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These are functions of the internal marketing, endomarketing. But why the assignment internal customer? With the ranks of Spiller et al (2006, P. 94), concluded that the employee is a consumer of its job, and the job it is to be consumed product. The same idea with the description of Berry can be concluded (2006 apud WOOLS HOUSES, P. 105), which placed that in the internal marketing the employee is the customer, the positions is the products and these must satisfy the necessities of those, working to arrive at the objectives of the company.

The internal marketing is a continuous and gradual process, that can be associated with the work of the Administration of Human resources in the scope of the company, therefore is this department who if has worried about well-being and the quality of life of the employees and promoted its union with the organization as a whole. The author Wools Houses (2006, P. 106) described the internal marketing as normative or functional. The normative one internally reaches the elements that it needs to function? the customers (employee; controlling) and the products (company; training, etc.)? constitutes the form to proceed. The functional aspect is the satisfaction of the necessities and yearnings of the internal customers, inside of the objectives of the company. Endomarketing applied to the management of the company it allows that the collaborators feel themselves apt to play its tasks well, compromised to the organizacional process, cliente of its importance in the success of the organization. For this theory the behavior and the motivation of the people are primordial to reach the objectives biggest of the company. Ahead of the recognition given on the part of the organization, the employees will enxergaro the work as a way to reach prestige, auto-accomplishment and autonomy. 2 EMPOWERMENT In years 90 were born a new theory of enterprise management, empowerment, with intention to promote the reciprocal confidence between employees and organization, to keep the commitment with the objectives, to spread out the information and the knowledge, to adapt it the changes.

Kanban Production

The functioning of the Kanban technique in this case if would give thus: having the leather supply of finished period of training B, this sends the empty container with the Kanban requesting material more for its supplier, that is the period of training. This Kanban placed for period of training B signals that the period of training the necessary one to produce and to deliver the amount of leather acquitted in the card. The number of Kanbans placed in the line of production is the same number of containers, and represents the supply that can be accumulated. A Kanban only leaves if it intends to reduce the supply. FINAL CONSIDERAES Inside of the JIT, are essential the vision and sistmica interpretation. Or so more important of what the proper efficiency in the application of the JIT and the Kanban, is the interaction that they are capable to develop inside of the organization.

The positive results of the application of the JIT and the Kanban elapse of synergy do not enter the periods of training of production of what of the somatrio of the isolated contributions of each one. The JIT searchs to all promote the otimizao of the production system, eliminating supplies through the production in the accurate amount at the certain moment, and with this method it guarantees the quality, since a defective material does not follow in the production line. The use of the Kanban supplies a simple and transparent to request material, when only necessary method and in the certain amount, preventing that supply if accumulates between the periods of training. To work with the Kanban system requires much disciplines and physical organization of the supplies. She is necessary that a culture of concern with the cleanness aspects exists, organization and disciplines so that one programs Kanban has success. REFERENCES CORRA H.L. et al. Planning, Programming and Control of the Production: MRP/ERP: Concepts, use and implantation.

4a ed.

Prentice Hall Customers

3.1 IT ANALYZES AND RESULT OF THE RESEARCH? Graph 1 – Quality in the attendance As we can evaluate the graph above, perceives that the service given for sobral the Mitsubishi concessionaire, meets in an excellent level. This research presents a previous recognition of the customers that searchs attendance qualified that the same one offers. Graph 2 – service given in the maintenance sector In accordance with the research of field, made through a questionnaire can be perceived that evaluation made for the services given in the sector of maintenance of the concessionaire presents an excellent result although the few people not to be satisfied. Graph 3? Factors of In agreement satisfaction present the graph the company have a high degree of cordialidade with the customers. Graph 4? Factors of insatisfao the evaluation of the research made with the customer internal of the concessionaire, evidences that it does not have customer unsatisfied with the services given for same the 4 FINAL CONSIDERATION In days of great competitividades, the importance of the quality perceived for the customers tends if to become still bigger, raising itself, each time more, the demanded levels of minimum quality. In the truth, perhaps, the notion of value perceived for the customer, understood as resulted of the comparison between benefits and costs involving perceived quality and price, the best a loyalty of the customer and the success of market of the institution. Satisfied or indifferent customers can be attracted by competitors. The satisfied customer with the mark, however, is more inclined to remain faithful the spite of attractive competitive offers.

