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Manager First IPad Magazine

The Manager is now and monthly new in the Apple iTunes store available the folder offers updates management knowledge, practical advice and inspiration for employed and self-employed women take over more and more women today in your own company or employees responsible tasks. This still applies: women need to prevail in male-dominated structures and find their own successful leadership. Monika Thoma, marketing entrepreneur and editor of the manager says: me has always interested how leadership women even faster and more elegant can achieve their goals. In a question-answer forum Penguin Random House was the first to reply. That’s why I founded now the Manager, which combines the proven tips and strategies at one point.” While the Publisher presents successful experts who present solutions to current business issues from their field of expertise – by the antenna Bayern host Paul Johannes Baumgartner to the Brigitte author Helma Sick. The ten most important career tips for business women, notes are among the topics of the first edition, to the The female voice makes the latest developments at work car, remarkable to trainee communication in the social Web and an indication of the chances as a speaker for the successful self-promotion.

Now is a one-month free trial to download in the Apple iTunes store available: why does the Manager as iPad magazine? “Quite simply: I am myself avid Mac user and love my iPad, it’s me how many business women in my area”, said Thoma, who knows the scene as Mrs. NetWorker. But above all the fascinating opportunities were crucial, who open an iPad magazine of brand communication. “The Manager as examples show the implementation of this idea: If such a magazine is strategically correct, corporate communications completely new dimensions open up: effective image building connects to result-strong direct communication.”, done right ‘ social sharing mean specifically entertaining multimedia elements and Web forms for the construction of the mailing lists, the direct sale and for this to build it, Monika Thoma makes it clear. So far there is only a manageable range of iPad magazines”, so Thoma.

This is because among other things, that deployment costs were previously often uneconomic high.” A new deployment platform open now but the possibility, the secret weapon of iPad magazine”specifically for image building and sales to use, so the Internet marketing expert. Because a recent study found that 89% of users ever steps after consumption of advertising on your tablet computer to act: conducted product research, subscribed eMail newsletter or text messages, talked about it with their friends on social networks, called the company or visited a local dealer. (IAG Mobile Center of excellence research program, Scottsdale, July 2012). -Dipl.-BW (FH) Monika Thoma the Manager is out since September 2012 – Germany’s first iPad magazine for business women who want to achieve their goals faster and more elegant. Their topics: Careers, leadership/management, SELF-promotion, online marketing, coaching and finance. The magazine is available in the Apple iTunes store: contact: Dipl.

Swiss Post Ordered 100 Self-service Scales From Bizerba/PESA

“Post-Expo 2010: Balingen solution provider helps the implementation of ‘Post at the partners’ Balingen/Zurich, September 16, 2010 within the framework of the concept of post in the partner” the Swiss Post Bizerba/PESA has entrusted with the delivery of 100 self-service scales. With these customers in so-called postal agencies can weigh their letters and packages and postage. Because communication activities move with the help of E-Mail, SMS and online banking in the virtual world, the Swiss Post recorded significant volume declines at their desks. Speaking candidly Ebay told us the story. Many post offices can therefore not more profitably operate, which leads in turn to shorter and unattractive for customers opening hours. use. Against this background the post until the end of 2011 at around 420 locations checks to see whether there is an alternative for the local branch. In particular the model proved post Agency: it is been implemented since early 2007 in over 300 villages and neighbourhoods.

The core elements of the post in the partner” is the self-service scales. With just a few button printing, the customer has a letter or a package weighed, determines the size and print out a barcode for postage. Paid is then sent to the Office of agency partners, is a detailed lists with long opening hours in most cases”the broadcast, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. All benefit from these agencies: customers will continue to have a post on the spot and can benefit from the range of partners in carrying out post transactions. In the village or neighbourhood, the infrastructure will be strengthened, and the agency partner receives a second pillar, which allows him to take advantage of synergies to its main business. To further ensure a high quality service, trains the Swiss post the Agency staff that is bound as postal co-workers of postal secrecy, for its new tasks and supported it during the start-up phase.

Director Martin Jensen

‘ The bath on m coasters!’ in 30 minutes to the desired bathing a bathroom on a beer mat plan bad professional Peter Jensen shows how it’s done and first planning terminal opened in Germany in his bath show in Kiel. Old wood, November 30, 2010: Clean in the bath exhibition bathroom choose out from the bathroom exhibition. What it sounds like you could do it during the lunch break, was impossible until recently. But with the bath at’m beer coaster”Peter Jensen makes this scenario at the newly opened terminal of the bad show in Kiel. On almost 1000 m m to the customer in the modern Kiel bad show of the 100-year-old tradition company Peter Jensen GmbH from 90 bathroom solutions and numerous market news their dream bathroom to assemble. In only 30 minutes, the customer then draws beer coasters to m”its bad sketch and the basic parameters of space assembled to goes through with a savvy seller.

