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Collaboration Agreement

Kawasaki Motors Europe and Assor Spain, leading European mediator in the design, management and distribution of insurance for motorists, decided to sign a collaboration agreement in order to expand the offer of services to the clients of both companies. As the Department of public relations of Kawasaki says: pleased to inform that our desire to offer the best service to our clients we have recently signed an agreement with Tatar insurance, company’s proven reputation within the world of insurance, to offer insurance at very competitive prices to our customers. Kawasaki, can now offer different modalities of insurance for motorcycles that Tatar distributes (insurance to third parties, insurance to third parties with theft and insurance all risk) and optionally will also allow the hiring of additional coverages that include: assistance in road, hull insurance, insurance against breakage of headlight and insurance for accessories. Kawasaki clients, they may also enjoy the additional services offered by Tatar such as flexibility when it comes to formalize the policy payments, allowing to make such payments of annual either fractional way in two semi-annual payments. Tatar communicates in turn, as such an agreement will result beneficially in its Spanish network of participating dealers.

About Tatar insurance group TATAR is a French insurance broker, specializing in the creation and management of products aimed at individuals and distributed exclusively through customized networks. TATAR sells insurance products, both with its own name brand, mainly in the sectors of automobile, motorcycles and real estate. Such products are mainly distributed by car dealers, dealers of motorcycles, banking networks, specialized distribution groups, administrators of goods, mediators and Internet..


General, basic considerations Venezuela must not only follow depending on oil revenues which provides inputs, capable of supplying their economic income and guarantee a stability that guarantees to the country, in order to not to be subordinated to him, especially, for the dangers it holds, once it glimpse for example, low prices, demand and appreciate how it contributes significantly to its economy. It should the current Government, give way to other consistent entries, for example, the exploitation of tourism that leaves much to say of the national Government, to not pay attention, to support projects that guarantee an exploitation of this source which could provide you, knowing are you manage, take advantage of many economic benefits to the country as also employment and income to the different regions, States, featuring wonderful tourist riches who should know him. In the present has been born-again interest in leveraging the marketing of the Tilapia and to do so as stated in, some businessmen of the country proposes boosting domestic production of Tilapia, in the context of a government program aimed at ensuring food security and diversify the supply of nutrients. It should be noted, as indicated by wikipedia, the tilapia are fish of African origin which is found mostly in tropical regions of the world, where the conditions are favourable for their reproduction and growth. Their varieties among the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) and Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus). Their extraordinary qualities, such as accelerated growth, tolerance to high densities, adaptation to captivity, acceptance of a wide range of foods, resistance to disease, white meat of quality and wide acceptance, have attracted great commercial interest in global aquaculture. Venezuela is a warm water fish, which lives both in fresh and salt water and even can adapt to waters shortly oxygenated. It is naturally distributed by Central America, South of the Caribbean, South America and Southeast Asia.

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