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The Range

We can interpret any situation in different ways so that by opening the range of different possibilities, we can choose one that best suits us and predispose us to do what it takes to get the results we want in our lives. When we say we can not say how things are, do not say that we are denying. What we say is that are there, but we can not separate the observer of what we observe. I'm going to explain with an example. If we look at a picture: I found it: the figure (for example, two circles). The observation is: a fried egg, a sombrero, a dish … etc.

(Different comments!) From this principle and assuming that you can interpret things in different ways, I want to show the personal power you can get from this. The language that we speak and think, allows us to "tell stories" different and each has a different scope and if we consider the spaces of action available to us from them. For example, the person who tells the story "of a frustrated life, impotence and constant victim of circumstances thinking" These things happen only to me, is so difficult to change … " . What space can be found in this interpretation? I leave you the answers. If this person decides to "tell a different story" might instead choose another interpretation and think for example: "I passed through difficult times and have suffered a lot, yes, but I want to be happy and I have clear that what we think and do today directly affects my future so …".

Federative Republic

It is also known, that the nurse has knowledge regarding administration to be a good manager, therefore is essential the union of the theory (knowledge) with practical the day to day one. With this, the controlling nurses of UBS establish an effective relation between the object and the purpose of its process of work, that is, the managemental actions are directed to the attendance of the necessities of health of the clientele. Therefore, the management as instrument of the process of work in the organization of health services, implies in the taking of decisions that affect the structure, the process of production and the product of a system, aiming at action that they make possible impactantes interventions in the process of work in health, that is, to make possible ways for installment of the assistance to the clientele with efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness, in order to make possible the satisfaction of the necessities of health of this clientele, and this only can be possible if the professionals of the area to give value manage as it deserves, specializing if and taking new knowledge in this context. .

Welcome MLM

How many times you have found in the situation that you make a phone call to some voluntary Subscriber and this even recalls have been subscribed to your web in MLM business online? It is an extremely nasty and shameful situation. You feel that you’re invading someone else’s life. It is very uncomfortable to try and speak with someone who simply does not want to talk to you, and that despite having voluntarily subscribed to the Web in which you present your business opportunity, only did so out of curiosity. Then, you don’t have the motivations that you definitely need in a future dealer of your network. Makes you feel that you are annoying rather than benefiting it. Situations such as those described abound in this medium because a large majority of the networkers with MLM business online, still do not take conscience that, on the Internet, people will not enter to buy anything. People go to seek information about something you need. s this article.

Then limit yourself to offer them valuable information and free envelope how intelligently developing a business from home through a multilevel and check do not return to annoy. Only thus, thou shalt not more the first step to personal contact through a phone call, but that you wait to be welcomed to their worlds. They will be those who want that personal contact, because they have proven that she is you who has the information they need. Dedicate yourself to attend only to people who want to be served, that you seek and find you, will no doubt that your work is more professional. You’re the owner of your MLM business, so people should want to get thee to take advantage of that offer. Only when you’re completely sure that Subscriber is truly interested in the business opportunity you offer, is that you’ll step to contact you personally and at the end only atenderas really interested persons and stop wasting your time on fruitless calls that just make you feel frustrated at the end of the day. If you want to know how this system of Marketing, you must invest in your personal training. You can spare no time, effort and money, if you want to take advantage of the great benefits offered by an MLM business online.


This led to a great number of workmanships aiming at consultoria enterprise and supplying prescriptions ' ' to understand and to construct to the culture corporativa' '. Inevitably, this fact led to a super simplification of the methodology. One another prominence that must be given is how much to the workmanship written for Morgan (1988), intitled ' ' Images of Organization' '. In it, the author visualizes the organizations through some metafricas lenses, which incluam machines, cultures, organisms, brains, systems politicians and psychic arrests. It showed as each lens disclosed elements different of the life of organizations and hid others. It argued that any organizacional analysis exactly that it was made by an executive head, a consultant, or a researcher of the academic area, would need to use some different perspectives and not to be only focado in a unidirectional vision. The author not only, provided one of the clearest vises of cultural perspective in organizations, as well as its idea to use multiple lenses to see the reality had had an important impact in this area. 2.CONCEITO OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL 2.1.Cultura Organizacional the organizacional culture or corporative culture is the set of habits and beliefs established through norms, values, attitudes and expectations shared for all the members of the organization.

It mentions the system to it of meanings shared for all the members and that she distinguishes an organization from excessively. She constitutes the institutionalized way to think and to act that she exists in an organization. The essence of the culture of a company is express for the way as it makes its businesses, the way as it treats its customers and employees, the degree of autonomy or freedom that exists in its units or offices and the express degree of loyalty for its employees with regard to the company. The organizacional culture represents the perceptions of the controllers and employees of the organization and reflects the mentality that predominates in the organization.

Corrugated Materials

Corrugated is considered to be most popular among the facing and roofing materials. The main advantages are durability and reliability of designs. Corrugated is a sheet of galvanized steel with color coated and shaped profile. Sheeting used for repairs and the old roof insulation, manufacture of false ceilings, industrial and civil objects with a large area. More decking used as wall materials for fencing of various objects, fences and walls.

For such purposes, any suitable configuration, but the best use of wall material with a profile and a corresponding coating. Reason for the difference are the directions of use, because Such materials should be more robust and meet the requirements of heat transfer. Fences made of corrugated different simple installation and operation. When installing do not require strong pillars. And to speed the installation of such structures can be rivaled only by fences made of metallic mesh, but there is a huge minus, the grid does not protect from the eyes of outsiders. Cost-effective material for construction, which can save you a lot of money without losing the quality and durability – all profiled.


