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Regarding the divinatory Arts in these times, fortunately there is a curiosity and therefore an approach of respect and admiration for the best tarot readers. This understanding and approach to the world of clairvoyance and tarot can avoid many mistakes in people who, either by the pace of life that is usually carry, either for fear of making decisions, sometimes usually raise the doubt of where we’re going and if successful or not what a priori we do, and that decision making unsafe there is no doubt that fatally affect the future of life of many people. In these situations of doubt, tarot and clairvoyance are excellent knowledgeable of the paths of human beings. You know its complexity and its crossroads, its delicacy and its shortcuts. It is imperative to choose with security, to verify that us you’re talking from the disclosure of the essential facts, the adventures, sorrows, hopes, illusions which arouse us various things of our lives, from birth to the dawn of our days. Tarot and clairvoyance from the most absolute of responsibilities, will lead us to feel that life gives us everything, but can also snatch us. The tarot is a lovely world that galloping events that arise from our own destiny involved in opening up to the world that we live, trying not to break the charm, making that they transcend the limits of who, are sceptical by the density of its contents and the high spirit of altruism that since ancient times people equipped with come doing for first caressing the Tarot cards, and then transmitting their messages with the sole purpose of making an accurate and happy stay of our human experience.


The appropriation of the land that already was territory of the native people, added to the African dispora more transference of the cut of Portugal for here, is factors that determine the substratum of the territorializao of the Brazilian nation. Here it fits to call attention for the concepts territory, that if they form from the abstraction of the space for the social groups that in it cohabit. Soon, ' ' this concept is impossible to be formulated without the resource of a social group that occupies and explores that space, the territory (…) inexisting while reality only natural' '. (Moraes, 2008, P. 45). Milton Saints (2008) locates the paper of the domestic territory as reflected of the international economy.

Ahead of this affirmation, it is possible to raise that one of the factors, perhaps most prominent of them in the Brazilian territorializao, happens in such a way of the settling process, as of the internalizao of this process. The same author it warns for the fact of that, in the engessamento of the scientific formation, where if it clearly becomes the sprouting of the scholars assuming the paper of the intellectuals, an inquiry pautada in the mechanics determined for the historical process meets. Which subverte the analysis of the formation of the domestic territory with all the gradient of possibilities that generates the permanent transformation of this space. In this direction, also alert Moraes for the fact of that in the field of the inquiry: ' ' The local colonial documentation was not chore in the optics of the history of the geographic thought brasileiro.' ' (MORAES, 2008, p.15). Such affirmation is a proposal so that Geography? as well as too much sciences human beings? she strengthens inside of the diverse metodolgicas perspectives of analysis of objects, comments on the formation of a Brazilian territory that if consubstanciou inside of the legitimated civilizatrio process for Europe, which if it guides from the expansion necessity, as much of its territory how much of its set of material and incorporeal behaviors. .

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