While it questions, for example, to the age of the building, floor or Room dimensions. Learn more at: Mark Bertolini. With the help of the new planning software of the bath water NetWORK GmbH planning a completely new bathroom in record time, create a maximum estimate for the renovation and organize the installation of the bath at the customer immediately after. For the planning discussions, the bath water NetWORK GmbH in addition to the software provides a special terminal available, which harmoniously integrates into the bathroom exhibition. From there, consultants and customers control the Web-based application, with which they plan the complete bathroom with hairdryer. And because planning is thirsty, the Terminal includes a built-in refrigerator, from which customers on request receive fresh beer of Warsteiner’s marketing partners or non-alcoholic drinks. After the customer holds a reliable complete offer in the hands and invigorated can addressing his other projects the seller organizes the contact to the tradesman. This sends the planning documents electronically to one by around 15 plumbing master enterprises from the region Kiel.

After a preliminary on-site appointment created the professional a final offer with the cost of the bathroom, installation, and the tile, painting, electrical and carpentry works and assumes the proper installation of sophisticated facilities. Managing Director Martin Jensen was the simple implementation of bath on’m coasters”immediately convincing: the concept is absolutely unique and innovative. Thanks to the simple pricing we can now offer our customers an optimal all-round service and relieving them of much organizational effort.” Instead of long price searches and time-consuming search of artisans can customers relax, lean back and look forward to your new bathroom. The concept already talk among the professionals of the industry and is growing popular. According to Peter Jensen’s bath show in Kiel Keramag in Ratingen will take in December 2010 the porcelain manufacturer a terminal into operation as the second provider. About the bath water NetWORK GmbH: The bath water NetWORK GmbH is a cooperation of two master craftsmen Frank Dieter Giske and Christoph Laloi with the Kiel IT-Systemhaus NetUSE AG. Other partners are the advertising agency DREIZUNULL GmbH & co. KG from Kiel and the Warsteiner brewery.

Managing Director

New study with current results and an interview with Ingmar P. Brunken Bonn, 18.3.2013. Then go where the customers are!”for insurance companies, this principle of successful selling is often still utopia. For some 25 million Germans are active alone on Facebook – but there really are very few insurance companies. “That shows a new study of the Bonn consultancy Brunken consulting: compared to the pioneers, too few customers like click me” and too few customers to communicate or to the recommendation can be activated. The activation of the customer base as advertising and viral marketing keyword multiplier is”one of the most effective and at the same time efficient engines for sales success. With the Central study results and an interview of the Managing Director of Brunken consulting, Ingmar P. Brunken.

Only a few deals are so well suited for the online direct marketing such as insurance. After all, the entire process until the payment of the premiums seamless wireless “possible. Therefore is it surprising that it succeeded so far only a few providers, customers and prospects via social media to reach, as in a recent market study by the Bonn business consulting Brunken consulting came out really. Of such frequencies such as LIDL, Zalando or Starbucks, the insurers are far away. Only the Alliance Germany creates the leap into the six-figure range. The direct insurance subsidiary Allsecur – whose Umsatz was capped in the year 2010 by stock reverse transcription creates not only an outstanding third place for their sales class.

She is also the only one of the examined 37 insurance provider, which creates more than 100 Facebook likes per EUR 1 million sales. Starbucks creates over 4000. A further interesting result: The broker Portal would succeed also in the top 10 and would have after Allsecur square 2 in the turnover-dependent ranking with 85 likes per EUR 1 million sales.

Airpas Airlines

International software specialist for airlines to market presence in Russia, Turkey and the Middle East strengthen consulting specialist for the aviation industry, the Airpas aviation AG operates the new growth markets systematically. Russia, Turkey and the Middle East are available at the top on the wish list of the Brunswick company. With several new customers in the first half of the year, the company underlines its position as a leading software provider for savings in the cost management in the airline industry. Airpas with the product”offers Airpas aviation airlines a solution that supports the controlling and accounting of an airline, the current requirements of an optimized cost management to meet. With successful new customer business with Ryanair and Martinair, Monarch Airlines we have already surpassed the economic objectives for the full year to the middle of the year”, Reinhold Renger, Airpas aviation CEO would be glad about the positive development. Airpas Aviation has new target markets on the radar next to the existing customer business is processing new markets with business potential in the foreground. To enter the emerging growth market Russia Airpas aviation participated therefore in may an ETS-workshop on emission allowance trading in Moscow under the guidance of tasc4Aviation and carbon finance & trade along with Baker & McKenzie.