SUMMARY the present study intends to approach the Influence of the Leader in the Motivation of its Collaborators. Showing the importance of the leader to know and to recognize its collaborators, leading until the same elements that assist in getting the thus resulted motivation of its team and significant and longed for by all. Word-Key: Leader. Leadership. Motivation. 1 INTRODUCTION the present work has as subject the influence of the Leader in the Motivation of its Collaborators. The justification for the choice of this subject must it the fact of the great increase of the search of people with spirit of leadership for the companies, and the necessity to know which the requirements so that if it can lead somebody the point to motivate them. Another factor took that me to dissertar on this subject is for being inside of a great company, working daily with some people, took which to feel me the necessity to know and to recognize who they are the collaborators and you lead as them if they of form direct whom they can motivate to get resulted them it significant, waited longed for all the involved ones.

The objectives that I intend to reach with this work are in the generalities, to show the importance of a good leadership in the motivation of the collaborators to have a good effectiveness in the operation and results. In the specific ones To identify elements for motivation of the team and to analyze possible resulted to be gotten through the motivation influenced for the leadership. I believe that this work comes to contribute with leads and futures you lead that today they are being very aimed at for the companies, understanding the influences that its leadership and forms to lead can exert on the motivation of led its. In this exactly point I long for the society that if they discover as you lead and that they obtain to differentiate you lead and heads, being thus, having a society where all are seen of one same form and as leader and not led and yes as team with the same objectives.

House Boyfriend

If you want to recover a lost love, these five tips will you help to do so easily. -Be strong. If you want to recover your ex boyfriend you have to be strong. Nobody wants to be around someone who is crying all the time. The best way to recover your man is to show that also you can be independent.

-Keep quiet. Sometimes keep quiet is one of the best things you can do. You want your ex miss you. He can not miss if they constantly calling him by phone every second. -Salt of your House. Do not stay inside the House to eat ice cream all day. Salt with your friends or new friends.

Basically you should be passing it well. I know that this is difficult when you have just ended a relationship. But the fact is that this will make feel better and also will you do feel more attractive. -Be flexible. If you and your ex are still living together, he tries to be flexible. Make it not to leave the House before a certain date. When your ex see you being flexible, the to appear it and this may mean taking a big step to recover your ex boyfriend. -Be yourself. While it may be easy to do, be yourself can be difficult at the moment. You should work on your own confidence and act so that your lost love will remember with whom he fell in love. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

Taking Care Of Of The Environment

What such to contribute with the world? Preserving the environment, people the subject are serious, you can until thinking that ' ' of she advances that me to make mine parte' ' if the others do not make, are not well thus have that to think that if each one to make its part already is only enough! The global heating is there, is enough to look at and will see, the time is modified already is not equal the times behind, and the trend is to get worse each time more if not to act. We go to try to change this situation, if we will not live in a world that we do not want, already it exists as much violence, as many bad people pra what! to get worse still more, is not really? We have that to think about the good of our generations, because daqui the 50 years the world will not be the same. It preserves the environment!. .

Luxury Cruise

A great cruise is much more than a journey. Blending the grandeur and nobility of navigation with imagination and style of the good life, is my favorite way to explore the world. Board a luxury ship helps make memories that last forever. The right ship or cruise line is one that makes it very comfortable and very special while fulfilling all your holiday wishes. You have to look at the size of the vessel, the nature of the experience, the activities available, dining schedules, the Board code of dress and style of service.

Equally important are your itinerary, accommodations, and the cost of the cruise, along with listings that may be offered. Ships in the luxury category are generally smaller than the mass of the passenger ship market with capacities ranging from less than 100 to about 900 and offer the most generously proportioned and amenities. Many of the staterooms will have private terraces, sitting areas and rich decor and deluxe amenities. The level of service that can be be measured by looking to enjoy the crew's relations results. Exceptional service found in vessels that have a ratio of one (or more) members of the crew of two people and reflect the heat and the discretion of the finest in hospitality. The following unique cruising styles can be celebrated each in its own right – so you can choose to travel elegantly with companions who share his sensibility. Ultimate luxury cruises are quite formal and cruise embody the ceremony, recalling the days when travel by ship was an event in itself. (Not to be confused with !).

Rogelio Rodriguez

Trying to sell a bikini in a forum to lose weight is not only unwise, it can be so rude. And yet, I see these ads every day. These are usually erased, ignored or generate negative comments from other members, which means that, besides the two above, the advertiser is hated by everyone. Sell. Why, it's not for that? Maybe, but I do not want to sell me.

I want to solve a problem, additional information or socialize with others. A member who gives me an idea of how to do something or solve a problem, followed by a simple "to learn more, visit mysite. com "will get much more audience," I solve your problem for $ $, visit mysite. com ". Not participate. Post an ad is not to participate.

When you go to start a conversation or putting smart comments or giving solutions to what is being asked, you're a participant. When you put your ad only to see that you get, you're a spammer, at least in regard to members of the group or community. Lying, exaggerating or not to comply. On a forum is better than ever (EVER) tell the truth or you can substantiate what you write. Although the roll cheap works for some cases in a forum you just find that you fail to make you burn with the whole community. Do not use a signature with your link. It seems incredible, but I've seen comments from people who have links but his signature does not appear, just put it when they announce something. This not only identifies your comments and sales efforts, they also lose a lot of traffic interested in what they offer. Although some say that the forums are no longer a viable option, the reality is that still are, not only to attract visitors, and also build your reputation and get links to your site. And everything is free, if you know how. Even today, when much of my traffic comes from search engines, forums and communities always have me interested in my site traffic. There are several ways to advertise in forums and communities, which will be material for other items, but while these four do not make mistakes, you have a source of free traffic and concerned for your site or blog. To learn more, visit Rogelio Rodriguez

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