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Economic Independence

It is important that when a person enters a company that uses the model of business MLM, Network Marketing, marketing network, etc, etc and want to achieve economic independence, that research first to find out, indage if the owners of the company have experience, are competent and above all honest. Once you have this investigation, comes the next step, is to see which product or service marketed the company (it is important to know what difference there is between them), if it is at the forefront of the trend or whether it is behind the trend. Then whether the compensation Plan is simple to understand that understood once you explain it in a simple, clear and precise, also forms be powerful in the short, medium and long term for both the company and partners. Then see if the company has technological tools that allow to develop the business as it should, which can duplicate. But the most important is to find a Mentor within that Company (is a person who is in the situation in which a person wishes to be) to provide the knowledge and skills that once implemented achieve desired results, in this case economic, so that a credible economic independence can be reached that way, acceptable and feasible for each individual.

Without the Mentor is very complicated that the person will succeed, not only in Network Marketing but in any activity that you want to develop. That’s why many people abandon, throw the towel, capitulate because they see that they have no results of any kind and believe that they are losing time and the most valuable for them, the money. Precisely for this reason it is key to find a mentor that guide you toward that economic independence. Economic independence.

Internet Blogs

It is outrageous how many people act this way! Although you can win a number of considerable money over the internet with blogs, sale of products themselves, affiliates, adsense, etc. but that live on your blogs to 3 months after having started is completely false, and even more if you think these blogs manually. Stop already deceive people and tell them that in a couple of months they can start to enjoy a quality of life extraordinary, so full of luxuries and constant travel because it is not true. The internet is an extraordinary way make money, and many people it is becoming millionaire online, but like all entrepreneurship and serious business requires effort, sacrifice and hard work. The only place where success is before work is in the dictionary. But what I was going, thats a terrible piece of news for those people who make a living on the internet doing blogs, I mean that is exiting to market an affiliate, a robot, which supplanted the manual work of everyone who makes blogs! And you know, works 24 hours, doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, and not asking wage increase each month-end. So people that are devoted to creating blogs because they already have competition and a competition, with which it is almost impossible to get away! A human can do, by more expert than a blog in 20 seconds and immediately optimize it with adsense, clickbank, amazon, etc, and position it quickly in Google! To know what I’m talking about and by which many bloggers will feel desperate, visit the site and find out I wrote this article happy and excited because I finally speak with tests and make shut up the people who laughed at his time of my saying that I dedicated myself to do normal things and let make nonsense on the internet, for them going! and good, for it also that you are on the same page, and if you believe in online business!

CreativosRed News

“Definition of Canon Digital (from Canon is the compensatory remuneration for private copying or private copying levy is a rate applied to various means of recording and whose collection receive the authors, editors, producers and artists, associated to any private entity management of copyrights, in compensation for copies that are made from their work in the private sector.” Already in recent months barrel had created more than controversy to be considered illegal by various public bodies. Now, the national hearing has decided to do away with this tax, which allowed to increase the price of all digital or multimedia devices: CDs, cameras, computers, regrabadores all these items and more were affected by X % of this type of tax, where, according to associations like the SGAE, aired to ensure intellectual property. At the moment and not to create false hopes already has been said from the outset that there will be no returns; If any would be a chaos to return the money to the population, inter alia because very few people would keep the purchase receipt, and if this is difficult to verify that the object has been applied. _ _ CreativosRed News (

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