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Tax Consultancy Work

The professional firm Jimenez Chacon y Hernandez Paez advisors main aims the comprehensive tax advice for its customers. This Cabinet’s work is comprised of a staff specialized in the matter, which shall entitle the interested party an support viable when carrying out business or personal decisions. To come to an end and understand the needs of the contractor, this study takes as a starting point the excellent communication with the customer. In addition, designs each advice or work tailored to the specific demands, with the appropriate instruments, since the more standardized to the more specific and unique. Also, he is responsible for the care and detail all phases, determining exactly the goal and the treatment of information. Granting operating deductions, developing solutions that work together to say and keeping professional secrecy regarding information and results.

Jimenez Chacon and Hernandez Paez advisers working within the framework of the law. Intends to carry out its work with clarity, and by above all, with an easy assimilation of contents by the contractor. As a general rule, this Cabinet does not work if you don’t get a provision of funds, this will not have value, when running a common agreement enabling you to follow with another practice. Information and tax advice of this study allows people to form an idea of Spanish tax law. Understand the issues and know that the steps being taken to resolve them are indicated. For more information you can approach its three offices located in Spain. One in the city of Malaga (Avenue of the Americas # 9, block 2, 2B), another in Marbella (Avenida Ricardo Soriano No. 66, 4 (b) and the last in Madrid (Puentelarra No.7, local 1 and 2), via mail Interaudit Spain or, through its web site.) Your questions will be answered in a way instantly, achieving peace of mind and soothing all your concerns.

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