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Economic Management

With skillful economic management are virtually free of meat, because all pays off and makes a profit skin. And it is magnificent – the villi do not fall out even after 20 years of socks, the real experts she quoted no less than the skins fox, mink. She eats a rabbit in his short life at all little, if we compare this figure with retro (normal) rabbits, then nine times less! As a rule, sacrificed rabbits at 4 months, at the same time they reach puberty. They feed on rabbits 80-90 times a day, drink plenty of water and eat conventional food. Additional information at Frank Ntilikina supports this article. Litter sukrolnoy cancer is 8-15 rabbits per lambing. A pair of rabbits can theoretically result in the light of day offspring of its kind and a half years to a thousand heads.

With regard to commercial parameters of the topic, they are: maintenance of rabbits in the same farm – half an hour a week. At the same time to the farm this week are suitable only once. Hence – the low complexity of the process of care. Invested capital grows exponentially, as do rabbits. The entrepreneur can not just return the money invested in the business, but also earn more. And just at first calving of the uterus! Where ever heard in today's time when the profitability of the business can exceed 200% and 100 and, well, 800% and even more so! In this business there are various scenarios of economic activity, and you can work on filling of a niche market, where, incidentally, akseleratov still will not meet.

Restaurant, experienced in their own meat akselerata – client entrepreneur to the end of time! The world has agricultural invention. Citizens, including children, pensioners, disabled people – if not jobs, the way a healthy, cheap meals, dressing and opportunities podzarabotkov. AI as it is not only for the village, they can take advantage of any enterprising person and gain a decent income. Orders to take advantage of this time, because the market is waiting for akseleratov! Important in breeding akseleratov is maintaining the technology, the content of rabbits in the special units made by technology Mikhailov. More detailed information on this topic can available at:

Your Salary

– Why go to the previous work. Not satisfied with the salary. If possible, do not call a number, or slightly zavyste it, eventually you have full right to sell themselves dearly. Perhaps, in the same place of work in spite of all your services you have been so undistinguished salary, that the mere mention of it may undermine any confidence in you as an expert. Not had the opportunity for career advancement. This should be mentioned, even if you're not going to make any career.

Typically, passive and lacking in ambition employees are not very interesting to employers. – You know how if you work in the team. Of course, yes. But let them know that you can see very well the difference between mutual and 'work for the guy. " – What skills you possess other than those mentioned in the summary.

It is worth to tell roughly the same as what is written in summary, only in more detail. Tell me that you have not only expertise, but also professional flair. But do not paint your skills that will not come within the scope of your professional activities, otherwise you can pile on the work that would not be part of your duties. – Your attitude to travel. Within reasonable limits for a reasonable fee. May ask whether you have a family and how to trips will include the second half. It is necessary to try to find out once their frequency and duration and is for myself to decide such suits you schedule trips or not. In the end, and then on probation to determine not only the employee aptitude, but also correspondence of his expectations. – Psychologists from HR departments sometimes like to dig on the theme of family relationships, especially if sosiskatel divorced. You have every right say that this does not apply to the subject of the interview. You do not have to turn inside out. But here too much aggression to anything – you do want to make a good impression. Be confident and friendly. Remember that even an unsuccessful job interview – is a valuable experience, which ultimately will prove useful.

National Talent Hunt

In the first part of this article, we talked about: – the importance of talented professionals, in particular – of managers for the company's success – the importance of an attractive brand, as a good place to work – the importance of recruiters "New wave" (both internal and external) in the next war for talent. Today we'll touch on some features of the search for the "stars" as they look for and how to check? 4. How do I search most effective way of finding qualified candidates – with the help of recommendations rather than a collection of potential candidates gathered on the Internet. Standing candidates can still be found if customers ask for recommendations. We always ask our customers tell us about those who comes on the heels of them. In fact, competition spills over into the war for talent, m, ideally you need to hire the best employee of your competitor. In love, war, and in recruiting – all means good (or almost all). Ask your client some simple questions and you will reduce many hours of searching: Do you have friends in your industry who may be potential applicants for the job? Do you have friends who can act as referees? Do you have the latest list of participants of seminars or conferences, where you been? Where do your employees before they come into your company? It is also important to ask the client or hiring manager about the people they know, but who were not yet of interest to them.

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