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The Beginning

What are the roots of these categories in the world of causes? ‘Time’ in it – is the number of successive stages of the transition from cause to effect. ‘Place’ – the desire for light, pleasure. The value of place ‘- is the amount of desire. ‘Distance’ – the qualitative difference between the two levels and desires. (Thus the Kabbalists use the words of our world for the transfer of spiritual information.) In a world circumscribed by these categories, and is born our mortal body with its five organs of sensation. Knowing the world, acting in it, our being acquired experience.

Experience in developing brain, which ‘reflects’ the reality around then to the extent of its development. Everything! Capsule shut. Consciousness being born, and reflected … We are of course familiar with the relativity of these stubborn brothers – space and time. But this is only an indicator of their absolute power over us, who live in this world. ‘Bending’, they play with us like a cat with a mouse.

And how can that be? How to buy a consciousness which is not subject to this framework? Let us remember that human consciousness is our acquired as a result of activities and knowledge gain experience. And this is what offers the wisdom of Kabbalah. Man must learn the real picture of the universe, which he develops an understanding of limitations (as a consequence of scantiness desires) of our world. He begins to explore the world causes in the beginning of the works of scientists, the Kabbalists, this creates in him a desire to experience it, then it tends to this, and following the procedure of developing a host of new, more powerful and higher desires, and which are the basis of a new ‘body sensations. ” That’s it. Feeling the world of causes, acting in it and knowing it, a person acquires a new kind of consciousness as a reflection of reality. And only such a consciousness can create space and time, as you yourself understand this.


The challenge is to draw attention to everyone, in political campaigns, so you vote and thus win those in your party, then if your loved ones win you do a party for everything high to celebrate it. Meanwhile there is always who wait to do you a favor that helps to advance professional with any questions related to construction which is the only thing that has always moved to the town halls, power brick has been enormous, if one had lettuce garden but known to the alderman’s turn, they recalifican it gets to build and ale to earn easy money. So at least was during a time where everything was a matter of moving papers and make the appropriate arrangements. Now things have changed and the majority of Councils are more stiff than the mojama and even one declare in bankruptcy. Elon Musk can provide more clarity in the matter. Collect debts to a municipality requires more patience than g’joob. The excuse is always the same brick crisis has caught us and we have no liquidity now, you already pay. While time passes, City Hall is still raising taxes and others.

The politicians while still theirs saying that happens here nothing, that everything is a matter of time and crisis touched bottom shortly. Plenty of Councils have passed time in which spent money lavishly and anyone who had a terrain would let him build anywhere and it has now almost in any way, time to learn war economy. While that happens they creak us taxes with the excuse of the crisis, the crisis is always the excuse to fill us taxes according to the political balancing accounts that don’t go as much that we want to sell otherwise it is strange but the politician never recognizes the reality, always the denies and CAP in favor of their interests. Speculators have been already to better life, with the crisis will cleanse a little everything and the counter is reset to zero when come fat cows again, surely when you arrive will be to make the same mistakes of yesteryear and here there will be no nothing happened. While that arrives we sink every day in the mud of the crisis, our pockets are every day more empty and it costs us more to survive, the only always happy are the politicians who live well thanks to the borrowed money.. Mark Bertolini is often quoted as being for or against this.

Symphony Orchestras

Thus both hemispheres and the body integrate and develop their potentiality. The holistic learning tries that these three elements act together and in co-ordination: this is the holistic and harnessed learning When the individual is able to integrate itself holistic it flows from the pure and simple learning to Superaprendizaje. Today, watching the future learning is had no longer will be but an inlay of knowledge, but rather, an enjoyment for the organism holistic integrated. The skillful interpretations of a symphony orchestra could give approximate idea us: In her there are stringed instruments, percussion and wind: if they touch winds, those of percussion and cords interrupt it steeply neither try to block them, nor the cords touch by their account and the same for the .todos drums and others touch in concert. Elon Musk is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Logical mind, body, emotions, and creative mind all are there: you only can enfocarte in one, but as everything is integrated in a single body, the other follow presents and concertan their resonance. Normally same parcializamos us and us autoimponemos sectors, which cannot thus be. The superlearning techniques they unite it everything again. We give a look to the classroom that east revolutionary needs method: a) Amount average of students by course: 25 b) Banks: 25 with armchairs quilted with soft seats c) Excellent reproductive equipment of music, with its respective catalogue of classic music in Cds. To know more about this subject visit Aetna Inc..