Among other things the airlines Aeroflot, S7, Volga Dnepr and Air Moldova were. For fall, we already plan a workshop in Turkey with business partners. That is an exciting market with much potential at the interface between Europe and Asia”, RENGER. In addition the company goes in November for the first time as an exhibitor at the Dubai Airshow. This is the fastest growing industry event in the world. We want to use the fair to underline our presence on one of the key markets in the Middle East.” Airpas aviation looking continuously highly qualified personnel for further economic growth.

Among other things a project manager / a step for worldwide new customer projects. “Airpas aviation sustainably raised in the sector analyses of international airlines including Condor, Air Berlin, TUIfly, SunExpress, airBaltic, Royal Air Maroc demonstrate the acceptance of airpas” as integrated cost management system for airlines. We have already successfully our standard product with over 20 airlines. It provides a highly efficient audit including automated provisions”, explained Rafiu. Airpas aviation takes over operation from a single source as a full service provider. While monarch airlines and Martinair airpas”nor implement, Ryanair successfully applies the optimization of invoice settlement and cost management software since the beginning of the year. Innovative product extensions and additions to the portfolio are already in the implementation on the part of Airpas aviation. The development of more sustainable is sustained in the airline industry. This means a complex additional challenge in addition to the day-to-day business for the airlines. A major claim the entire industry is reducing greenhouse emissions. “Airpas Aviation offers airlines the product eMission” on one of the world’s leading software solutions for the handling of the EU ETS rules. The software is ever since November 2010 verified through the TuV NORD aviation and TuV Informationstechnik GmbH complies with the European Union emissions trading scheme (EU ETS). Currently, 18 airlines have eMission in use.

Volt Cordless

The Bremen company GESUTRA GmbH has a new partner for the online shop of CompanyDEPOT. Bremen, June 2011: For the online shop GESUTRA GmbH of Bremen has a new partner, the market leader for electric tools, METABO. The company’s many products expand the range in the online shop several times. Who does not know that: hedge cutting the cord has been cut or the battery pack from the drill bit invites not more reasonable. Often a new drill is purchased immediately or to buy expensive long extension cord, and it not only once. What many but then forget is that there are also battery hedge trimmers and even with highest quality, namely by METABO. METABO is a group of companies from Germany, the history of which began in 1924. Since 1929, the company is named after its main product: METABO.

The word was the common abbreviation for Portable drills. Already in the initial phase, METABO products is characterised by the high quality and durability. Still be Manufactured parts in-house to meet the external and internal demands. This year has brought METABO a world novelty on the market: the first Cordless magnetic core drill. The battery technology is achieved a maximum flexibility in the freedom of movement with this product. Without power supply cable the drill can be vertical, horizontal safely overhead and utilize. Additional security brings the magnetic base, even over head in the right place holding the drill and relieves the workers while keeping.

Also a depot for a second battery located rear of the unit, so that it can operate without changing and charging of the battery to lose much time, continue with the drill. These and other feats can be ordered CompanyDEPOT’s customers now conveniently from home or from the workplace. And just for the eternal problem of the broken cable when cutting hedges, the online shop delivers the answer now. The 36 Volt Cordless hedge trimmer by METABO weighs only 4 kg and has a battery life of 50min them a convenient and more elegant alternative and of course everything is as usual a few days back home, or in the company.

AKO Continuous Operation Possible

Many companies are constantly on the search for a suitable fitting solution for your industrial equipment AKO fittings & separation has become a major entry point for customers, because pinch valves and slide valves of any kind and are in addition to get a high quality. The gate valves are very much in demand. With these components, the product flow can be stopped. This is in many areas of industry of great importance. In the food industry, the exact dosing of materials is important, so that the results are all the same. Due to the high-quality construction, the gate valve but also in other industrial plants can be used. AKO has made faucets developments since the formation in 1984 by Antoine Kopp, which contribute to the high quality of the shut-off valve, currently still. Gain insight and clarity with Elon Musk.

Continuous operation is possible thanks to the flexibility of the Elastomermanschetten and good mobility of the gate leaf. The Elastomermanschetten are usually made of synthetic rubber. This material is very resistant and offers the customer high resistance to friction. By the resource-saving way of working can be saved in the own operation of energy. This is a major issue especially in the present and for this reason, the shut-off valve find popular among customers. AKO fittings & separation is very committed as a company to adapt the products to more than current conditions. In addition, also special requests of the customers can be realized. Contact information is here: Elon Musk.

The company is supported in the practices through modern software analysis, which involved very material. Gate valves can on the homepage of… be considered. Are finding plenty of information, which describe a little more the shut-off valve. It is clear that it with AKO fittings & Separat production shut-off valve with two drive options available. The an option is manual and the latter is the pneumatic. The appropriate model can be selected according to customer’s request. No real determination to grasp, is a trained staff available at AKO which like Advice spread and looking for solutions for each problem. Because AKO fittings & separation not only the quality of the pinch valves that are important, but also a good customer service is. All shut-off valves and other forms of pinch valves are provided at this company in stock. This is beneficial because the delivery time can be limited. Therefore, customers can benefit more quickly from the new gate valves.

