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Germany Professional

Perform the first professional Scrum developer workshop in Germany in NET/Visual Studio 2010 professional Scrum developer workshop for NET/Visual Studio 2010 NENO Loje, his character of first German coach for the certified professional Scrum developer”(PSD) of as well as Europe’s first Microsoft MVP for application lifecycle management from July 26 to 30. As a certified expert on the Team Foundation Server, he conveys in his course as modern software engineering is operated with the help of Scrum, agile practices, and Visual Studio 2010. So get the participants organized an insight as they as self cross-functional”operate teams iterative, incremental development, to deliver high-quality software in time and budget. Intel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Successful participation in this workshop with a certification to the professional Scrum developer “to complete. The examination takes place at the end of this course. The number of participants for this seminar is limited to maximum of 12 persons. The seminar is organised by HLMC and costs 2.850,-EUR Excl. 19% VAT For more information about the workshop on the professional Scrum Developer certification and registration, see: certifications /…

Contact: Jean Pierre Berchez Wankelstr 12 70563 Stuttgart Vaihingen phone: 69 63-52 fax: 69 63-55 E-Mail: about HLMC events GmbH HLMC is specialized for seven years on the Organization of events in the field of software engineering. HLMC focuses both on the technical/content as well as the organizational handling of conferences, user group meetings, workshops and road shows in the sales order. Total already several thousand participants from the IT industry have visited the events of HLMC. HLMC discusses the current trends in software engineering and thus ensures the success of the event. The services of HLMC includes the search and selection of method lectures, keynotes and user -, the acquisition of sponsors and exhibitors and the entire organisational and administrative handling Events responsible for. In addition, HLMC advises various companies in the implementation of events of any kind. By the clear and precise focusing on the field of software engineering HLMC here has established an excellent and extensive network, from which the clients benefit from HLMC.

Framework Programme Research

Organic caterer select catering Berlin provides for sustainable event framework at the results of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen Berlin Magnus Haus using the Federal Government in the fight against climate change and for the strengthening of global sustainable development had become therefore more sobering. The Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) now takes the initiative and launches the new framework programme research for sustainable development ‘. ” The Ministry provides significantly more than 2 billion euros by 2015 to ensure. The new framework programme includes a wide range of research: improved energy efficiency and resource productivity will be key issues. This work should help to curb climate change. At the same time, the Ministry supported such scientists, develop adaptation strategies against the effects of climate change. The BMBF is built more infrastructures, which should help to further investigate the Earth System.

This involves climate change also still to understand better. International research cooperation – especially with emerging and developing countries are another focus of the framework programme. “Germany is a technology and market leader in the areas of climate protection and adaptation to climate change already. Also in the sustainable management of resources and innovative environmental and energy technologies Germany has a leading position worldwide. With the new framework programme announced, this position will strengthen and expand. “We go to everywhere on numerous partners in the world, with them together technologically convincing solutions to find, which will help us all”, Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan said now in Berlin at a public consultation with high-level representatives from science and industry. Fair trade products, catering in organic quality and the effort to keep as low as possible, the CO2 emissions associated with this event tipped the scales to select catering Berlin with the support of this event. Culinary Highligth by the way, were iced coconut chocolate balls which are produced according to Antwerp recipe in Berlin.

In the ecological sense, but any enjoyment requires also the reflection on its production and origin. “Climate change and water scarcity, threat to biodiversity, as well as the supply of raw materials and energy represent the human challenges of unprecedented magnitude. Here, we need to develop quick strategies and instruments. “, Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan said.


The screw can be located on both the front and side saw. In the latter case, to get to it easier. About once a week (more or less – it all depends on the operation of the instrument) to remove any burrs with a file from the bus. If you have work constantly monitor the cleanliness of parts chainsaw, regularly releasing the edge of the cylinder, the lid of the starter and flywheel blades of accumulated dirt. This protects the engine from overheating, and moving parts – from the seizure.

