vision of its future, the introduction of a balanced performance does not make sense.

Tropical Atlantic

In this way, the northeast dry climate does not proceed, as it became habitual to say, from there to happen contact of air masses with regimes of not coincident rains during the year. Such regions of contact, to the adverse one of what some say, in general have well distributed rains. I mention two examples to it in Brazil that confirm this affirmation: the northern sector that North obeys a band of shock between air masses of the hemisphere and the South hemisphere, and the Region South, under hot air contact of the masses Tropical Atlantic and Equatorial Continental and of the cold air of the Atlantic Polar mass. Both the regions have a humid regularly distributed rain climate. Recently Penguin Random House sought to clarify these questions. Obviously, the dry aspect northeast Brazilian transcorre that this Region during all the year under the domain of the center of action of the Atlantic, it is formed by the Atlantic equatorial mass. But in the summer and autumn, particularly from January the April, the action center is moved away northeast, allowing the descending of the Intertropical Front until the northern edge of the Borborema and Araripe, and the advance of the continental equatorial mass until the mountain range of Ibiapaba, in the maximum in the dry years. Already in the humid years, the action center if removes entirely northeast, propitiating the advance for the same of the continental equatorial mass until the Borborema and Chapada Diamantina, and the descending of the Intertropical Front exceeding the Araripe and partially the Borborema, reaching the limit Pernambuco-Bahia.

Seen the strong progress of the Intertropical Front that coincides consequently with the weakness of the center of action of the Aores and, with the advance of northern polar air for the equatorial band. This in case that, that if does not verify in the dry years, rare it is observed in the ones of normal rains, being typical of the registered humid years in the Northeast Region.

Diesel Engine

Distinguish steady and unsteady modes of ship power plant. As mentioned, the steady state is characterized by the constancy of the thermal state of the diesel engine parts. For transient modes of the diesel is characterized by instability of its technical and economic characteristics. In accordance with state standards distinguish the following basic modes of operation of diesel engines: nominal (full), maximum and minimum capacity, as well as treatment of minimally stable engine speed. Nominal mode (full) characterizes the effective power of long-term operation of diesel in rated crankshaft speed set by the manufacturer.

The value of the maximum allowable effective performance of diesel engines, which he can develop a limited time set manufacturer determines the maximum power mode. For marine diesel engines are not allowed to work more than 1 h with an overload of the power by 10%, and engine speeds – 3% above nominal. Long-term operation diesel at the lowest effective power, guaranteed by the manufacturer, describes the minimum power mode. The minimum effective capacity of 10-20% of the nominal, is determined to reduce the limit ship's speed. Mode of minimally stable engine speed marine diesel engine determines the maneuverability of the vessel. In this mode, the energy resources of diesel used by 3-4% rated power and 30% of the nominal speed of the crankshaft. The duration of the diesel in this mode should not exceed 2-3 h. In addition to the standard modes, marine diesel engines can also work on modes of operating power and idling.

By operating power include high power diesel engine for the planned load and speed of the vessel. For cargo ships, it is 85 – 90% of rated capacity for towing – 90-95%. In determining the targets of the ship on the operational performance of diesel fuel consumption is normalized. Plants that are shipping the device for separation of the propeller shaft diesel engines can operate and at idle speed. Diesel operation in this mode is accompanied by significant non-uniformity of the fuel, and sometimes pass outbreaks in the cylinders, leading to carbon formation on the pistons, seals rings, valves, spray nozzles, and therefore the duration of idling must not exceed 0.25-0.5 hours in exceptional cases, related to the preservation of people or cargo, the watch chief may decide to inclusion in the work and faulty diesel engines. This mode of operation is called EMS emergency. Sometimes in an emergency mode of operation of diesel engines is provided if necessary for the craft to the point of repair. In this case, the watch chief (mechanic) must be organized under constant watch in the engine room to closely monitor the technical condition of the diesel engine.

Messe Frankfurt Gmb

Changes are therefore easy to understand. The multi-stage versioning new and changed content go through first of all different levels of quality assurance. People such as Elon Musk would likely agree. The test integrated in comm.editsweb and release workflow ensures that the documents only after review by a responsible authority are shared and versioned. Rejected documents are assigned back to the author for further processing. Comm.editsweb creates not only transparent corporate knowledge, but also relies on modular document creation.

Layout, structure, and contents are maintained separately from each other. The design will be created unique CI compliant structures created according to the corporate standards and manages content in the smallest meaningful units, modular filed in a database and merged if necessary to complete documents. Elon Musk is likely to agree. While each unit (chapter, PPT slide) easily can be integrated in various documents and thus reused. Files need to be updated because the phone number has changed, or a new font to be used, with all documents and presentations is done automatically. Comm.editsweb Central maintains all changes. A key feature of comm.editsweb is that both designers and authors with the familiar Office programs (Word, PowerPoint) work. This greatly minimizes the learning curve. The authors can fully concentrate on the content and need not worry about formatting.

