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Yahoo Marketing

Then do choose the marketing of? articles as a tactic to follow? Here are 7 reasons: 1. is very simple. People like to buy or join the best within an area. Writing and an effective articles marketing can help you to position yourself as expert @ in your field. 2. As an extension of the first point, i.e.

to have a position of expert in your area, services or products, have more chance of people join your network or if you sell any product or provide any service, you can increase your fees and/or charge more for your products. 3. If your articles are good and properly distributed, you can cause a viral marketing, since your articles could be in many specialized directories within internet along with some reference to your Personal site. 4. A large part of marketing on the Internet has to do with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, so it is important to play his game. In other words, search engines love content in the form of articles. As Carlos Villa left embodied in a comment on my Blog saying that though we must recognize the importance of Marketing with Videos, Internet seeks the written information. 5.

All we want to be and feel well informed through the Marketing with articles will help you make better decisions. Your articles can serve as initial source of information for people who do read. And what better sponsor or buy the products of the person who opened the door to knowledge? 6. Your items can be reused in a variety of ways, for example: ==> can be the content of your newsletter or another person; ==> Is used as free gifts to the prospects and customers, in seminars, conferences, etc.; ==> Is used to cause a topic of discussion in a forum or a blog; ==> You can combine items and create an electronic book that can be sold or given away in exchange for contact information; ==> You can be the basis for a conference or a seminar. ==> And we can continue and continue and continue. 7. The Items when they are distributed properly are a great way of staying in touch with customers and prospects. Studies have shown that on average it takes around 7 contacts until a person purchasing a product or join a business opportunity, then why not use items such as some of those contacts? This will help to continually improve the perception of your prospectus upon thee, and confirm that you are a person that always adds value. We live in an age where information is King. We all know something that others would be interested in knowing. Share your knowledge and you dibujaras the prospect your prospects have about yourself, you will also begin to attract people to you like a magnet.


With this article only want to talk about and list some important details that while has to do more with the person, their motivations, objectives, vision… It is in the long run that will take you to a happy term your business and by extension your own life. Do a lot of people spends his life wanting to achieve something and that intension in a percent very high people only becomes a dream, a frustraciono a regret that? what you ask ourselves every day and even the answer to the why? also postpone to tomorrow and when time passes we can only the bad taste have not even addressed. We are filled with homework, usually involving other people, before being able to know that we want for our own lives, which are our prioriodades and needs. One day, when we react, there are in any place, a place where even many times, we feel agenos and strangers and sentenciandonos as long as we will not recover. Happens that the power of action is inhibited by almost everything your around and only sharp focus action on your goals will take you to the fulfillment of the steps that you may be on the way that you want.

Is why the word action will have to become in the more important to mind when it comes to creating a business and your vocabulary. So I think that the first steps to a successful business begins in determine where we want to go, when and as. Step number 1: will be set targets. Write and your vision, you and mission somewhere visible and that you can read every day you wake up already the bedtime. Know the that you focus your goal and therefore you guide by best way. Step # 2: create a real and concrete plan of what you want and in that time.

This plan will have as a basis the business vision you want to achieve, how to achieve it, that want to win and finally the real term of your plan. How to create this business plan: by this I mean to literally make a written business plan and to include your mission and objectives in the short and long term. Step # 3: don’t go back drafts. UNETE to those who already have proven success, the techniques of market change overnight to the tomorrow because of the unstoppable technological development, so the more intelligent is search already has a business end to whom or who has a training system that allows you to keep abreast of and achieve that your business also the East.

The Goods

Give him time to look around. Say: "Come and feel at home, and if you have any questions – I am always ready to help!" Thus, the seller takes nenazoylivy interest to the client, and if the buyer is something like in this store, then odds are that he will address it to the seller, who met him. "RS: I guess every vendor has ever had to deal with inappropriate behavior the clients. How best to behave, if the customer arranges a scandal? EK: Of course, if you cry, do not cry in response. But not the best way here – to tremble with fear and excuses or try to reassure the customer – Thus you will surely achieve even more powerful explosion of indignation, because you'll be with him in different emotional parallels. Just listen to him and do not interrupt, let him give vent to their frustration.

Better all will encourage him to continue the conversation. Use words such as "and " "Then what happened?" So, you know, what is his problem. It is important to feel the mood of the buyer and adapt to him. For example, since he raised voice pronounces to you: "What a disgrace, I again did not deliver the goods on time!" And you do it confidently, with the same facial expression and tone of the same answer: "I agree with you, our service delivery worked badly, I personally will deal with your situation and punish the guilty! Be sure to continue delivery of the goods for you will be under special control! "Client feels that you share his indignation and seeks to help fix the problem, and his enthusiasm immediately subside, and then you can continue to communicate with them without unnecessary emotions.

Car Rentals

This service is like renting cars in our country is not new, all firms that specialize in such services, using international standards in the provision of car rental. All car rental companies have a fairly large fleet of passenger cars and vans. Machines will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding customer. The machine can be leased in its own right, and with services professional driver. The latter enjoys an even greater demand, because In this case there is no need to independently monitor the road, traffic lights and traffic police officers, all this will take the truck driver, taken in lease. Before how to take advantage of such services, read what reviewers write clients on transportation company in which you want to rent a car. It is desirable to peruse the Internet – where you find a sufficient number of reviews that are and will be grounds for you to choose or refuse the services of a company.