Special attention to the air filter, cleaned of dust, dirt and sawdust air to the engine. When it becomes clogged, change the proportions of fuel-air mixture and decreases power. Therefore, a filter should be periodically removed and cleaned (depending on what material it is made, and select "means" to wash: warm water more often, less gasoline or kerosene). Any chainsaw can not run without an established and regulated headset, otherwise fails grip. And anyway, before tugging a rope, carefully read the instructions. After buying the tool must "break in" during his 40 – 50 minutes at low speed (ie Develop a full tank of fuel), then stop the motor, also check and tighten the chain.

Then make several cuts, putting a little effort, and only then proceed with this work. Prigotavlivaya fuel mixture, in any case do not use four-stroke motor oil, other parts of the cylinder-piston group will fail. Repair in this case can cost about the same as a new tool. In winter makes sense to keep a spare with you (clean and dry) air filter. His pose to replace old, covered with a crust of frozen condensate. This little "secret" to prevent a big problem – often moist filter prevents start the engine at low temperatures. If the chainsaw is equipped with a manual adjustment of the amount of oil supplied to lubricate the headset, the corresponding control set at position "Maximum" – in this case, the chain will not break even in the bitter cold.

ZARO Water Water

It is reassuring to see to the amphibians and fish in the water and we enjoy to watch this ideal world of water, so it is understandable that we want to experience these natural ecological environment like clear and pure. In ecosystems such as biotopes, ponds and lakes, water plays the main role and if as in the case of the Therme Erding such habitats are contaminated with algae then is difficult reasonable the guest of the thermal baths this circumstance. The guest must find an excellent water in a relax-facilities such as a spa in the decorative exterior, the visual perception of clear, clean ponds plays a major role in the well-being, finally is here about a sensual perception. We have begun to treat the ponds with ZARO-water technology in 2008 and have installed our technology in various habitats, everything was documented photographically, and today we can say with good conscience, we have done much nicer the Therme Erding”, as Zach in the conversation. It came even for problems, because when the algae were gone, the water became so clear that you could see to the bottom, and this technical installations were visible. As we already impressively proved years ago in the environmental garden in Wiesmuhl is it possible using ZARO water Vitalisation and the ZARO Vitalisierern the water so pure and clean to handle that hardly can believe human consciousness, even if you have the before and after effect directly in front of eyes. The science can test us like we shy away from any muddy pond explains, and since we are just cheap by our specialty plastics, it is also not a luxury to be able to call more than clean pond, his own inventor and Developer Robert Zach finally. On purely biological way, the expert team of ZARObiotec has done then the mosquito problem, because in silent, standing waters breed mosquitoes like to and that is an undue circumstance for a spa guest, ZARO expertise provides organic way for the mosquito larvae there don’t like it. The ZARO Water vitalization biological energy once more a milestone is the active bio-photon radiation makes it possible. With nearly 100,000 individuals, ZARO is a specialist of with his technique has also various industrial customers so decreases some problems. Contact: ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein/Tirol

Oxygen Developer Syncro Soft

Data2Type partnership includes oxygen developer Syncro soft Ludwigshafen, 19.03.2010 – the data2type GmbH cooperates from now even more closely with the Syncro soft Ltd, the producer of XML editor oxygen. Use as a educational & consulting partner the data2type XML specialists the oxygen editor in the development of customized software solutions. He is also an important element in the training of the Ludwigshafen expert team. Oxygen offers the advantage that it is the appropriate platform for developers of XML solutions, as well as for authors of XML documents”, so Manuel Montero, Managing Director of data2type. “Montero: soft as educational & consulting partners we contribute by working closely with the developers of Syncro to the optimization and enhancement of oxygen.” The data2type GmbH, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany was founded in 2005 by Manuel Montero. As a specialist for all questions the company in the field of XML developed cross-industry XML solutions, perfectly tailored to individual tailored to its customers. While data2type opts for standardized languages such as, for example, XSLT, XSL-FO and XML schema. Syncro soft Ltd.

The software company Syncro soft Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is characterized by a broad expert knowledge in the area of XML related technologies. The main product, oXygen XML editor that meets the standards of the W3C and other organizations. Through its intuitive and innovative XML IDE, the editor improves the development performance of XML experts. Syncro soft is member of the W3C.


