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At treatment of nosocomial infections (urinary tract infections, sepsis and pneumonia) I generation cephalosporins are useful only in combination with other antibacterial agents active against Gram-negative organisms (aminoglycosides, fluoroquinolones). Drugs in this group is not active against H. influenzae, therefore, inappropriate to their destination in infections in which large etiological role of this microorganism (bronchitis, community-acquired pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis media). I generation cephalosporins are currently considered an effective means for prevention of infectious complications in surgical operations on the biliary tract, stomach and small intestine, pelvic organs, in traumatology and orthopedics, vascular and cardiac surgery. The optimal preparation is cefazolin, as it has the greatest half-life and can be administered in a single dose (1 g for 30 min before anesthesia). II generation cephalosporins have enhanced activity against gram-negative bacteria and a broad spectrum of activity compared with the drugs I generation. Preparations are stable to beta-lactamase produced by H.

Influenzae, M. catarrhalis, E. coli, P. mirabilis. In action on gram-positive cocci are similar to those of cephalosporins I generation. Some drugs (cefoxitin, tsefmetazol, tsefotetan) have activity against anaerobic bacteria, including B. fragilis. This group includes drugs for parenteral use (cefuroxime, Tsefamandol, cefoxitin, tsefotetan, tsefmetazol) and oral (cefuroxime aksetil, cefaclor).

Drugs in this group have close the half-life (50 – 80 min), except tsefotetan that has a higher rate (about 4 h), are distinguished mainly by the kidney, is not metabolized in the body (except cefoxitin). Cephalosporins II generation is widely used in clinical practice to treat infections of different localization (non-hospital – as a single agent, hospital – usually in combination with aminoglycosides). Cefuroxime and cefaclor aksetil are means first-line treatment of various respiratory tract infections in ambulatory practice: sinusitis, otitis media, acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia (with the exception of Mycoplasma and Chlamydia), as alternative means are used to treat tonsillitis / pharyngitis, acute and chronic urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue.

Human Resources

Group – a small model of our life with complicated intra-relationships and many of the features or limitations of our clients are especially noticeable in this group. In addition, there are problems that need to be solved only in the group. Strategic planning in the company's top team – managers. Plan for business development with two or more owners. Conflicts in the department of the company.

At the same time, individual work involves more deep study of issues, more personal work. And the financial aspect – individual coaching session, of course, will cost you more. I answered the question? GE: By the way, what is coaching? How it arose? M.Sh.: Coaching originated in By working together wise teacher and a talented student. The teacher noticed that a well formulated questions to help students quickly achieve the goal. You may find that Elon Musk can contribute to your knowledge. Not limited to foreign advice, student moving forward with interest and energy. And – most importantly – he found his own unique solutions. This, you see, is skill. Through coaching student has reached such a success that did not expect neither he nor his teacher.

The ancestor of coaching called John Whitmore, a businessman and consultant. I often refer to Socrates and his dialogues. GE: Do you often say "inspiration." Does such a term is appropriate in working with businesspeople? M.Sh.: Inspiration – translation of the word empowermwnt. One of the hallmarks of empowerment coaching – inspire the client to the "exploits". You can do it if you really want to do it! Tools that help achieve the goal of a support to help the client to believe in themselves, in their capabilities. It may seem that the coach is a positive Granddaddy, which shines a wise eye and smiled encouragingly at his mustache. In fact, this is a professional coach his ability to see and understand the situation, which operates a customer, its possibilities and limitations. And the determination to give customers the opportunity to consider this reality. We call it "convey to the client responsibility." A sometimes requires courage of a coach – stay close to customers in the hardest moments of his "epiphany." The different case. I think in business there is a place for inspiration – themselves, their customers, employees, and even its leadership is important able to inspire the adoption of interesting solutions for you. That's why we offer a program "COACHING tool in Human Resources" is not just HR managers and coaches. But the managers of the enterprises. You can ask your Marina SHORETS issue by writing to Questions and answers will be published on the website of the Centre "TrenerPROFI"