Another point important to detach is perhaps that studies indicate that the consumer is each more demanding day, because already do not need to beg for scarce goods and the volume of available services, as well as, of rendering comes frightfully in recent years increasing. However, to deal with these situations exist countless instruments to the disposal of the involved professionals with such activities. The companies, independent of the performance sector, had never had as much access to the technology to know its customers and to learn if to relate with them. The products are if becoming each time more seemed, this form, what it goes to make the difference is the service, however, if it cannot forget that to give a good service it is very difficult, and the price that the organizations pay when does not obtain to satisfy its customers is very high, therefore in the market highly competitive it is who goes to determine if, in the end of the accounts, the business or the company survives or not. It adds this the fact of that when a customer abandons the company for the fact of the service not to have taken care of its expectations, to attract it again, if it becomes much more expensive and difficult that to conquer a new customer.

5 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOFFMAN, K. Douglas; BATESON, E.G. John. Principles of marketing of services: concepts, strategies and cases. So Paulo: Thomson, 2003. KOTLER, Philip. Administration of Marketing: The edition of the new millenium. 10 ed. So Paulo: Prentice Hall, 2000. 6 ______. Methods and techniques of social research.


This led to a great number of workmanships aiming at consultoria enterprise and supplying prescriptions ' ' to understand and to construct to the culture corporativa' '. Inevitably, this fact led to a super simplification of the methodology. One another prominence that must be given is how much to the workmanship written for Morgan (1988), intitled ' ' Images of Organization' '. In it, the author visualizes the organizations through some metafricas lenses, which incluam machines, cultures, organisms, brains, systems politicians and psychic arrests. It showed as each lens disclosed elements different of the life of organizations and hid others. It argued that any organizacional analysis exactly that it was made by an executive head, a consultant, or a researcher of the academic area, would need to use some different perspectives and not to be only focado in a unidirectional vision. The author not only, provided one of the clearest vises of cultural perspective in organizations, as well as its idea to use multiple lenses to see the reality had had an important impact in this area. 2.CONCEITO OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL 2.1.Cultura Organizacional the organizacional culture or corporative culture is the set of habits and beliefs established through norms, values, attitudes and expectations shared for all the members of the organization.

It mentions the system to it of meanings shared for all the members and that she distinguishes an organization from excessively. She constitutes the institutionalized way to think and to act that she exists in an organization. The essence of the culture of a company is express for the way as it makes its businesses, the way as it treats its customers and employees, the degree of autonomy or freedom that exists in its units or offices and the express degree of loyalty for its employees with regard to the company. The organizacional culture represents the perceptions of the controllers and employees of the organization and reflects the mentality that predominates in the organization.


SUMMARY the present study intends to approach the Influence of the Leader in the Motivation of its Collaborators. Showing the importance of the leader to know and to recognize its collaborators, leading until the same elements that assist in getting the thus resulted motivation of its team and significant and longed for by all. Word-Key: Leader. Leadership. Motivation. 1 INTRODUCTION the present work has as subject the influence of the Leader in the Motivation of its Collaborators. The justification for the choice of this subject must it the fact of the great increase of the search of people with spirit of leadership for the companies, and the necessity to know which the requirements so that if it can lead somebody the point to motivate them. Another factor took that me to dissertar on this subject is for being inside of a great company, working daily with some people, took which to feel me the necessity to know and to recognize who they are the collaborators and you lead as them if they of form direct whom they can motivate to get resulted them it significant, waited longed for all the involved ones.

The objectives that I intend to reach with this work are in the generalities, to show the importance of a good leadership in the motivation of the collaborators to have a good effectiveness in the operation and results. In the specific ones To identify elements for motivation of the team and to analyze possible resulted to be gotten through the motivation influenced for the leadership. I believe that this work comes to contribute with leads and futures you lead that today they are being very aimed at for the companies, understanding the influences that its leadership and forms to lead can exert on the motivation of led its. In this exactly point I long for the society that if they discover as you lead and that they obtain to differentiate you lead and heads, being thus, having a society where all are seen of one same form and as leader and not led and yes as team with the same objectives.


