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Development And Environment

Rubens Person of Barros. The unbalanced consumption of the natural resources, without preocupaocom the future generations makes with that each country fights for its survival epela almost prosperity without taking in consideration the impact that cause on osdemais. Jayme Albin : the source for more info. Some consume the resources of the Land to one such rhythm that provavelmentepouco will sobrar for the future generations. Others in very bigger number, consomempouco excessively and live in the perspective of the hunger, the misery, the illness and the morteprematura. It is possible to arrive at a new age of economic growth, based on politics that keep and extend the base of resources of the Land; the progress that some had enjoyed in the last century can be lived by next todosnos years. But, so that this happens, we have that to understand ossintomas of consuming better that is ahead of us, to identify its causes to econceber new methods to manage the environmental resources and to keep human odesenvolvimento. For our surprise, the proper poverty polui the way ambientetambm, creating another type of consuming ambient. Ebay is likely to agree. To survive, the hungry eos poor persons many times destroy its proper environment: derrubamflorestas, allow the extreme pasturing, exaurem lands delinquents eacorrem in number each bigger time for the congested cities already.

The efeitocumulativo of these changes arrives the point to make of the proper poverty flagelos dosmaiores of the world. Inside of some developing countries, the poverty foiexacerbada for the different distribution of the land and other goods. The population rpidocrescimento harmed the capacity to improve the standard of living. These factors, allies to a necessity each bigger good land time explorarcomercialmente, had taken many agriculturists of subsistence to setransferirem for bad lands, taking off thus any hope to them to departiciparem of the economic life of its countries. The extensive culture in encostasngremes is increasing the erosion of the ground in many developed highlands depases and development.

France Stacks

The residue is then warm above of 1000C with a reducing agent, occurring in this A stage the recycling of magnesium and zinc. It is treated, therefore, of a thermal process that consists of evaporating to the necessary temperature each metal to recoup it later, for condensation. Already the hidrometalrgico process generally operates the temperatures that do not exceed 100C. The used stacks are citizens to the previous milling, and later leached with acid sulphuric hidroclordrico or, following it purificao of the solutions through operations of precipitation or electrolysis for recovery of the magnesium zinc and dioxide, or cadmium and nickel. Many times the mercury is removed previously by heating.

Countries as Japan, France and Sweden use the known pirometalrgico process as Sumitomo (Japanese process), SNAM-SAVAM (French process) and Sab-Nife (Swedish process) for the reaproveitamento of stacks and batteries, however this process has a cost sufficiently raised, but it can be used for almost all the types of stacks. To know more about this subject visit Penguin Random House. In Switzerland the process combines pirometalurgia, hidrometalurgia and is known as Recytec. It is used in the recycling of all the types of stacks and also fluorescent light bulbs and diverse pipes that contain mercury. The investment of this process is minor who Sumitomo, SNAM-SAVAM and Sb-Nife, however the operation costs are bigger. The Process American North of I CROWD (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), known as Inmetco, was developed initially, with the objective of if recouping metallic poeiras proceeding from electric ovens. However, the process can be used to recoup also metallic residues proceeding from other processes and the stacks and batteries if they fit in these other types of residues.

Conclusion With the diverse problems caused for the inadequate discarding of stacks and batteries to the environment and for consequence to the human being, mainly observes it importance of abrangncia bigger in programs of collect and spreading in private institutions and public initiatives in the region rescuer metropolitan so that the population has easy access the points of delivery of these materials. Expositivas actions for a bigger consumption of the population of reloadable stacks also are viable, therefore this type of product has a bigger useful life of what excessively, thus diminishing the consumption of common stacks. It is of great importance the installation of companies specialized in the recycling process and/or reaproveitamento of stacks and batteries, thus stimulating more projects of collect, which had the biggest easiness of guiding of these materials for a recycling company. The creation of programs of Ambient Education for a bigger knowledge of the population on dangerous residues would be sufficiently viable, therefore with a bigger knowledge, the population could more intensively contribute in the correct destination of stacks and batteries. Moreover, a bigger fiscalization on the part of the public power to the manufacturers and deliverers become necessary so that all fulfill in severity the ambient legislation.