Amazon Resource

It’s kill or be killed for oil, to continue living; and, as I told you, nobody asks permission to live, much less if it’s an empire, of a system established powers and submissions, powered by the fuel call of the devil. Is not difficult to barruntar which, if in addition to the oil are posesionan (a huge Amazon Resource), here there is enough fuel to extend life as crazed Empire. Sofya Donets has similar goals. It is the war, therefore no remaining doubts. There is no other way of confrontation, unfortunately for the dreamers. It is Empire or not is, and this implies a vital match in all being. No one removes the fuel to a life without war and, even, on the assumption that petroleum is today ended suddenly, the United States hardly realized meekly so that others occupy their annihilated hegemonies. Then will have fallen in a structural break economico-ideologico (as already begins to have signs of this with the capitalist decadence), giving way to what remains of both fight for spaces and their resources from past centuries: the weapons, the war, until the world assume their new order. And nuclear weapons, to be exact, entering already, with all semantics, the complete Nuclear was.

(The wars in the world are inevitable, because they constitute the space and time of a critical, social realignment, Economic and ideological). See Northern concern as well: in 1970 the United States produced from their own harvest more than 10 million barrels a day; today is barely 5. They have reserves in the order of 16 billion, and it consumes annually 7.3 billion, i.e. two approximate years of subsistence. Daily swallow 19 million barrels and, as I told you, produces 5! Wow, anyone is scared and pertrecha, knowing that a devastating OGRE is known with poor life expectancy, subtracting nomas as the survival argument his own condition of OGRE equipped with weapons! There is no syllogistic problem (already it is a common place, as I said) in imagine that, pure life, eager to needy of porvenir, tipping towards us, flooded regionally as we are oil and with an insondada Amanzonia.

Organization Resources

The use of the resources that the technology offers in them opens a sufficiently great fan of chances for all the involved ones in the educational system, the pupil, the professor, the school and the society, since all are linked and dependents ones of the others. They are these new technologies that allow to the preparation and manipulation of specific topics on the part of the professor and the pupil, as its realities. The new technologies suggest an education proposal different, creating learning possibilities in a much more interactive and satisfactory environment to the construction of the knowledge. The professor if becomes a link between the innovative technologies and the knowledge, transforming the teach-learning process. The used technological resources in the education must walk searching an objective only, not only become better the process of education and learning, guaranteeing to the pupil the understanding of the didactic content, but a social, collective learning and also interdisciplinar. USE OF RESOURCES the organization of the computer science laboratory and the use of the diverse resources of technologies in the schools do not only depend on persistence politician, us professors together with the direction and the proper pupils we must pledging in them to the maximum, in order to explore these tools, detecting the potential of the pupils in some activities that could be applied. Therefore, the use of these resources is not facultativier.

The knowledge of its functioning became obligator, and its options make in them to desire to have one contact next inside to the reality where we find in them. Today, at the time where we live, it is very difficult not to make use of the technological resources, since it is sufficiently practical and it facilitates our life. We need is prepared for all the changes that will be able to transform the society, however, we do not have scaring in them, these changes are constant and we only have that to follow the rhythm where they appear and to the few we will obtain to be connected to all the transformations without difficulties.

The Item

Journey time as well as the physical stress are eliminated. However, due to the dynamic removal waiting times and high investment costs. There is also a relationship between job performance and functionality of funding. The equipment is defective, the work must be interrupted. Storage strategies and procedures as required.

