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Learning Process

The present work has as objective to analyze the importance of the memory and objective to develop and to deepen the inherent concepts to the same one, as well as its implications in the mental, cognitivos and percetivos processes in the process of access to the information. In this direction, a revision of the literature was carried through, that supplied basic contributos a logical theoretical referencial, and that it located reflections on the thematic ones of cognitiva psychology, concretely the sensorial memory, memory the short one and memory in the long run and its influence in the learning process. Word-key: Cognitiva psychology, Memory, Short Memory of and Long Stated period, Learning. Introduction In this work is intended to identify the different types of memory wants in terms of secular duration wants in terms of capacity of information storage, and still to identify and to hierarquizar the factors capable to influence the memory. The memory helps to us to define it who is, in the truth it is essential for the construction of the identity of the person. The set of experiences stored in the mind of the individual and the easiness with that if it accedes they, is vital so that let us can interpret what it is transferred to our return and let us can take decisions. It is still intended to analyze the influence of the memory in the process of learning and the interdependence of the learning and the memory, a time that the structure and to be learned material is to a large extent dependent of the restrained knowledge in the memory, that is of what the individual already knows and is capable to remember. The current knowledge not only influences the learning of new knowledge and information, but also the way as these knowledge and information are organized, of form to be recouped in the future..

Historical Evolution

With the historical evolution of the society, today the school if presents as responsible institution for the access to the information and transmission of the knowledge socially constructed, as well as, the socialization of the people. The education must guarantee the equality of chance for all in the combat to the social exclusion. Although its paper and the fact of that the inclusion of the pupil with deficiency in the regular school is a right guaranteed for the legislation, many preconceptions still becomes gifts in the pertaining to school community. These preconceptions, in a general way, elapse of the ignorance, recklessness, superstition, lack of information and conceptions missed on the subject. We know that the subject still little is argued in the pertaining to school institutions, does not have moments of collective reflections on this question, so little, are offered to the educators courses of continued formation or specializations that clarify the doubts and assist to face the real necessities presented.

Moreover, to receive a pupil with deficiency in a common classroom implies in diverse changes, over all in the activities of education and this, many times scares the educators of regular education who do not have formation, accurately for the fear to face what it is presented as a new situation. This distrust can take the professors to have a resistance in working with the carrying pupils of deficiency, generated for the lack of knowledge in as to deal with these children and, thus, they are taken by an unreliability feeling to assume an inclusive work.

Geoff Lawrence

A common use of this technique occurs when takes a snapshot of two people nearby and there is space between their heads, if you are not careful the camera will focus on the wall or behind trees. If the background is very dark or very light exposure will be altered and show faces too dark or too clear.-go to exhibition. 8 The closing speed closing speed is important when Displays objects that move, it is good to set the camera to the closing speed priority mode. This happens when you choose the closing speed and the camera chooses the opening appropriate to light reading.-go to openings and closing speeds. 9 Openings if depth of field is important to either make sure that everything is focused or remove some of the focus, select your camera aperture priority mode.

In this mode you select the aperture and the camera selects the speed of closing depending on the available light.-go to openings and closing speeds. 10 Neutral density filters if it is pulling photos under bright light and you want to restrict the depth of field, use a neutral density in front of the lens filter to reduce the light that enters it. They are available in various densities, 2 x, 4 x, 8 x etc. Each cutting light by half, a quarter, eighth, etc. In extreme circumstances you can put a couple of them together. Although they are neutral density filters and should not create any effect on the color balance, if you use two or more together you may need to correct the color when printing-go to openings and closing speeds. Geoff Lawrence has been a professional photographer for many years, now has a website that offers notices to people who want to improve their photography. Original author and source of the article

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