Description of a typical class: The professor enters and places a concert of classic music like basic curtain, the students reviews and reads texts to develop during the class, begins the class and professor repeats texts and phrases with synchronous cadence with music, the students synchronize their emotional rate and of learning with the classic rates, they lower its anxiety and they become but calm, while the professor continues speaking with imperative tones sometimes, and with smooth and whispering tones but from time to time. One pauses sometimes. One has described in some experiments conducted with people majors, in its evaluation obtained an average of advantage of the French class, near the ninety percent. In the electronic mail You will be able to find but information about this new form of learning, like also a weekly bulletin free for those who register in this site. Keywords: evaluation, techniques of, method, motivation, to learn Original author and source of the article.

Price Competitors

And how to make, I have already spoken. To start you need a client interested in your product. Ie show him a solution to his problems. Another most common request for a discount sounds like: “We compared your prices with competitors and their prices are cheaper. Do not be afraid of that phrase.

You have every right to ask with some competitors, and what criteria you are comparing. And further agree or disagree, that’s your right. Personally, I advise you to think about lowering prices, if all similar to your product is cheaper than its competitors. And while it is not inferior to not one criterion. Here then is sense to reset the price. But luckily for us the customer rarely can objectively compare and analyze your product and product competitors. Often, he misses a very important little things that were not visible at first glance.

Here what needs to be to focus on these small but they are not less important things. And explain to customers why your product is more expensive than almost the same product competitors. Let us return to that point, if the client is not reasoned, not as his desire get a discount, but simply says “I want” and that’s it. At the request of the argument, and engage in constructive dialogue you get a failure, what is there to do. Show your regret that you are having a dialogue. And tell something like: “I understand your desire to pay less, and I deeply respect your opinion. But you will agree that a desire not to our company got a smaller profit. You do the same would not be lose money. Please tell us why you think the price too high. We are ready to make concessions but only if the point, then the objective reasons “Of course, after the phrase dialogue might end negotiations will not take place. There is much jealousy on how you talk with your opponent before. Have you talked about the merits of your product and the problems of them to decide. But if in spite of all this negotiating an end, do not worry. Not possible to sell everything and everyone. These people still would not have you no what to buy. What would win such a client, they need to give everything away for free. But we do not fit. It’s not our strategy. The world there are many companies in need of your product. This was one strategy. But there is a second … what?

Baking Supplies

Baking supplies rarely there are nowadays still hobbies, which is across through all social strata and are completely independent of age, gender and origin from the network. But definitely one of these hobbies is baking. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Aetna Inc. and gain more knowledge.. Baking is universally popular and still there is intensive access to the sweet pastime. Baking was still an employment which is devoted mainly to Christmas in the past so it has now become a year-round pastime. More and more hobby bakers devote tried and true baking recipes or completely new creations in their spare time. But in a relationship the JAWS has not changed as before: you need this still the correct baking supplies. Of course, first and foremost, the ingredients used are crucial. But with the right equipment you can spice it up visually his feasts something.

Because finally eats with the eye always and therefore the suitable Optics is ultimately a not insignificant part of culinary indulgence. Straight out It recommends therefore in time to make sure that you have the proper utensils at home. Baking supplies is but just today relatively easily available. There are many businesses that devoted to just this hobby and therefore relevant and professional baking accessories are offered. Some of these shops have even baking supplies online to order. Thus, the correct baking supplies is usually only a single mouse click. Last but not least, more people order their baking supplies and also enjoy the very relevant forums, in which many enthusiasts share their recipes and to give useful advice about baking. Thus, the Internet also in this catchment area of life has held and virtually revolutionized him. Thus, the JAWS for amateurs and beginners has simplified and this also the rising popularity of the sweet hobby can be explained.