Taking Care Of Of The Environment

What such to contribute with the world? Preserving the environment, people the subject are serious, you can until thinking that ' ' of she advances that me to make mine parte' ' if the others do not make, are not well thus have that to think that if each one to make its part already is only enough! The global heating is there, is enough to look at and will see, the time is modified already is not equal the times behind, and the trend is to get worse each time more if not to act. We go to try to change this situation, if we will not live in a world that we do not want, already it exists as much violence, as many bad people pra what! to get worse still more, is not really? We have that to think about the good of our generations, because daqui the 50 years the world will not be the same. It preserves the environment!. .

UNEP Sustainable

The model of economic growth of the capitalist system generated grandesdesequilbrios, since it exists much wealth and abundance, but, on the other hand, amisria, the ambient degradation and the pollution increase daily of formadesenfreada. Of this way, it appears the idea of the sustainable development, queprocura to harmonize the economic development with the ambient preservation to better paraconseguir quality of life and conditions of survival for half doequilbrio between technology and environment (CALCAGNO apud SONAGLIO, 2002). Maimon (1993) salient that the guarantee of the balance dependede a technological development guided for stability goals emrelao to the environment. It also needs the incrementao of the capacity technological deinovao of developing countries. Soba optics of the sustainable development the progress understands the demaior generation wealth, equitable social benefit and ecological balance. White (1988, P.

86) still adds that: ' ' pasesrealmente developed of the world they do not sacrifice its cultures for umdesenvolvimentismo that benefits to much more industrials and traders them doque nao' '. In accordance with Sipil (apud AGENDA 21, 2008), sustainable development understands the job of the capacity human being to think time to use the limited natural resources without a previous reflection. As the IUCN, UNEP and WWF (1991apud AGENDA 21, 2008): The true objective of the development is to improve aqualidade of life human being. To be a process that allows the beings to humanosrealizarem its potential fully and to take worthy and satisfactory lives. Economic Ocrescimento is an important part of the development, but not to podeser an objective in itself exactly, nor can continue indefinitely. Odesenvolvimento it is only real if it becomes our better lives. The people need to reexamine its values and to change comportamentospara to adopt the ethics of living sustainable. For this, the society to devepromover values that apiem new ethics and to discourage those incompatveiscom a way of sustainable life.

International Congress

In the speech of opening of IX the International Congress of Systems of Rain Water Captation – Petrolina, 1999 -, pronounced for the Dr. Appan: ‘ ‘ What it is more necessary is the moral acceptance of these techniques and the will politics to implement sistemas’ ‘. For example, in the South America and the Caribbean, the biggest problems faced for the countries that they desire to implement such systems are: ) the difficulty of diffusion of information on the successfully applied techniques; b) lack of knowledge of the existence and importance of these techniques in some levels of public participation and taking of decisions; c) economic limitations; d) absence of inter-institutional coordination and to multidiscipline; e) absence of an adequate legislation; f) incapacity to evaluate of appropriate form the impact of the introduction of alternative technologies in the existing situations. Pontuando The financial aspects we detect a negative result. By if dealing with an investment that does not consist in the budget of this organization for biennium 2010/2011, we were informed that it is intended to more make a survey detailed on the existing marks of kits in the market and a possible partnership and/or exchange with these companies.


