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Minister of Justice

DAY STATEMENT On January 20, Garat, Minister of Justice, Lebrun, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Grouvelle, Secretary of the Executive Council, head to the tower where Louis Capet is to announce the decision of the Assembly. There, they meet the mayor of Paris, several municipal judges and Santerre. Garat took the floor and moved goes to him, "Luis, the Convention instructed the Executive Board to notify him of his decree." Grouvelle, read the sentence. Luis listens in silence and surrender to Garat a letter calls within three days to prepare, to see his family and asked his friend the Abbe Edgeworth of Firmont, which accompanies its close. The Convention is at its height in the small term deny pleaded for his former king! However, access to his other requests. The same is the Abbe Edgeworth Garat to Luis. At six o'clock in the afternoon the priest enters the chambers of the King.

Luis speaks a bit and reads his will. Then he asks the cabinet to go through the neighbor to meet his family. Marie Antoinette enters, taking his son by the hand. With it comes the Lady Elizabeth and Lady Royale. Everybody cries.

It is the most painful moment of the royal family. The high point where they look like humans, stripped of all vanity, all title, of any protocol. They know nothing yet, but fear the worst. Louis sits next to the queen and her sister. Her daughter sits in front of him with the baby between her legs.

Editions Doing History Letter

Several leaves have been come off the calendar from the crucial moment at which Jorge Mendoza Castle, endorsed firmly by his friendly and unanimously by their family, decided to undertake it literary journalistic adventure to found a magazine on Riohacha, city where every day mass media are born and die as they arrive and the waves of their anxious sea go away. A magazine more? , somebody in dispproval tone was asked; How much it will last? Another one was asked, with incredulity accent. And thus every one went away expressing with respect to the new project. They supposed that he was simple embeleco of province journalist and one more a company of short flight, destined to increase the enormous listing of the magazines of first and unique number of the Guajira.

Who thus thought they were mistaken. They did not consider a determining factor and differentiator: the tenacity of the Mendoza Castle and, mainly, of Jorge, that from its youth, practically from the childhood, had within reach of its hand a typewriter with which it was helped to put in black and white their surprising ideas exceed to the popular art; its rigorous vision about the centennial history of the Caribbean; to its delight by the biographical chronicle structured good; to the news article from province for means of the capital. In short, while the adolescents of their generation dreamed about someday dancing in the style of John Travolta, or in enjoying last Diomedes, Jorge caressed the idea to see its name the foot of an article in the Spectator or the Heraldo, The Freedom or the Time. While their schoolmates gave any thing to have a new car although outside lent, Jorge kept awake to see his name in the cover of a book in which he expressed histories that sailed by their mind of visionary man.

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