If you do not want to take a car rental with driver, if gathered to relax with his family at nature, can take the car in the long-term lease and get behind the wheel themselves. Machine in this case is at your disposal for the necessary period of time. All cars in the company goes to on time, technical service at the time of car rental and damage insurance. In that case, if you are the head of a company, car rentals, too, can be a great outlet. You will not need to contain its park cars, serve them and pay the salaries of drivers. Easier and cheaper to the extent necessary to take cars on rent and not worry about that, if the car breaks down in the road, will need to withdraw from circulation sufficiently large amounts for its repair.

National Talent Hunt

In the first part of this article, we talked about: – the importance of talented professionals, in particular – of managers for the company's success – the importance of an attractive brand, as a good place to work – the importance of recruiters "New wave" (both internal and external) in the next war for talent. Today we'll touch on some features of the search for the "stars" as they look for and how to check? 4. How do I search most effective way of finding qualified candidates – with the help of recommendations rather than a collection of potential candidates gathered on the Internet. Standing candidates can still be found if customers ask for recommendations. We always ask our customers tell us about those who comes on the heels of them. In fact, competition spills over into the war for talent, m, ideally you need to hire the best employee of your competitor. In love, war, and in recruiting – all means good (or almost all). Ask your client some simple questions and you will reduce many hours of searching: Do you have friends in your industry who may be potential applicants for the job? Do you have friends who can act as referees? Do you have the latest list of participants of seminars or conferences, where you been? Where do your employees before they come into your company? It is also important to ask the client or hiring manager about the people they know, but who were not yet of interest to them.

The Car Of The Future

The iCar could become the first car of Steve Jobs. This prototype fruit of a joint venture between Volkswagen and Apple did not become a reality, but his ideas continued with its own life here have as the first car of Apple, the car of the future could the iCar, referred to by some as the first car of Steve Jobs, was born in 2007 fruit of the collaboration of the Volkswagen – automobile – and Apple – technological – giants. With a modern image of clean lines, never it failed to become a reality. However, and as recently confirmed Mickey Drexler, Member of the Board of Directors of Apple, Jobs had among their projects develop a car true to the design of the Apple company. Look at the automotive industry, is a tragedy in the United States who are designing cars?, asked the American Executive, before confirming that the dream of Steve (Jobs) before dying was to design an iCar. However, Drexler has indicated that the deceased Jobs did not have time to make this project which, in his view, of having become a reality had cornered probably 50 percent of the automotive market.

Despite its non-release, the iCar drew up some ideas that they continue to own life towards the future in particular, our gaze is transported to the year 2015. Close your eyes and come with me. This is the aspect that might have the iCar of Apple and Volkswagen. A different project which, unfortunately, did not reach fruition and could never be converted in one of the cars of Steve Jobs who both spoke.

The Public Administration

To follow, it is looked to delimit the space of understanding concerning the object so that it does not have distanciamento of the question proposal. Many are the definitions for the word administration. Vocbulo encloses the superior activity in such a way to plan, to direct, to command, as the subordinated activity to execute. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.53). Administration can itself be appraised as the process or dynamic activity that consists of taking decision on objectives and resources. The process to manage is inherent to any situation that has people using resources to reach some type of objective.

The last purpose of the process to manage is to guarantee the accomplishment of objectives by means of application of the resource. (Maximiano, 2000, P. 54) To if defining Public Administration, it is needed to inside classify the expression of the existing directions, the objective and subjective material and the formal one. In ample direction: The Public Administration, subjectively considered, in such a way understands the governmental bodies, supreme, constitutional (Government), which incube to trace the action plans, to direct, to command, as well as the administrative agencies, subordinate, dependents (Public Administration, in strict direction), which incube to execute the governmental plans; still in ample direction, however objective considered, the Public Administration understands the function politics, that traces the governmental lines of direction and the administrative function, executes that them. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.54). The definition for Public Administration in strict direction understands, under subjective aspect, only the administrative agencies, and under the aspect objective, only the administrative function, excluded, in the first case, governmental bodies e, in as, the function politics. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.54) It is necessary to distinguish the functions from the State. The functions are: legislative, judiciary and executive. Predominantly, each Power exerts one of these functions. It is needed to focar, however, in the executive power that is, in last analysis, the proper administrative function of the State.


But their citizens sail in the limb of the moral decomposition If they have forgotten in confusion the first principles social and human growth, printings originally in the company/signature, and happens the species of which the State is over them with comfort (the unique State that morally is below their citizens are the fallen one); then there will be no single projected shades more, without aspiration to the ideal elevated one. Any CONATO that by social nature a State undertakes in positive sense will be destined to the failure, because it will appear the Christian metaphor to preach on rocks or the bolivariana of sandarac tree in the sea. One will score towards you bring back to consciousness petrified or pulled back that will not bid up by the childbirth of the revolutionary idea or eugenic moral, given his intellectual incapacity. On the citizen moral quality it will depend the projection of principles and executive of the State, besides his existence. By them it is that the expression fits here of which the towns have the deserved governments (good or bad), that not to the inverse one (in idea, the S-state a morally elevated elaboration, at least from the informed point of view).