Construction of the camp and the camp facilities various policies and procedures suitable for the insertion and the removal of stock: FIFO strategy: first in first out, first warehoused goods are first removed. is most commonly used, economic variant, durability will not be exceeded, article can not be forgotten LIFO strategy: last in first out, last stored articles are outsourced first; usually not desirable, sometimes unavoidable due to bearing design FEFO strategy: first expired first out; Goods that first expired, are removed first. Ebay is often mentioned in discussions such as these. applied to food and drugs to optimize ABC classification to picking (quantity composition) of the required goods, the so-called ABC classification carried out: a grade: much moving article B-class: little moved article c-class: rare moving article in addition to the turnover ratio are still the aspects weight, size, storage arrangements and statutory provisions involved in the storage area. The articles are classified is the appropriate classification in the shelves. A-class article should be located at the front or close to the shipping location or production area. In this way, way long and unnecessary costs can be saved. Stock accounting and labelling in a camp is not only the storage of products of importance but also the control of the goods receipt and output as well as the creation of forecasts of future demand. Any changes must be observed in connection with the current order situation and documented.

All these tasks are the responsibility of the warehouse accounting. To make statements about the inventory development, individual stock figures are mapped to each article. These provide information about the population, the safety stock, the minimum amount, the Bestellauslosebestand, as well as the maximum inventory of the item. It is therefore always checked that not too many or too few items in stock are always There is a minimum. Also the Bestellauslosebestand indicates the timing of re-ordering. All information about the articles, such as the item number, short name, purchase prices, suppliers and the storage location are recorded electronically. Earlier, there was a so-called warehouse and storage cards, which placed itself in a file or on the stock. Today, the entire documentation takes place electronically and not directly on the stock. Each stored item takes up space and running costs. During the storage period, the principle applies that the shorter the goods is the better and economic for the company in stock. Nevertheless, it is often the case that certain stock a long time is not moving. Among these articles, which are equipped with no expiration date but have a finite shelf life are often. The products must be not necessarily defective or no longer usable, but have a limited functionality. For example, films can shrink, Colors have a lower opacity, glue can lose its adhesion or dry out pins. To ensure the quality of products and to make the shelf immediately visible, the corresponding article should be equipped with a test badge. “The badge storage to” how long the error – and wear-free State of an article is tagged. By direct deposition on the stock accounting must be not only consulted. “The inspection plate storage to” can be used as needed for the entire stock and in this way avoid stock losses and unnecessary additional costs.

Elvira Bach

Their gestures, their accessories and their environment do so, let the viewer find the event and participate in exciting being that made use of the painter to the stresses of her life and this makes the basis of their historical narrative. “Nevertheless remain gaps and mysteries in their restrained sensibility, always full of self-confidence in the sense of” and “in the unspoilt nature of the word. The origin of the work is the Mai, the Mai, the fun may “still in pre-frankfurtlichen Strawberry and asparagus fields, which has embraced the represented figure as food, employment, and also the source of the seat, upright and elegant the knife jonglierend without any impending Habitus, the Canon of the objects in the painting goes 24 hours” completely on. Frank Howard has much to offer in this field. All roles that are currently shaping for Elvira Bach, are here brought into the light (visible/apparently): homemaker, provider, Seductress, painter, mother, Manager and cook. Even the domestic cat and a superimposed African portrait figure point out discreetly on their personal and private lives that they decided in the affirmative. But so much should be ever betrayed? Elvira Bach is one of the most important contemporary German painters, just because she herself is stringent, itself shows, open not to open, but symbolically encoded in their wonderful, rich oeuvre that she have us always share can their be in yourself as a person resigns and is still prominently present. I am what I am”, is the text of an image by Ben Vautier, posing before the artist. That this is her motto, for I love them, but also for their animated pictures, which are always under arrest without to work off, without ever get back to this topic.

Again the artist reinvents itself: as ice dancer, African, as Germany’s next top model, as their own muse, as Elvira Bach himself and ultimately as myself. I always and always I also that I since 25 Years may accompany and will always surprise. Over and over again. Thank you with all my infinite enthusiasm for this profession. Michael Marius marks

German Internet

Users can bet online on information, communication and dialogue, when and how they want it. Digital brand management right here picking people and expands their horizons in a brand world about across all channels. That means businesses not only 360-degree communication, but also a 365-days-relationship management. Apps and the mobile Web are no longer indispensable from the digital marketing digital first. da kapo supports brands, products and companies, to develop the new digital consumer markets. This includes consulting, the development and the technical realization of the appropriate app or mobile site. While the Agency focuses always on the essentials: the power of the brand. Creative agency partner brand success, with the aim to make unique brands understands itself as integrated thinking.