It is of custom to confuse moral and ethical. Moral is norms, custom and behavior that we have inside of a society, is acquired by the education, for the tradition and for the daily one, the moral has obligator character, that is already it comes printed in us, a good character or badly, if they will not be worked in its sense I criticize, ethical and moral. Ethics are the science that studies the moral, are the form that we must holding in them in a society. Ethics are reflexiva theoretician and, while moral are the practical one. Therefore ethical and moral they are one of the biggest values of freedom of the human being in the society of today. They are few that give the due importance in these values, and destroys what they belong to they themselves, an example is the environment. In all the parts of the world practise it consumista, the search of having and the power for the profit all the cost, cause the destruction of its proper environment where they live. Therefore meditando on this subject we can observe the campaign of the fraternity of this year of 2011 ' ' Fraternity and the life in the planet. creation moans in pains of childbirth (Rm 8; 22) ' ' , where in them the importance of the ethics and the moral is placed. It moans to continue its process of life and resistance, but with egoism ' ' animal homem' ' only devasta, kills, destroys its proper habitat causing this pain of destruction the judgment of the men is inexorable in relation to the others, on the action that each one of them is ready to practise.

Environment And Its Problems

Environment and its problems the environment is one of the questioned problems more in these last years. we human beings are not in worrying about the environment what it is very sad. Nowadays the environment is a target that the people use to play its lixos, what she brings the pollution of the environment that generates some problems to the planet. One of these problems is that you vary species of animals enter in extinguishing, that is, dies for maltreatment of the pollution. The garbage is not alone that finishes with the environment the deforestation also is one of the factors that the situation of the well degradante planet leaves.

the cut, the burning of the trees what he is unnecessary. The smoke that comes of the burning of the trees brings some illnesses as irritativa bronchitis that is an illness that comes of the impurities of air. Therefore we must take care of our planet more than, therefore a made thing it our welfare cannot finish in this situation. It has some methods that can solve these problems as recycling of plastics, glasses, papers and cans; not to play lixos in the streets rivers so that it does not come to obstruct nets of sewers and to flood the houses. Being thus we can finish with the existing problems in our planet and have a better world

Matin Claret

In old Greece, an important philosopher call Aristotle, in its book ‘ ‘ The Poltica’ ‘ , it concludes that the man is an animal politician. With this it wanted to say that the animal man alone if develops fully will have engaged itself in the PLIS. The man is a dependent animal of other equal ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities. As we depend on others stops feeding in them, to dress, to work, then we only develop in them in fullness when we are conspired to a social group. But currently, a deceit in this reasoning has occurred. The human being depends on the others to survive, but it has not facilitated the life of the others. The lack of conscience of the use of industrialized products, as well as its inadequate discarding, has brought problems to the environment, having made it difficult the life of the other human beings that coexist in the plis.

Then, similar to facilitate the life of all, so that each person if develops fully in the trams of this polishes, necessity of each one becomes the conscientious use of industrialized products, the adequate discarding of packings residues and the correct spreading of the necessary information to the efetivao of this proposal, with the objective to generate the best convivncia and better life of each one. REFERENCES ARISTOTLE. Politics. So Paulo: Matin Claret, 2004. IT HISSES. Biotica.

Environmental Proposals

Two gardens is the rejection, of each side.however, these gardens can very if become ciclovias well, are alone to take off the plants and to pave the stream bed, already we will have immediately one way of hand and another one way of contrary direction, to the side of the way of pedestrians are now constructing the pavement on the Arrudas Brook, also in the Av. of the Andradas, the Municipal Park until the new Shopping Center Boulevard (next to the City council) only see that excellent chance to be construida there the FIRST CICLOVIA OF Belo Horizonte Story with the support of the readers ().to present projects as educative campaigns, ciclsticos t-shirts with related subjects, strolls (return in pampulha, for example), construction of ciclovias, etc who knows a great sender deTV is not interested for the flag? we will help the planet to survive, perhaps because without it we will not survive thus our decendentes we come to have a place in conditions still to inhabit. Ah I looked ONG WWF (of which he was contributing partner) they had returned and me saying that this is not the focus of them also looked to the TV Record Mines and I did not receive support nor reply We go to see if emplaca now idea is given.Vocs does not make idea of the disrespect, lack of consideration, and risks that the drivers impose to the ciclistas.

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