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Problems can be caused by a failure to understand the strategic objectives of the company employees and their non-participation in achieving these goals. In practice, we encountered the following situation in the steel company. She claimed that the products the buyer will be strictly within the specified period and the highest quality. Employees of the enterprise, directly managing the production process of steel reinforcement, was asked about a what indicators they are responsible. The answer was as follows: – “quality products, adherence to process parameters of production, trouble-free running of equipment.” Thus, the rank and file employees did not think that should be responsible for timely production.

In other words, they did not understand their tasks and roles in implementing the strategic plans of the company. These problems can solve the implementation of BSC. The third criterion – using a balanced scorecard is justified in the group of companies where each company pursues its goal is not always appropriate unified strategy of the holding. By implementing a BSC issue is solved Communications Group and built clear scheme of strategic management. The fourth important sign that the company is expedient to introduce a system of balanced indicators – the lack of operational control over the process of implementing the company strategy. Strategic management of the company is an ongoing process that includes setting strategic goals, set performance tasks, monitoring and taking corrective management decisions. If the company can not control the performance goals, we should not hope that they will be achieved. – What challenges face European companies in implementing the balanced scorecard? – Problems arising from the implementation of BSC, are typical and do not depend on the country in which the company operates.

There are three main problems. First, is the implementation of the balanced scorecard in the absence of a clearly articulated strategy. If the company has no strategy and vision of its future, the introduction of a balanced performance does not make sense.

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