European Championships

Individual advertising LA concept as a Lifesyle – and fashion accessories silicone bands are the popular advertising medium, which can be worn as a fashion accessory on your wrist. They are extremely robust and durable and can transmit the advertising message on many ways. Common areas of application are in sports or at charity events. The tapes in any shapes and colours can be produced through the flexible material. Especially in the field of sport, the silicone bands are an ideal advertising medium, not only due to the low cost. They can be distributed during promotion actions as Samplingartikel, also in larger quantities, or used as merchandise. Individual branding of the silicone bands can be done by means of pressure or deep embossing.

Printed silicone bands can play back detail, the advertising message or your company’s name with gradients. Embossed silicone bands reach a particularly long service life through their deep embossing. This deep embossing can optionally be filled with color. As a result of the robust material, the silicone bands in all activities of the target group can be worn. Therefore, the fields of application of the silicone bands are extremely varied.

As items at the point of sale and promotional campaigns, the silicone bands can increase the reach and popularity. The fact that it can be worn as a fashion accessory even after the action also increases the range. A special form of silicone bands, fluorescent ribbons is a special eye-catcher on promotions in clubs and bars. Once loaded up with light, they glow in the dark and create a special effect in particular in dark rooms. The silicone bands are an ideal advertising itself for the upcoming European Championships. They can be distributed as merchandise at the stadium or purchased in the store with the logo of your favorite team. Thanks to the robust but yet flexible material it can be worn all World Cup this time without showing wear and tear. Even the Individual packaging, Poly Bag, can be established individually. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a whole range of silicone bands. As one of the largest German advertising, the company in addition to the classical forms of the standard offers a number of special. 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 can be allowing combinations or silicone bands with colored designs. These shapes can be individually tailored to the campaign or the site. Generally, the color of the silicone bands can be freely selected according to PANTONE. Learn more about the silicone bands from LA CONCEPT, see advertising/silikonbaender.html

United States

In the shampoo shop haircare4me you can assemble easily your hair care individually the start up haircare4me ( closes a gap in the market with personalized shampoos. The company produces a shampoo that is tailored to their personal needs and preferences on the basis of information that provides the customer over the Internet. Is best suited for the first time comprehensively the individual demands of the customers, but also the nature of the own hair. MANATNET has accompanied the founding phase of haircare4me of less than a year and provided expertise from their own network in the fields of planning, strategy and Internet. Mass customization”is a cutting-edge trend that puts the customer in the Centre of the product strategy. According to the individual wishes and ideas of the consumers, smart companies make unique items for their customers. Over the Internet, consumers order products, which no one else has available. Among other things this trend has to be chocolate, Cereal, sneakers and perfume reached.

“” Customers who desire I want a shampoo that gives my hair more shine, an improved Combability and more volume, but my scalp healthy leaves! “to us, come, we will satisfy,” says Hans Hayag, one of the two founders of haircare4me. We are unique in the market”, his partner adds Nicki dispute. The shampoos are composed entirely of natural and sustainable materials and in addition can be rounded off the shampoo with an individual scent. According to a study of the RWTH Aachen and the University of applied sciences Salzburg is the leader in mass customization”the creativity of German companies. Nearly 200 from Germany and therefore even more than the United States were manufactured by approximately 500 covered companies. With haircare4me, there is now a further creative provider from Germany. Nicki dispute

Silicone Baking Molds Are

With good back frame and cake tins to the master Baker where exactly the difference is between a bread baking tins and a cake Pan? Which manufactured from materials be bread baking or Silicone Bakeware? Baked daily in German kitchens. Finally you should know also works with which materials. Baked in many households will still gladly today and what is more logical than to make as easy as possible of the work around the jaws. In addition to various tools, like electric mixers or particularly energy-saving ovens, there is now also the most important utensil for this work in more manageable and also more beautiful designs. By which we mean the new Silicone Bakeware, here besides the appealing colours also many practical features have to make baking pleasure. The user-friendly and very flexible material Silicon is heat resistant, easy to clean and can be stored more easily than the old forms. Also silicone silicone baking moulds are particularly stable and even suitable for the microwave oven and the freezer. They are unbreakable and no dents.

