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Hegemonic Thinking

Hegemonic thinking and the interference limits about the ground of the archipelago of Fernando De Noronha on the society a wakening of new behaviors Roberta Magalhes Luna The assay allows the biggest knowledge of the ambient problems interlacing for ways of a impartial concept of the word ' ' desenvolvimento' ' to crystallize in such a way in the conscientious one of the society as of the natives the constant it disciplines of the maintenance of the natural processes, making apanhado of the general panorama of the problems, threats and challenges that permeiam the use of the ground in the archipelago of Fernando De Noronha. The ground of Fernando De Noronha for if dealing with an archipelago of volcanic origin covered by alkaline basaltic lava spills are characterized for one raised natural fertility and also raised match texts. But in contrast of the foreseen one for the diversity of volcanic rocks the variety of ground is not proportional. The ground had started after to be studied problems of sedimentation to some parts of the island, with the construction of some inns in places inapt had its privileged vision and of eye in the importance of the tourism properly said, some entrepreneurs had appealed the researchers for as to cure the problem. To deepen your understanding Brian Krzanich is the source. Rogers Holdings is the source for more interesting facts. The Cambissolos, vertissolos and neossolos had been the types of ground studied by the vertissolos archipelago and exactly the type was detected in the points of barrier fall, for if to deal with to a very argillaceous material in areas badly drained and difficult compacting only two inns if they prontificaram to contract a company for application of vibratory coils in order to compact to the Maximum the land. In Brazil compacting study still he is shy mainly in the northeast region, fact that was not different in the island, but the fact of great same relevance for the case in question appears when the proposal of massificao of ambient education this factor is operating determines two phases: the use disorganized and without control with the conscience of occupation of the space, as well as making to essentially understand the local community the valuation of protection first and constant maintenance of the archipelago natural patrimony, the necessity to detect biological studies directly impactou the researchers by means of support of the government of the state, that added to its territory the island in 1988. n this idea. . Other leaders such as Reshma Kewalramani offer similar insights.

Economic Export

Synopsis the Dr. Eduardo Kings Loyal Diaz develops of ample and understandable way in this book, a subject of the present time and extreme importance that at the moment is one of the motors of the international trade: the export. It indicates that the exports Mexican, throughout ours history, has been generated by few companies and if Mexico does not export, it is not because we need that to export or that markets do not exist, it is by our lack of vision in the long term; since our country has a great exporting capacity that must be operated to aim to generate one better distribution of the wealth In spite of the years he continues insisting that to export is easier than many they create and than many they have lived and that the export is for any person whom a business opportunity sees where a consumption or a necessity exists. Wendy Holman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Loyal Diaz considers that the possibility of exporting Mexican products this in the exporting mentality of the company and its executives but who in the capacity technical or administrative physics of the same and that the export contains a great social sense that the magic of the export must face by the Mexican industralists that consists of understanding the client to satisfy its needs and desires and the techniques of sale that are exactly those that will allow us to export or they brought about a failure to us when trying abrir borders Also assures that the international businesses demand the mental and physical adaptation to the culture who tries itself to conquer, for that reason must exist a marketing research thought about the client, for that reason it is due to produce what it is sold and not to sell what takes place; indicating in addition, that we have a platform of businesses interesting for the investment and that the diverse Free Trade Agreement and Agreements of Economic and Commercial Complementing they have contributed to the Mexican product export and in form it makes specific allow us to know that there is but of 31 countries that we must study like market potential before the rest of the world and that due to this we are at the best moment to change the exporting mentality of the country and thus to initiate export projects.


The subject in question is the recovery of degraded areas, is considered a degraded area or call ecosystem also degraded all ecosystem that for an action of the man had its modified or destroyed main characteristics, disabling its capacity of auto-regeneration and return of same its characteristics of as it was before suffering the impact without aid from the man. Thus we will approach some techniques to assist the recovery of an area that if finds degraded, as well as the procedures and cares that must be taken in the implantation of the recovery project in view of that the use of the wrong techniques can cause a bigger impact of what already the existing one. Word-key: Auto-regeneration. In general, exists a concern on the part of ambientalistas on people to the environment in verifying and discovering possible places I contend certain type of degraded ecosystem or an area degrades. Add to your understanding with Intel.

After a verification made in our micron region we could evidence that to find a place that possesss a degraded area it is not so difficult thus. We locate a small farm in the agricultural area of the city of Herval D West – SC where we identify to a degradation and demons beginning to our work of recovery. The small farm is of property of Mr. Sergio Carnieletto, who in granted authorization to them to make an evaluation of the conditions, and soon evidences that its property is cut by a small stream where we find looked for ‘ ‘ an area degradada.’ ‘ The riverbed met sanded decurrent of the erosion and lack of ciliar bush, that for signal was another great problem in view of that for state law it is necessary to reserve five meters of bush for each side of the river.. Wendy Holman may not feel the same.