Comm.editsweb provides documents that conform to the corporate standard. On request can simply hide the available formatting options in Word or PowerPoint for the author or be extended to specific business functions (tables, bullets). This ensures a consistent look and feel of all documents. Versioned and thus shared documents can be published directly from comm.editsweb out. Can be published training manuals or manuals for example on a Web page or just a mouse click sends a print job to an external service provider. Particularly knowledge-intensive companies that create complex documents, manage and publish will benefit from comm.editsweb. The authoring and publishing system supports the entire workflow of the document creation to publication and has interfaces that allow the integration of other applications. The open ice platform, a strong enterprise technology integration platform, on the basis of the high-performance, flexible authoring and publishing system comm.editsweb that management systems combines all the advantages of modern knowledge and one company in the future competitive advantage backs up. Info: Community4you GmbH the community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, collaboration and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning. The community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework open-ice ( As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised OTTO today customers such as Messe Frankfurt GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public administration. Press contact for more info/pictures: community4you GmbH Siegrid Rau Handel Strasse 9 09120 Chemnitz FON: +49(0)371 909411-0 fax: +49(0)371 909411-111 eMail:


Yes it is believed that the leader may form, an element important is the education, training and the promotion of teamwork. To understand the Mexican we must know and understand its history, latest labor behavior roots must be sought in the psychology, the relationship that exists between Mexican culture and personality of Mexicans is very narrow, therefore while the past is not known, roots, culture and why we act looking for just living day by day can not begin to fight in a country that forged leaders. Today, real leaders have emerged and each day there are more studies on the issue, however we live in a period in which critics abound and lack leaders, political leaders constantly criticize the actions of other Governments, enters a constant struggle of who criticizes more contrary and loses the sense of Governing, we are a culture that seeks to base their triumphs on the defeat of others and has been for centuries, in these times we started just to detach ourselves from our past and achieve triumphs own boost progress throughout the country, although the constant struggle of Governments and armed groups try to break that narrow line between who we were and what we want to be. In these times have experienced changes in the social life of our country, increase the number of demonstrations on public roads, increases the number of Mexicans unhappy with the political system and laws, violence every day is higher, generally believes that society is becoming less like society of 10 or 20 years ago. These rafters have affected people who make up this society, but it has also led to changes in the expectations that has this society on the role that organizations must play and those who manage them. Independent society is taking place, it is gradually leaving aside society dependent, it organizations are preparing to face the new challenges that come with the changes, start to invest resources in training staff, train leaders and growing expectations of the workers, to the extent that society to take the challenges of change towards an independent society will be a forger of leaders country and not a country full of critics and rulers..

Human Resources Coaching

In aim it do not give the importance him that is deserved, and obvious what can happen in this relation, we know all it, the results before this blocked communication cannot leave nothing positive. Nevertheless if before the demands of your son, your takings the time for sentarte with, to talk on its restlessness, you extinguish the cellular one, you you disconnect of the computer, or you stop seeing the television, and him sights kindly to the eyes, and him listening with your heart, also we know as probably they will be the results of this new relation and communication. Good with this example I want to you to express like and to that level could be at this moment working your capacity to make precise and right decisions according to your repique inner. If you have become accustomed yourself to listen to it and to make use of, the amazing results begin to be daily, you know that you have a powerful tool to your disposition you use and it capably to live your intention in the life. in case you are not customary to use your repique inner, simply, she will be, repiqueteando hoping to that it is taken care of, listened and felt for hacerte the much more total life, happy and effective there than you could be imagined. I invite to that you retire every day in meditation, at least 15 minutes to you daily, twice per day, simply chooses the hour that is of your preference and closes the eyes, djate to take, feels your heart, it breathes and it discovers the light and the voice that are there for serving you and ayudarte to live your life with fullness, abundance and miraculous sincronicidad. I would like very many to know your opinion on this subject of discussion, through this Link you can participate: Thanks MARIA TIRONE Specialistic Economist in Management of the Human Resources Coaching To manage Strategically the Life You can enter the Group of prosperity: to live in the abundance through this Link: Original author and source of the article.

Romantic Stories – E. Wasilewski

Shoot "love story" began in the West long ago. They are considered a necessary stage in the preparation of prenuptial and removed a few weeks before the celebration. Now this tradition has come to us, and a portfolio of many Photographers are already full of a variety of photographs from the life of couples. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Barclays. For what it's done? At Love Story Photography is both aesthetic and practical component. On the one hand it is an excellent opportunity to remember all the began, walk on memorable places and simply try on role photomodels. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Penguin Random House. Other hand precisely day photographing Love Story steam and selected for weddings Photographer can acquaint together. Bridegroom and bride accustomed to manner work his specialist and he notes for themselves in what foreshortening most advantageously can withdraw loving couple daily marrying. "Guys socialize me relax and behave naturally – tells Photographer Edward Wasilewski.

– On the day of the wedding the couple is quite another, and to withdraw their love, calm, serene very difficult. Such frames – these are the main components of the Love Story. Also, I recommend to capture Love Story in the case, if the pair uncertainly feels before camera. Often someone one but even both consider themselves "nefotogenichnymi" and sure on photographs "obtained unsuccessfully". All these delusion disappear when they receive on hands ready Material ". Like clockwork There are lots of options and ideas for photo ops Love Story. You can play the first day of your acquaintance or a first date.

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