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Olympic Stadium Solar

On the construction of the ice rink on the Bell Tower Road 14 in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf a Photovoltaikkraftwerk will produce in the future clean solar power approximately 289.300 KWh per year. A new era for the ice sports in Berlin was heralded with the groundbreaking in December 2009. The environment will benefit from the new ice rink next to the ice-hockey fans and Club members. This is close to the Olympic Stadium on a former parking area of approx. 16,000 m-the topping-out ceremony was celebrated end of October 2010. On the roof of the new ice rink, a State of the art Photovoltaikkraftwerk 2.743 highly efficient solar modules with a total capacity of 330 KWp will emerge, which generates approximately 289.300 kWh of electricity.

Extrapolated, this covers the annual consumption of 72 four-person households in Berlin. A total of 189.491 kg of CO2 per year can be saved through the use of solar energy. The District of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is thus a clear signal for climate protection and the improvement of the environment. In the framework of a call for tenders has Berliner LuzSolar company for the planning, installation and operation of the Photovoltaikkraftwerkes awarded. LuzSolar was able to convince a concept which takes the difficult static conditions, as well as the requirements for the optical overall of the best ice port Hall. The LuzSolar GmbH is, GmbH is expected to end June this year on the network to get ibeko-solar the solar photovoltaic system in cooperation with the experienced Photovolatikunternehmen. The LuzSolar GmbH is a manufacturer-independent Berlin company that specializes in the design of powerful and innovative new solar plants on roofs and open spaces. It advises LuzSolar mainly municipalities, public utilities, housing companies and industrial enterprises in the new Lander in the optimal use of the solar potential of your roof and open spaces and creates turn-key implementation concepts for photovoltaic systems.

Energy Provider

Energy switching made easy! Bochum, 21.06.2013. It is not so easy to find the best provider of energy. Who has the best rate in my town, good contracts and fair conditions? Has it finally found the suppliers individually appropriate, yet the change is imminent. This process is often associated with much effort, before it finally comes to supply. Although many electricity and gas providers can offer their customers to suggest the changes online, many consumers are also facing a great challenge. If you are not convinced, visit Elon Musk.

To make more understandable the online Exchange all interested parties, the nation-wide electricity and gas provider energiehoch3 has published a recent video of the exchange rate. “” The video shows in a few steps how easily the power switching works: after the personal price advantage based on the postal code is identified, the desired rate is such as price safety “or from hydropower” selected. Alternatively, a double order can be made also in a course of electricity and gas.

Vitramo Gmb

Who invested money in the insulation of its building and thus greatly reduces its energy consumption, which should look for a heating system cheap to buy and install”, recommends Lars Voss, Managing Director of Vitramo GmbH, a manufacturer of infrared heating elements from the Baden-Wurttemberg Tauberbischofsheim. Gas or olzentralheizungen beat in the purchase and installation with some ten thousand euros, infrared heaters, however, only several thousand euros. The expensive boilers by the reduced consumption costs pays for itself, decades before May. Lars Voss is recommended for new buildings, infrared heating systems especially if the heating is combined with a photovoltaic system. Outside the heating period, when direct injection is carried out only on a small scale, it feeds the Sun a generated electricity into the grid during the heating season one takes him back, so that the LCA remains neutral overall. Night storage heaters infrared heating replace by the year 2020 all night storage heaters in buildings with more than five units must disappear in Germany that the law requires. Infrared heating systems could acquire here as a good and cheap alternative.

How about radiation heaters who heat with infrared heaters, decides not just for power as an energy source instead of oil or gas; He also relies on a completely different way of heating. While the water heating is called convection heaters, radiant heaters are infrared heating elements. The air is heated in convection heating and it rises to the top. The cold air sinks to the bottom and is heated in turn. So, the entire air gradually warms up. But turbulence due to the airflow.

Circulate dust and House mites, which especially for Allergy-free of disadvantage is. Also feels the man air currents and temperature differences in the room uncomfortable. Over time, the air is dry, and dry out the nasal and pharyngeal mucous membranes. Heat like the Sun, however, is radiant heating a heating form that is most beneficial to the human organism.

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