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Digital Booth Components

Digital components of the regional provider LA CONCEPT for the exhibition booth at the Photokina 2010 in Cologne the photokina 2010 Cologne will take place from 21 to September 26, 2010 at the trade fair. The leading international trade fair of image media, imaging, and image markets are the focus is thus the innovative trend Forum, business and communication platform for the global imaging industry. Titled welcome to the world of imaging!”shows the cross-border networking products and technologies. For a successful appearance at photokina, the selection of the correct stand is a key success factor to present his techniques and products. Where a digital booth is an important point of success and competitive factor in particular for the photokina for a successful trade fair participation.

Through the digital components the content can be presented in particular at photokina specifically and exactly the target group. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of digital components in addition to the on-site support. So stand next to classic Terminal systems also screens and interactive floor projections available. The kiosks can be used in different variants and individually equipped. So, they can be equipped with printers, bar code scanners or integrated brochure stands.

Special solutions are possible at any time. The control of information terminals works via the touch screen or a keyboard with trackball. So, the content can be controlled individually by the customer himself. The terminals can be used as information stele or as a wall Terminal. Due to the high interaction with the target group and actively approaching content can be delivered specifically and achieve this high ranges and advertising contacts. The contents of many different ways can be transmitted by the high Multimediality. As Web-based applications, videos or presentations are possible. Even accessible terminals are located in the range of LA CONCEPT. These terminals are height-adjustable and allow access to the content people with handicap. Also no injuries when adjusting its height may arise through an integrated safety circuit. However, the interactive floor projections and the air touch window of LA CONCEPT provide the highest form of interactivity. These interactive projections offer a strong interaction with the visitors. So the movements of passers-by can be implemented in actions and trigger attention-grabbing effects. So can be presented as very tangible products and services and keep the brand, as well as the company in a positive memory. The air touch window it works without touching. So, content and actions can be raised and adjusted by mere movement. For more information, see digital kommunikation.html

Innovative Law Firm Management

Modular software controls transactions and manages files food, 08 March 2010 – there are now a variety of software solutions for the Organization of the firm. An innovative solution in this area, the Soldan/LECARE represents firm Navigator for lawyers with a wide variety of different modules. The software solution offered by Samuel in cooperation with LECARE aimed at entrepreneurial lawyers and controls the business operations and the management of clients efficiently and safely, and assists attorneys in administrative tasks. About the Web Navigator, the lawyer always has direct access to all relevant data of his firm also on the way. This LECARE combines the possibility of adapting to the individual requirements of each law firm with all State of the art software and Internet technology options. It begins in the Central Oracle database and enters a multiple companies and multiple site capability. Is for lawyers to meet all demands for a flexible software with LECARE a modular product have been developed, which can cover the different areas of activity of a law firm and legal department.

In this way LECARE adapts to the individual needs of the lawyer or counsel and not vice versa. The file management is the basic structure of the application. Contact data collection and the figure of the Beteiligtenstrukturen can be made in the Basic module. The base module has an integrated document management system to centrally manage of all correspondence for the creation and storage of documents. The contract file is an additional file type, which collects specific contract information. You possesses a clearly crafted user interface that offers a quick and convenient overview of the current contract information. Clause Manager can be managed all the clauses in the company and they linked to the existing contract templates. The receivables account collected major, minor, cost and interest receivable can be plus the ongoing interest and manage costs, as well as any payments of the debtor.

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