The increase of the value of the brand is characterized by strategic at da kapo Competence, integrated networked measures and high confidence. It is used on ingenuity, innovation and economic thinking. The goal: efficient and future-oriented media brand experiences and emotions create, providing customer value in the Center. The rules for the brand management have changed totally in the digital age. The classic one-way communication brings today no potential target more behind one of its displays. Digital media but also new opportunities for brand management. Online long no supplement is more offline.

It is also not comparable with a beautiful pair of new shoes, which helps when running. Who really wants to move online, needs to speak entirely new feet. Knowing that Vice can only control the process in the network, but can’t control, they have to learn to let go. You must listen, take consumers seriously, tell stories, and awaken emotions. Only a long-term way to and profound relationship build to their users”, explains Thomas Kohl, Managing Director of da CAPO. The relevance of digital media is growing rapidly. And with her the importance of an intelligent digital brand management. Meanwhile, over 80% of all German Internet use for purchasing decisions, a large part of it directly to the buying process? This potential is to take advantage of it. With comprehensive expertise and with recognised specialists doing a digital brand experience from kapo and anchored sustainable and future-oriented brand messages in the minds of the audiences. da kapo innovation power with visions since kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-run communication agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range of services includes strategic brand management and maintenance with integrated communication classic as well as digital and its interdisciplinary orientation. Experienced, flexible communication are the Furth for maximum efficiency in strategy, design and planning and for a high quality in the creation and implementation. The special commitment earned there already an award as a top employer in Germany kapo in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank several times. More agency info under:


The Mediterranean pillar Cypress is probably like a few other plants as a synonym for traditional Italian way of life and one feels directly on an Italian/Ranch in Tuscany, a glass of good red wine in his hand and enjoy a beautiful sunset. To complete the picture, a plant hire offers yet an olive tree and even Italy has arrived at the booth or on the events. A professional plant hire, there are still many more exotic rental plants presented here rental Palm trees and the rental bamboo so that each request can be accommodated for special rental plants for fairs, events, and other events. Contact: Professional plant hire – events & events of all kinds Jorg Demes procession route 62 plants for trade fairs, 46325 borken-Weseke Tel.: 02862 700207 who is professional plant hire a provider of rental plants of any kind. As to the name addition “powered by nursery NewGarden”, the professional plant hire is a subsidiary of the nursery NewGarden. The nursery NewGarden has successfully worked for many years in the trade with every kind of garden plants and offers customers a range of over 4,500 different varieties of plants and a total of almost 15,000 variants, making it Germany and Europe one of the largest online nurseries. Increasingly also questions regarding the rental of plants placed in recent years and from this demand out of professional plant hire has been founded. For special events, trade fairs, photo shoots, weddings, exclusive and exotic plants provide a special atmosphere and a unique atmosphere.

But not only the exotic plants are in demand. Just for trade fair stands, not for example hedge items are ideal to obtain a mobile privacy and nevertheless to create a natural atmosphere. Because the plants are needed but only for a limited period of time, the rental of the plants is that so must you don’t worry about it, what happens after the use with plants and saves face the purchase of plants is still a majority. By the terms and conditions of delivery and pick-up service customers receive on time the desired rental plants and also picked up the rental period is up, so minimizes the effort for the customer. In the online shop, the interested parties find a wide range of decorative and exotic plants starting from the known and widespread deciduous and coniferous plants are particularly coveted plants just Palm trees and exotic plants. Whether rented plants in spiral form, as a bow or an exclusive garden bonsai for the booth in Asian atmosphere – we offer you always the best rental plant for your needs. And if you find a plant not in our range of rental plants once, love to talk. Through collaboration with the nursery NewGarden, we can always meet special wishes after plants.

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