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Managing Director

New study with current results and an interview with Ingmar P. Brunken Bonn, 18.3.2013. Then go where the customers are!”for insurance companies, this principle of successful selling is often still utopia. For some 25 million Germans are active alone on Facebook – but there really are very few insurance companies. “That shows a new study of the Bonn consultancy Brunken consulting: compared to the pioneers, too few customers like click me” and too few customers to communicate or to the recommendation can be activated. The activation of the customer base as advertising and viral marketing keyword multiplier is”one of the most effective and at the same time efficient engines for sales success. With the Central study results and an interview of the Managing Director of Brunken consulting, Ingmar P. Brunken.

Only a few deals are so well suited for the online direct marketing such as insurance. After all, the entire process until the payment of the premiums seamless wireless “possible. Therefore is it surprising that it succeeded so far only a few providers, customers and prospects via social media to reach, as in a recent market study by the Bonn business consulting Brunken consulting came out really. Of such frequencies such as LIDL, Zalando or Starbucks, the insurers are far away. Only the Alliance Germany creates the leap into the six-figure range. The direct insurance subsidiary Allsecur – whose Umsatz was capped in the year 2010 by stock reverse transcription creates not only an outstanding third place for their sales class.

She is also the only one of the examined 37 insurance provider, which creates more than 100 Facebook likes per EUR 1 million sales. Starbucks creates over 4000. A further interesting result: The broker Portal would succeed also in the top 10 and would have after Allsecur square 2 in the turnover-dependent ranking with 85 likes per EUR 1 million sales.

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