Services and documentation concept Sassenberg, June 24, 2010: With a new service and documentation concept, the gds AG addresses now companies that wanted to can pay little attention creating product-accompanying documentation, not outsource this task but so far for cost reasons. The service providers in the field of technical documentation offers these operations with the service “quickdoc” from immediately cost-effective, standardized created and legally compliant documentation. A company has opted for quickdoc, the Dokumentationsverantwortliche must only even peripherally deal with the content and the legal certainty of its documentation. Check with Aetna Inc. to learn more. His task is only to put together the product-specific documentation relevant information. Corresponding check lists and preset folder structures help him, to take into account all aspects. /a>. The technical writers at gds analyze this information, take docuglobe in the necessary form and structure with the help of the in-house content management system and combine them with existing standard texts to an individual and maximum cost-effective CE compliant documentation.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering will benefit from this new solution. Manuals with minimal cost and effort soon standardized, which comply with the legal requirements”, so Henning m Loco, sales manager of gds AG in the Westphalian Sassenberg. For more information see. About global document take advantage of solutions gds AG customers a variety of solutions for technical documentation. As a software developer, the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of modularization, docuglobe demonstrably reduces the costs for product supporting documents by 30-70%.

With the terminology tool docuterm gds offers a solution to ensure consistent naming. In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: translation, technical writing and graphics. By outsourcing small documentation projects to full outsourcing of technical documentation. Last but not least, customers reduce their liability risk in this sensitive area by documate.

Square Meters

Elabo delivers high-quality testing stations Mohlenhoff Mohlenhoff offers a wide range of products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, for example electronic single room controls, underfloor convectors or high-quality grilles. Special focus is placed on the in-house development. With a million investment in a new Office, manufacturing and warehouse building the Department of research and development on an area of 600 square meters expanded therefore. In addition, new furniture and new equipment were purchased. Already in the consulting process elabo scored through timely and comprehensive care. Both spatial planning with several test courses such as the Assembly of the 6HE-Aufbauten central backup and switch, emergency stop, AC power supply, adjustable AC supply and 2-shelf Bay put functions and processes, and reflected the wishes of staff page at the same time. Read more here: Elon Musk. Also the auxiliary for spare parts were matched accurately, for example with 42 cm wide steel drawers with six cabinets or with other cabinet finishes.

The tilting 3,000 lux light now provides for additional ergonomics. The work is made easier with brighter, more uniform and intense illumination of the worktop. In addition to the advice provided these and other product details ensure that Majumdar here moved its suppliers. Press contact: Ms. Sina Woodpecker elabo GmbH Ross fields road 56 74564 Crailsheim phone + 49 7951-307-0 fax + 49 7951 307-66 about elabo ELABO GmbH is the pioneer and market leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for electrical science rooms; the product range of workplace systems up to electrical and electrotechnical equipment and systems and solutions for process control systems. Skill in the Department of electrical engineering and electronics is as high-quality, engineering complex fully automatic testing equipment is an example. Elabo is again among the top companies in the market. In the Center in Crailsheim elabo has all mechanical facilities, the to the Manufacture of products are required by the mechanics production to the entire electronics production: proof, how consistently elabo operates the maintenance of core competencies.

The knowledge, the experience and the commitment of the workforce are essential for performance. Elabo operates internationally, with the focus on the European market. Typical for elabo are continuous growth, economic stability and success. Elabo was founded in 1972. The combination was from the outset typical for the performance concept of elabo electrical or electronic systems and workplace equipment.

Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos

Therefore, expect that the ventura and the happiness give it us the year starting, I It seems something so vacant as go to look for a job to the INEM. I don’t know why that craving you go a year and get another. It seems as if we would like to escape. But escape from what? of ourselves? Finally, after, behind every dusk, always will shine a sunrise glow. The time is there. To read more click here: Penguin Random House. Or better said, we are at the time. He does not pass by us. We who pass by him and in him leave trace of our works.