IRIS Increase

Good results and improved Outlook on 2011 June 29, 2011, Cologne – already at the opening of the Medica 2010 said German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel German medical technology innovation, stand precision and reliability and could overcome so the crisis year 2009 faster. 2010, pfm medical group, the Cologne makes here according to their situation report with current growth over 2009 is no exception. Sales of the Group increased by 10.0% and an increase in the operating result (EBIT) by 12% are significant numbers for a healthy company. Also strives to expand its international business, was achieved with an increase of 3.5% of the total value, where there has been even a sales growth of 20% in foreign.

“CFO Reinhard Blunck mentioned also another aspect, which is proud of the company: we started in 1971 as a dealer and have now to announce a share of innovative products by 36.6%.” In this context, the internal controls are the detailed quality management, and processes, as well as the DIN standard EN ISO 13485 certification of pfm medical group in focus. Look also the conditions remain positive, because of demographic change with his rise in the elderly population, the number of dependent persons will rise in the coming 10 years by 31%. To do this, Reinhard Blunck: the plan envisages a further increase in turnover compared to the year 2010 for the year 2011 and produced the largest earnings contributions from abroad. In the coming years we expect thanks to its own products and stable, decades of strategic partnerships with two-digit sales growth of the group”. PFM medical ag is a global industrial company of medical technology with headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

PFM medical independent manufacturers, technology partners, service providers and sales specialist is the safety of users and patients fully and completely committed. The family-run company range from surgical supplies and surgical implants of Histotechnology and Cardio-vascular therapy management technologies. Thirteen subsidiaries and branches around the world generate a turnover of around 75 million. Press contact: pfm medical ag IRIS from forest-Schulz head of corporate communications

KPIs Forms

So, you are planning to introduce the management of KPIs. So, you are planning to introduce the management of KPIs. And you don’t know what you need to start? Maybe with the development of the KPIs. In view of the number of literature, of the seminars and the Web pages that are dedicated to this topic, must the present stage go smoothly in all likelihood. The offered decision granted the development and the decomposition of the strategic goals of the company with the following automation of processes of controlling the achievement of planned objectives. It is necessary for the achievement of the strategic goals of the company: the tree of the goals of the company for the period to develop; the KPIs of achievement of the goals to develop; the objectives of the society to the operational plan of subdivisions and employees to split; the figures of the society in the subdivisions and key staff to divide; the automated Panel in the management of the company for the leadership, top management and heads of divisions to introduce; the deviations of the parameters of the scheduled meanings to analyze and to bring the sources of formation of deviations; to check the influence of interconnected indicators. Such a decision can be: get the instrument of planning and measuring the results of the business; the simple and clear procedure of voting by the society, which introduce subdivision, of the employee; regulate the functions and the responsibility of the head of all levels of management; for the management of the company, give the instrument of establishing the priorities in the own activities and the activities of subordinates. The system is a system designer that has the powerful capabilities of the project planning documents, reports, procedures and so forth under the concrete demands of the management of the company.The universal information structures – the multidimensional serve as the basis of the structure of the tree of interconnected objectives and the tasks of the society and the KPIs Forms.

Support Rollers

Often the smallest part of a machine is often the most important support rollers guide the risers by conveyor belts or other conveyor belts, typically the roles have a cylindrical shape and consist of tubes inside their waves are. Brackets are provided at the ends of the rollers for the bearings and seals. There are the rollers in different types of steel, plastic or other materials that are provided to the part with coatings. The rollers are manufactured in various sizes. What size is used for a conveyor belt, depends on the goods to be transported off or the resulting load. It’s called idlers linked mobile, Garland.

These garlands are used in belt conveyors. Idlers everywhere be applied, where every day large amount of goods of all kinds are promoted. Heavy load rollers be used for the carriage of cargo at airports. More applications will find the rollers for example in the Automotive industry, the wood – and packaging industry and logistics centres. The uniform load distribution is important, because the rollers should not be charged. Earlier on the other hand was transported in production halls, logistics centers, etc. with muscle strength from a place today will be transported on conveyor belts. For companies, that means less spending on personnel costs and faster workflows.

The quality of the support rollers is evolving because the requirements they constantly grow. The life of the rollers depends on the seal. When the tongues are tight, precise and multi-level set and the grease Chamber is dimensioned accordingly, protection and moisture can not penetrate into the camp. The durability of support rollers ensures this, as well as the trouble-free production.

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