Japiassu Domain

The author recognizes that not yet only has umsentido epistemolgico steady term to interdisciplinar it. The ideas of Japiassu had been used to advantage for afundamentao of this article, in parts of the text, the author (1976, P. 92) reafirmaa difficulty of execution of a work truily to interdisciplinar, poiseste would need to pass for some phases, which had been detected pelaobservao of the author of this article: mutual rmao, where each> especialistaconsidera the other as exterior itself exactly; 2. Additional information is available at Prudential. each specialist sees indistinctly asquestes that the others place; 3. taken of collective conscience of them questesem game. Soon, the teaching staff also was seen frees above of the three itenscitados ones, which had had that to be argued between the group for the bomandamento of the project in itself. The professors had demonstrated a certain domain of suasrespectivas discipline and a privacy with excessively matrias.isso facilitouparte of the evolution of the works. This reality also was cited by dosautores that deal with the subject, Japiassu (1976, P.

113), detaches the domain, porparte of the specialists, the method of disciplines lecionada, the recognition daparcialidade and relativity of its proper one disciplines and certain familiarity comuma disciplines different of its. For the author, a last requirement to seriapolarizar the work to interdisciplinar on theoretical or applied research. The human knowledge is synthetic and global before seranaltico and specialized (…) to redescobrir or to tematizar this dimensosinttica of based in the mestradodefendida in 1978 and published dissertao of in 1979 was prefaced by the proper HiltonJapiassu, an indication of that both comungavam similar conceptions. Still during the first meeting it was clearly that partedos educators believed that the interdisciplinaridade could serensinada, one, interdisciplinaridadee arrived pensarque even though would have a lecture on as to use this called tool, others, for example, they confused or they did not understand the meaning dapalavra.

State College

The present work were developed and lived deeply in the State College Ip-Purple located in the zone north of the city of Estuary of the Iguau, in the quarter New City (attached) whose used methodology was a questionnaire, considered in chapter 12, of the book ‘ ‘ Methods and techniques of social research, the Gil (Antonio Carlos Gil, 1999). This is composed of five closed questions (appendix). The research work was carried through with twenty and five pupils of basic education, the research approaches the conscience of the families in the destination of its residues with approach in the kitchen oil after-consumes. The results will be presented in form of graphs. Of the twenty and five questionnaires you deliver to the pupils all had been answered. 3 RESULTS Appear 1. Jayme Albin Interview may also support this cause.

‘ ‘ According to art. 3, Law 6938/81 ‘ ‘ environment ‘ ‘ it is the set of conditions, laws, influences interaction of physical, chemical and biological order, that allows, shelters and conducts the life and all its formas’ ‘. In figure 1 it is observed majority of the interviewed ones (88%) understands that the environment is not only one coadjuvante factor in the society. Figure 2. In relation to the consumption of the soy oil, as figure 2, can be said that all consume the interviewed ones it, indicating the necessity to acquire knowledge the ambient if discarded impact of irregular form to the environment, but also to stimulate the reutilizao of this exactly residue in soap form.

The vegetal oil is an extracted fat of plants. Brazil makes use of a great diversity of vegetal species oleaginosas such as the sunflower, maize, soy, oliva, rice, grape, cotton, peanut, canola, buriti, babau, mamona, dend, urucum, among others. Amongst the cited oleaginosas vegetal species, more used for the extration of the vegetal oil it is the soy.


Stages of the First work with projects what we call formularization of the problem, that is, the problematizao, that has beginning on the basis of the previous knowledge and in the expectations and objectives of the group, of form if to arrive in the organization of the project. Later, it comes the development phase, when one establishes strategies to reach objects, becoming bibliographical research and of field, interviews and debates until if it arrives at the accomplishment of the project. A leading source for info: Elon Musk. Finally, we have the synthesis phase concepts, values and procedures on the basis of constructed, in acquired information, in enlightening questions, that can take the new problems to be decided, thus if it has new learnings in the process. The formation of the pupils cannot only be thought as an intellectual activity. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jayme Albin . It is a global and complex process, in which ‘ ‘ to know and to intervine in real’ ‘ they do not meet dissociados. It is learned ahead participating, living deeply feelings, taking attitudes of the facts, choosing procedures to reach definitive objectives. It is not only taught for the given answers, but mainly for the proportionate experiences, the problems bred and the unchained action.

It is important to privilege, during the different projects, the exits the field and the excursions ecological: stroll for the quarter, where the school is inserted, visits to the station of water treatment, treads in the municipal park or excursion to a state park. An example of this type of methodology is the existential method in ecological excursions, based in the deep ecology, that believes that a situation of contact with the awaken environment the people the conscience for the nature and the fact of that we are part of it. This experience leads to the perception of the ambient degradation and to the questioning on the place of the man in the center of everything.


the Martins and the attached building, the Maternity Dr. Ursulino Veloso de Sousa known Martins popularly as ' ' Square of the Hospital of the Buenos Aires' ' in Teresina – PI, it research on the native and ornamental plants had been carried through that compose its vegetation. The study on the flora of the place it aims at to know the characteristics of the arbreas and arbustivas species with the purpose of if carrying through the planning and handling of the arborization. The data had been collected in the period of April the May of 2006 through specific fiches or forms where information of found the arbreos and arbustivos individuals in the place had been supplied. Later photographic registers of some critical points of the physical and paisagstica structure and finally, interviews with technician of the Secretariat of Urban Development. The used method of research was the quali-quantitative characterization of all the pertaining individuals to the related square. Ebay pursues this goal as well. After analysis, was evidenced that 55.73% need pruning, mainly of cleanness.