When our last sheet of the calendar falls, what remains in the memories of others, is not our image. So if what would be left? The from when we were kids? Of our adolescence? Of maturity? Or does the decrepitude of the elderly? No, is not a specific image. Groove of our passage through this world, with the imprint is of what we did and up than not did. When we look for the first time to the labyrinth of life and enter into what we call time, full of energy, projects and illusions that we still ignore, we of works to be performed. We began sowing for a harvest that we leave the germ at every stage, at every time and in which each station we will taking without realizing, until which of us is not more than our past Groove. A past that we are incapable of change. But yes we are masters of our future. Life is a back and forth between memory and hope.

When the twelve Bell strokes, we should not expect anything from them; Let us be us that let’s go to his encounter with courage and based on the experience of the past that we leave behind, with our decisive participation, make tomorrow a dawn of promising hope for all. Let us learn the lesson: If the future us anguish and past us stringing, let us not allow the present to escape us. Anyway and still falling into my own contradiction, happy new year to all. Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos original author and source of the article

United States

They have also imposed a change in labor, economic, cultural and social relations, and a change in the way of thinking of the own individuos.Como other contributions of ICT have: easy access to a vast source of information process, fast and reliable of all kinds of data communication channels immediate storage capacity automation of work interactivity digitization of information all people in the world, without differences of classes, races and/or disabilities, they should easily have access to knowledge and information, but unfortunately in today’s world the reality falls far short of being able to achieve that dream, and despite the tireless battle they star some people so that things change, is still much to do in that regard. With respect to the foregoing in the World Summit on the information society in Geneva 2003, in the Declaration of principles is strongly advocated to ensure that ICT applications were for the benefit of all aspects of life and in this respect were reflected numerous approaches. A summary (table 1.1) below is compiled from a report of the Government of the United States in which is reflected the situation that presents the world with regard to access to the Internet and what represents this access with regard to the population 3 1.1 table. Internet access by geographical regions. Regionusuarios connected to Internet (in millions) % of the total number of users connected to the Internet % compared to the total population of the Regionee.uu and canada162.84077europa113.962815.6asia109.89 271.8america Latina16.2842.67? frica4.0710.45Total407100 these data are very worrying because they clearly reflect how ICTs are not getting evenly to everyone in our society. According to the Dr. Pere Marques Graells, of the University of Barcelona, Spain, in spite of the magnificent credentials that make ICT instruments highly useful for anyone, and of course indispensable for every company, there are various circumstances that hinder its wider dissemination among all the activities and social layers: 4 brakes for the expansion of ICT technical problems: Incompatibilities between systems, low speed for surfing the internet and for some tasks (voice recognition) lack of training: theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive security issues: unauthorized access, insecurity to make virtual purchases economic barriers: despite the progressive lowering the price of equipment is high for many. .

Designer Resume

For the designer resume – this is an opportunity to apply their talents and creativity and to stand out among the millions of resumes falling on the table of the employer. If you work with graphics and visual effects, why not add them in a resume? An image can say a thousand words, and the original designer resume will be seen a mile away. Make sure the design is executed well, you do not want to be remembered for a bad resume? Let's look at a few examples of pictorial summary of the designers working in various creative fields. Summary of Lydia's Cartoon is witty, attractive, and holds a comic style consistent with its activity. Source: Elon Musk. Designer Michael Anderson embodies all the knowledge and experience in a colorful chart. Krista Gregg, graphic designer, created a resume, imitating the style drawing scattered by hand. Design summary Christiano Pires' made in the form of obchnoy table, surrounded by personal items.

Greg Dizzia uses data visualization to show off their skills and experience. (Similarly see: Intel). Summary of Web Developer Doni Kristian Dachi performed in the style of grunge. Resume graphic designer Sofiane Yaya looks like a crumpled piece of paper with notes and arrows. And lastly, to show that summary designers must be creative, but not too much, Kenji Enos shows us the clean, sleek and attractive design. Such summaries of course not suitable for every application for a job. You must be sure that proivedete a good impression as a designer, that certainly gives you the right to be original. But, like other kinds of design, a summary – a form of communication in which you submit information, so make sure your resume to fully describe your skills, key skills and experience.

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