This procedure is carried through in the act and place of act of receiving after analyzed the packings, by means of requirements of the order, with the forma bill of sale of the supplier. The sampling method is indicated had the transport of the company and the consequent impossibility to open all the commercialization packings to confer the amounts you deliver. The final control will become when the merchandises will be displayed in the point-of-sales and the open packings of commercialization. In the control for sampling, a random sampling is become fullfilled, that by means of unsatisfactory result all inspects the supplied lot. presentation packings are proteges, preventing themselves damages that harm its performance in the point-of-sales, or if to ruin for the contact with the environment and the manuscript. The here boarded company has a concern in narrowing bows to the society, supplying stipulated products with quality standard that come to take care of the necessities of its customers, fidelizando them. The commercial establishment is the co-responsible one for the damages that the merchandises can cause the consumer, therefore all well-taken care of in this direction is little and the quality is demanded since the entrance of the product in the COMPACT DISC, until its displacement to the final consumer.

However, to reach the efficiency of the system, it must be had an internal distribution of materials and control of rational supply that takes care of the objectives of the organization. The analyzed company account with a system of information to keep in supplies all the merchandises of that she needs to carry through the sales, without, however, to overload the company for the supply excess. The existence of products with old labels will indicate necessity of promotions, next to the marketing department, thus renewing the supply. The Engecopi uses as system of supply evaluation method PEPS, what it reduces the risk of obsolescence of the acquired merchandises, caused mainly for the constant innovation of the construction materials.

Model De Campos

The production strategy says respect to the standard of decision and the procedure to define the papers, the objectives and the activities of the production. In the definition of NIGEL, the strategy she is separate in content and process. The first one says respect to ' ' what ' ' , that is, what it will be made and as, the process, mentions the methodology of the actions. A point important if to detach is that the process and the general strategical objectives of the organization if join with the objectives of the level of resources. In compliance with the described thought, the model considered for study presents in its strategical plan the taking of five basic decisions, which are: to define the company if desires to have, to select products with which the company will concur, to choose the markets where she will act, to choose the fields of the competition finally and to designate the weapons to use.

3. DEPARTAMENTODEPRODUO Before initiating the analysis of the Model De Campos and Competitive Armas, makes the analysis of where it will be is focus of the research: the department of production under the optics of the administrator. First, it is needed to observer some points of the activity. The production department searchs an efficient and efficient performance for the development of the organization. However, nor always it was and it is seen of this form, therefore still many organizations exist place that it as dispensable focus of reflection of attainment of competitive advantage. The production can contributes with the success of the company, therefore it puts in practical the reason of being and the strategy of the organization. To clarify its existence, the activity of the production department is implementadora, can support the enterprise strategy and stimulate the competitiveness. To clarify the points, above salient that the production assists with the innovation of the processes to keep the organization competitive.

The Companies

I believe that in the next times, the professionals of the front-end one will not give more the coasts for the customers, while they will be speaking. They will take care of without that look of specialists, impatient with the people who at the moment of the purchase are in doubt on the products and services to be chosen. I imagine that in the future the companies will exist for time and will not use little the known plate: & ldquo; This is transferred ponto& rdquo;. I believe moreover, that it will diminish the amount of consolidated enterprises that if leave to weaken to the few for true lack of innovation and accompaniment of the changes of the market. The necessary future to be thought anticipatedly so that if it arrives in fortified it.

Tomorrow it must be initiated with forecasts and studies of the market that start now and cannot cease. Companies need strategical, tactical planning and operational and these cannot be placed in second plain in transcorrer of the way. She is necessary to flexibilizar in the march, but, without losing the route. The marketing points with respect to the new trends and shows the way of the innovation. It allows the definition of strategies appropriate to get the control and to guarantee the space in tomorrow. If this will not be occurring in the organization, probably the marketing is not being fulfilled in all its essence, since, it directly is associated with the change, the paradigm in addition, the based preparation of all the areas and people of the companies. Independent of the problems that skirt the institutions, nothing he must take off the attention of its managers in relation to the definite objectives. Thing none can acortinar the look for the future.

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