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Report Biology

Right of the Embryos Below will be cited some consideraes on the Report of Warnock leaving well clearly that it will be used in the field of the right, where if becomes relative the fact of what or who if it deals with. We will initiate for the rights of the embryos. We will raise colon: biology and the ethics. According to biology, the beginning of the life if of the one at the moment of the conception of a life and has right if to develop and to arrive tie the day of birth. But the ethical quarrels if use of several other principles based on proper biology. The perception of that the embryo is a specific and very complex objective in the ones of a possibility to justify this definition: ' ' one of the control points in the development of the individual is the formation of the canal prematuro' '. Most of the specialists after points out it for return of 15 day the fecundao.

This mark the beginning of the individual development of the embryo. The choice of this limit is compatible with the opinion of that they privilege the end of the formation phase as limit (REPORT of WARNOCK P. 104, cited for MOREIRA, 2002, p.346). As if it could speak in right of somebody or of something or even though of some thing that is only considered life from 14 day or 15 day after its initiation – or 40 days for others – or even though when only has its formed central nervous system? (Report of Warnock, p.104 cited by MOREIRA, 2002, p.346). Independent of this, as much of biological point of view as ethical, the fact can be placed of the following form: the spermatozoon, endowed with its proper metabolism, contains the genetic information proceeding from the father, while the ovcito, also carrying of proper metabolism, possesss the genetic information of the mother.

Hazte Obstacles

Your beliefs are controlling your destiny! If you feel suspended in the life, is possible that unconsciously you have beliefs obstacles that they are controlling to you. Although consciously it wants to achieve the success, unconsciously car-you are sabotaging yourself. I almost can listen saying to you: " Okey Edward, what I can do? " That good that you asked. first he is. STEP #1) Identifies Your Beliefs conscious Hazte Obstacles of them. Many of us we lived our lives like robots without knowing what it is happening in our minds and what it sabotages to us.

Which are the beliefs that they have to you suspended in your race, business, health, etc.? It takes minutes and it writes all the beliefs that they are preventing you to make important changes in your life. For this, it uses your newspaper of success. You have one truth? STEP #2) Defies Your beliefs obstacles If you are like the majority of people, is possible that you confuse your beliefs (maps) with the reality of that you are, you analyze but them deeply you noticed that for a long time you have accepted erroneous ideas that there are been limiting your potential and your greatness. The map is not the territory. Imagnate, on the one hand you want to achieve the success, but on the other side you have beliefs like: " The life is dura" " The money is the source of all the males" " The rich ones do not have sentimientos" " He is spiritual to be pobre" " I do not have luck, will not give trabajo&quot me; No it is a mystery that exists so many people who feel frustrated, striving as much to advance in their lives, being followed " rules of juego" and they are losing the great game of the life, because, like marionettes, they are being manipulated with threads of his mental maps.

Franois Chesnais

They are a direct consequential of the continuous quotation and the superabundance of liquidity. Frdric Lordon (21), in a language slightly complicated for the common one of the mortals, its explanation on the above-named phenomenon, saying that ‘ ‘ the bubble is thus the symptomatic expression of the contradiction enters financial valuation demanded and possible economic valuation, the extreme financial growth that the divergence between asked for financial yield fills and objective capacities of yield of the underlying economic assets. We think that arcabouo theoretician who supports our hypothesis, mentioned above, of that the Modern Form of the Capital Money is artificial formation of prices is the walrassiano general balance.

Such equation considers an explicit expression of the prices that depends only on three categories of largenesses, the AVAILABLE valley to say, RESOURCES, the technology and the gostos of the consumers. However, as we saw, in the section ‘ ‘ The alchemy of the centralization financeira’ ‘ , Franois Chesnais (10), when commenting the book Le woollen Pouvoir Finance, of authorship of Andres Orlan, indicated one in the ways by which this alchemy of the financial centralization is carried through. The autonomy of that the finance enjoys on this plan (of form necessarily passenger) it rests on the internal mechanisms of evaluation of the prices of the proper headings to the financial markets. These mechanisms, that are endogenous to the liquidity, have as effect to increase the nominal value of the assets or credits in virtue of the only will of the market, without any relation with the true state of the pointers ‘ ‘ fundamentais’ ‘. Franois Chesnais (12) in offers a synthesis to them of these mechanisms, mentioned above, when commenting the Fonds book of pension, pige to cons? Woollen Mirage dmocratie actionnariale, of Frdric Lordon: The markets ‘ lquidos’ they assume the meeting of many important conditions.

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