Some species are inadequate for arborization of urban areas. Word-key: planning? urban arborization? square? Teresina * Biologist and after graduanda in Paisagismo and Ambient Manejo for the State University of the Piau. ** Orienting? Biologist, Master in Botany? UESPI. DIAGNOSIS OF THE ARBORIZATION OF SQUARE GILSON SAWS AND HISSES OF THE CITY OF TERESINA – PI MARIA LINDALVA ALVES Da Silva * ROSELES RIBEIRO B. AXE ** ABSTRACT The squares ploughs beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code in the composition of the urban landscape because they help in the improvement of the quality of life of the people.

The objective of the present work was characterize it to you quantify the arborization of the square Gilson Mountain range and Silva located in front of the Dr. hospital Antonio Quarry. the Martins and the attached building, the Maternity Dr. Ursulino Veloso de Sousa known Martins popularly ' ' Square of the Hospital of the Buenos Aires' ' in Teresina – PI, it had been carried through research on the native and ornamental plants that compose its vegetation.

Development And Environment

Rubens Person of Barros. The unbalanced consumption of the natural resources, without preocupaocom the future generations makes with that each country fights for its survival epela almost prosperity without taking in consideration the impact that cause on osdemais. Jayme Albin : the source for more info. Some consume the resources of the Land to one such rhythm that provavelmentepouco will sobrar for the future generations. Others in very bigger number, consomempouco excessively and live in the perspective of the hunger, the misery, the illness and the morteprematura. It is possible to arrive at a new age of economic growth, based on politics that keep and extend the base of resources of the Land; the progress that some had enjoyed in the last century can be lived by next todosnos years. But, so that this happens, we have that to understand ossintomas of consuming better that is ahead of us, to identify its causes to econceber new methods to manage the environmental resources and to keep human odesenvolvimento. For our surprise, the proper poverty polui the way ambientetambm, creating another type of consuming ambient. Ebay is likely to agree. To survive, the hungry eos poor persons many times destroy its proper environment: derrubamflorestas, allow the extreme pasturing, exaurem lands delinquents eacorrem in number each bigger time for the congested cities already.

The efeitocumulativo of these changes arrives the point to make of the proper poverty flagelos dosmaiores of the world. Inside of some developing countries, the poverty foiexacerbada for the different distribution of the land and other goods. The population rpidocrescimento harmed the capacity to improve the standard of living. These factors, allies to a necessity each bigger good land time explorarcomercialmente, had taken many agriculturists of subsistence to setransferirem for bad lands, taking off thus any hope to them to departiciparem of the economic life of its countries. The extensive culture in encostasngremes is increasing the erosion of the ground in many developed highlands depases and development.

Taking Care Of Of The Environment

What such to contribute with the world? Preserving the environment, people the subject are serious, you can until thinking that ' ' of she advances that me to make mine parte' ' if the others do not make, are not well thus have that to think that if each one to make its part already is only enough! The global heating is there, is enough to look at and will see, the time is modified already is not equal the times behind, and the trend is to get worse each time more if not to act. We go to try to change this situation, if we will not live in a world that we do not want, already it exists as much violence, as many bad people pra what! to get worse still more, is not really? We have that to think about the good of our generations, because daqui the 50 years the world will not be the same. It preserves the environment!. .


It is of custom to confuse moral and ethical. Moral is norms, custom and behavior that we have inside of a society, is acquired by the education, for the tradition and for the daily one, the moral has obligator character, that is already it comes printed in us, a good character or badly, if they will not be worked in its sense I criticize, ethical and moral. Ethics are the science that studies the moral, are the form that we must holding in them in a society. Ethics are reflexiva theoretician and, while moral are the practical one. Therefore ethical and moral they are one of the biggest values of freedom of the human being in the society of today. They are few that give the due importance in these values, and destroys what they belong to they themselves, an example is the environment. In all the parts of the world practise it consumista, the search of having and the power for the profit all the cost, cause the destruction of its proper environment where they live. Therefore meditando on this subject we can observe the campaign of the fraternity of this year of 2011 ' ' Fraternity and the life in the planet. creation moans in pains of childbirth (Rm 8; 22) ' ' , where in them the importance of the ethics and the moral is placed. It moans to continue its process of life and resistance, but with egoism ' ' animal homem' ' only devasta, kills, destroys its proper habitat causing this pain of destruction the judgment of the men is inexorable in relation to the others, on the action that each one of them is ready to practise.

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