A demoralized society will never have the arrest of not being translated in the inoperancia of a State. Devoid of lights as it is, orphaned of rational tools to exert the critic and to make petitionary of positive changes, on the contrary will touch to the State with the contagion, the chaos and the political decomposition. An informed humanity is guarantee of itself, of advance in the civic gradation. If a State is fed in its leadership of the pool where deed, is not the time much that will happen so that, like the citizen, it also forgets the high principles the company/signature of the contract.

Fortalecer State

The Brazilian president allowed itself to challenge to Strap and he complained which the agent chief executives have appealed to " retrica" instead of to make decisions that would have allowed to conclude before with more concrete results. By then Peruvian president Alan Garci’a and the Uruguayan Tabar Vzquez already had retired of the room. Like it little review commitment of which the chancellors meet in September to continue speaking of the subject and the study of the impact of the presence of the United States in the region on the part of the Defense council of UNASUR is the unique thing that removed in clean from the meeting. Of the coup d’etat in Honduras and the flood to be able of its government de facto was not obtained anything more than a sentence. As if more they were almost worried about the official photo strictly speaking that reason why their chancellors were writing up as conclusion of the encounter, the presidents went to the patio of the hotel Llao smiling Llao and they removed the photo.

The certain thing like After seven hours of debate, it informed agency DPA, the reunited Chiefs of State in Bariloche (South of Argentina), within the framework of the Unasur, managed an arduous consensus to approve the document final. Final document: 1. Fortalecer to South America like zone of peace, jeopardizing to us to establish a mechanism of mutual confidence in the matter of defense and security, being maintained our decision to abstain us to resort to the threat or the use of the force against the territorial integrity of another State of the Unasur. 2. To reaffirm our commitment to fortify the fight and the cooperation against the terrorism and the transnational delinquency organized and its connected crimes: the drug trafficking, the traffic of small and light arms, as well as the rejection to the presence or action of groups armed besides the law.

Integrated Management

The Opel plant in danger at that time, there was talk of sale to Fiat, and had to find solutions. Lopez de Arriortua negotiated with all providers, and managed for the first time in the history of company to lower prices related to the previous year, proposing to help suppliers improve their processes to reduce costs, and getting it. Cutting the Corsa is the famous story of cutting the Corsa. Arriortua sought to verify what was spent that 80% of the cost of materials, and how it could be lowered. To this end, they rented a Renault 5, Ford Fiesta, a Citroen, a Fiat, a Volkswagen, a Toyota, a Seat and two Corsican. The put together and the cut, joining with hoods hoods, seats with seats, and so on.

Once prepared this "exposure", invited employees to make suggestions for saving or improving your car compared with the competition. In a week gathered 25 000 suggestions, which they sent to Germany. They were rejected by the Department of Engineering, but Lee did not surrender, and drawing a visit from Jack Smith, vice president of GM Europe, taught her the sample and fifty of the proposals, together with the calculation of savings was estimated. Two weeks later, 80% of the proposals were approved. Jack Smith himself took it as a purchasing manager at the plant of Opel in Germany, and there he progressed up to the position of Vice President in charge of the shopping area, but not only from Opel, but General Motors Europe. When Jack Smith named president of GM worldwide, Arriortua Lopez offered the post of vice president in charge of all purchases of the group. So Arriortua Ignacio Lopez, who early in his career path would not move just a few miles, went from Germany to the GM headquarters in Detroit. At that time, we're talking 1993, so the current situation of General Motors has a long history – the company lost billions of dollars a year, while European sales, which came from Jack Smith and Ignacio Lopez, contributed benefits.

Once there, Lopez found "a company defeated, demoralized, without hope. This was chaos. It seemed that the company was already scrapping, sad offices and people in the doldrums. " After a season in which he reproduced his successful methods in Detroit, his brilliant career was cut short, as he himself told, because the project was to assemble a car factory in his hometown, Amorebieta, and had already fully under way, was GM changed that decided to locate the factory in Poland. Lee saw it as a betrayal and lost confidence in the company. On the other hand, received an offer from Volkswagen which also would be the number two of the company, and charged six times more than GM. Upon learning of his intentions, the president of General Motors, Jack Smith, made a counteroffer, equally the fees and asked forgiveness for what happened in front of a hundred other executives. Lee promised to think about it, and what his family said. At first he decided to stay, but then indicated that he should sign a contract with a commitment spent in the company of five years. At that time, decided his permanent departure from VW, and that began with accusations of espionage by two directors of General Motors. The two auto giants finally reached an agreement-which included the resignation of Lopez de Arriortua in Volkswagen to a long-anticipated trial and cost-billionaire. He currently heads, a consulting firm specializing in integrated management of purchasing and logistics, industrial organization and people management.

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