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The Poor

If your salary is small, with taxes will be even lower. Instead, the quadrants with the best tax shelters are the investor and a business owner. This is due to that the Government usually offer better tax shelters to employers for creating jobs, and investors by returning the money to the economy. Furthermore, not only can deduct taxes by investing in shares, mutual funds, bonds, etc., but also, get an income from such investments.Shelters are also offered prosecutors who invest in real estate or in oil, housing and energy are necessary in any country. Financial intelligence is knowing earn money and pay less tax money the rich build assets that they put money in their pockets, while the poor spend in liabilities representing only an output of money.

In other words, the rich earn residual income from their investments in a multilevel, yields of bonds, dividends from shares, rents a House, etc., or create value in an asset who bought cheaper to make a significant profit to sell it. And on the other hand, the poor wasting your money in goods that represent higher costs in the future, or who lose their value quickly, for example, in a car, because just after removing it from the Agency already okay cheaper, or on a new computer that will soon be old, since the technology is advancing so fast that new computers replace the less new. Invest to gain the rich enjoy what they do while the poor believe that investing is matter of life and death, because it frightens them to lose money. Why end up investing not to lose, rather than investing to win. In other words, the poor are seeking safety in their investments, job security and spend as less as possible, meanwhile, the rich know what investing, what to spend, and enjoy it. Invest time in your education allows them to reduce the risk in their investments and thus, have all the win. Don’t worry about spending as little as possible, they invest in assets that increase their revenues. The rules currently who has money makes the rules.

Put another way; the rich make the rules, being the poor of less weight in decisions of the Government, it is for this reason that the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. Be persistent and stubborn attitude is a characteristic of the rich. The majority fails because it surrenders too soon. If never heard the story of the soft drink 7UP, I count the following: A person who drinks, liked wanted to make business with a product called 3UP, but unfortunately failed. As he liked so much your idea returned to try calling him now 4UP, but also failed. Not it gave up and tried again putting 5UP, however, it was also unsuccessful. He returned to do so but now putting all the commitment and effort to their soda 6UP. He failed for the fourth time and gave up. After a time, someone released a soft drink called 7UP which was a great success. Interestingly, the message that conveys this story;never give up, each defeat increases the chances of success of your next attempt. CONCLUSION if you got to this point in this article, I assume that you are interested in becoming a person financially free, so I can only ask you, are you doing what is necessary to fulfill this dream?, do you need change? takes action!

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