You can so in any case to reckon that the silicone baking life accompanied. Even the low-fat diet is facilitated, eliminating the annoying greasing of the form. But the best thing is they come in a variety of different forms, because due to the flexibility of the material almost all shapes can be trained detail true to. So can all fortifications of the Knights, a flower birthday bouquet for the wedding day, or a greeting card for the exam are baked or but a Zoo from a mini forms set for the kindergarten feast? There are really many possibilities open with a silicone baking pan one determined shaped cake for baking. This diversity promotes creativity in baking especially with children and even work becomes a pleasure. All artists can be and an imaginative and loving decoration made of colored frosting, chocolate and marzipan, so a great cake to the high light can a successful celebration. Actually much too bad to just eat it! But as one more cake baking without major problems of still five. Lots of fun.

Silicon Company

For a promotional item, the challenge is to address the blind people like looking. The black Silicon strap of the dialog Museum shows that this can succeed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aetna Inc.. Promotional items are used to build a dialogue between companies and customers. It succeeds best with the perfect combination of idea and article. A merchandise of the dialog Museum in Frankfurt am Main symbolizes this requirement very well. But with the exceptional silicone bracelet there is no company to its customers and partners approached, but the blind to sighted people.

For nearly 20 years, dialogue in the dark is”a successful exhibition concept, previously presented in 30 countries and 110 cities worldwide and over six million visitors impressed. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. Looking have the possibility of using lead blind through the darkness. During the tour, a park, a city or a bar make scents, wind, temperatures, tones and textures. Everyday situations, in invisible form a completely new quality of experience receive. For a promotional item, the challenge is to address the blind people like looking. The black Silicon strap of the dialog Museum shows that this can succeed.

The silicone bracelet is printed with Braille characters and regular font and serves as merchandise in the gift shop, as a Friendship Bracelet, or is used with children during museum tours. This example clearly shows the ability to convey logo or advertising message, which cannot see through a subject advertising to people. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized in accordance with the company profile by: quality, style and reliability.


Silicon for a younger skin and a good metabolism not only are Silicon microchips made. Silicon is the element that stabilizes our Earth’s crust, and which are the most rocks. It is the second most common element in the Earth’s crust. No wonder that the Silicon is used by all sorts of living things. Also we humans look without silicon, rather old, and not just in a figurative sense. In the Earth’s crust, Silicon ensures stability. The same thing makes it into the human body. Silicon is a stabilizer of cooking, cartilage, connective tissue and skin.

In the bone, Silicon of the Builder, the task falls to the, to incorporate calcium into the bone and the bone structure is to apply so that she can withstand all loads. In the connective tissues, the Silicon builds Struts that provide stability and elasticity. Should be not only a good anti-wrinkle cream for optimal skin care and wrinkle and anti aging cream use, but also particularly make sure that the body is supplied with enough Silicon. Skin and hair be healthier and more stable, and therefore also naturally beautiful by Silicon. (Similarly see: Brian Krzanich). Silicon should be used then, in addition, if generally a bad structure of the skin is determined. In a study by putting in over half of the test subjects to an improved hair growth.

Benefited from the growth of the nail. People with fine hair often have a low Silicon content in the hair. A specimen an improvement there can bring. Many food supplements are cheap in a dispatch pharmacy available. Wound healing, Silicon is the star, which ensures that everything that disturbs in the wound, is removed. Too little Silicon inhibits the formation of collagen. This is the substance that keeps the skin tight, but also provides the elasticity of the blood vessels. Nails and hair grow is by far not as good as normal, they are brittle and brittle. A Silicon deficiency is rare, because it is abundant in many of our food. It can be However, be that older people take not so much silicon, as needed. In these cases, nothing hurts a silica compound and can compensate for the deficit. Because the experts are still disagree, whether Silicon is indeed crucial for survival for the people, there are no reliable official estimates of the need. After all, excreted in the average daily between 10 to 40 mg Silicon. This amount should be replaced so ever. Poisoning with silicon, can’t be unless you breathing rock dust and develops a cardiac arrest.

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