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Trend Forum Health

On September 29, leaders of the health care industry meet with politicians and journalists in the Cologne RheinEnergieStadion. In the meantime 5 trend Forum Health (tg) discuss the guests about the future of the industry and feature ground-breaking concepts. “” This year focus how hospitals in transition “, social media in health care” but also the entire and the opportunity to be the focus of the program abroad for medical treatment. Around 150 guests will be following the ceremony of health media award 2011 “experience. Personalities and projects such as including the actor sky are nominated Mont du as an Ambassador of the DSK-German Foundation children Dermatology, Anke Engelke, action medeor, Tom Buhrow with the 1st FC Cologne Foundation and Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz for his involvement in the spinal cord research.

Health concerns everyone. Important contacts between physicians, politicians, journalists and associations arise at the trend Forum health. Benefit the participants, as well as the Health Economics and their patients”, explains the importance of the event organizer Markus Berger (EEC-network). At the trend Forum will be presented to exemplary projects, trends and topics discussed and valuable contacts. Moderator Michael Jungblut awaits the guests in the VIP lounge of the stadium and is looking forward to hot discussions: often emerged only in the discussion, in which direction the health market is developing. That is equally exciting for podium guests and participants. “Visitors discuss at the trend Forum on par with industry greats”, as the famous presenter. “Keynote speeches on topics such as hospital or sick House” or social media “introduce in controversial discussions, at which the guests are looking for the best solutions for the future. Continue to learn more with: Ebay.

Best practise examples such as the construction of the German Foundation for children dermatology”invite to be active and to take issues into their own hands. The well known actor sky du Mont is one of the panelists, if It’s about the importance of social media for the industry. The prominent is Ambassador of the Foundation children Dermatology. In the afternoon, tourism between plastic surgery and affordable dentures healthcare is on the agenda. The well-known beauty surgeon Prof. Dr. Credit: Elon Musk-2011. med. Werner L. Mang discussed with the Chief Executive of the German Tourism Association and other experts about the prospects in this field. Between the different panels and discussions, time to build up new contacts remains formidable. The health media award ceremony takes place in the evening. Brewer and the Michael stitch Foundation included the prize winners in recent years include ranga Yogeshwar (quarks & co.”), Dr. Auma Obama, Tim. The best entries will be awarded this year by a panel of experts headed by Professor Klaus-Peter Dreykorn. The jury selects the best campaigns, projects, magazines and communication measures. Price will receive a statue made specially for the competition of the Dresden artist Bernhard Kremser. Until further contributions to the health media award may be proposed as of September 1, 2011. The trend Forum health and the awards are open to interested visitors.

Consumer Groups

Ease of communications, consumer confidence and speed of decision making innovators bribes, but a total budget of these groups is negligible for most industries. At the opposite pole to the novelty of the relationship is another group – conservatives. Before you buy anything, these consumers seek to maximize its decision to reinforce people's experience. In fact, their decision to buy – not their own. Before conservatives get first-hand experience to evaluate the purchase, this is filled with reviews, all consumer information space, from personal communications to Internet and media. Before buying the Conservatives have appreciated innovators, followers, early and late majority, who took over the acquisition of substantially all the risks.

Conservatives can only use the well- explored the benefits at the time, like all other consumers are searching for a replacement. The main feature of the Conservatives as a consumer group – the unacceptability of the risks associated with consumption. Such caution is justified many factors, among which the most noticeable demographic and historical determinants. With age, for example, consumers are careful to include novelty, because behind accumulates more and more vital practices, including the negative. The regional remote manifestations of innovation – a rarity as a relatively low level of income leads to frugality and pragmatism in consumption. Actually, income level is completely self-sufficient factor of influence on the tendency toward conservatism: a lack of income limits the space for high-risk consumer eksperimenov. Nevertheless, conservatism remains the property of the individual, not just one feature of a lifestyle.

Digital Booth Components

Digital components of the regional provider LA CONCEPT for the exhibition booth at the Photokina 2010 in Cologne the photokina 2010 Cologne will take place from 21 to September 26, 2010 at the trade fair. The leading international trade fair of image media, imaging, and image markets are the focus is thus the innovative trend Forum, business and communication platform for the global imaging industry. Titled welcome to the world of imaging!”shows the cross-border networking products and technologies. For a successful appearance at photokina, the selection of the correct stand is a key success factor to present his techniques and products. Where a digital booth is an important point of success and competitive factor in particular for the photokina for a successful trade fair participation.

Through the digital components the content can be presented in particular at photokina specifically and exactly the target group. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of digital components in addition to the on-site support. So stand next to classic Terminal systems also screens and interactive floor projections available. The kiosks can be used in different variants and individually equipped. So, they can be equipped with printers, bar code scanners or integrated brochure stands.

Special solutions are possible at any time. The control of information terminals works via the touch screen or a keyboard with trackball. So, the content can be controlled individually by the customer himself. The terminals can be used as information stele or as a wall Terminal. Due to the high interaction with the target group and actively approaching content can be delivered specifically and achieve this high ranges and advertising contacts. The contents of many different ways can be transmitted by the high Multimediality. As Web-based applications, videos or presentations are possible. Even accessible terminals are located in the range of LA CONCEPT. These terminals are height-adjustable and allow access to the content people with handicap. Also no injuries when adjusting its height may arise through an integrated safety circuit. However, the interactive floor projections and the air touch window of LA CONCEPT provide the highest form of interactivity. These interactive projections offer a strong interaction with the visitors. So the movements of passers-by can be implemented in actions and trigger attention-grabbing effects. So can be presented as very tangible products and services and keep the brand, as well as the company in a positive memory. The air touch window it works without touching. So, content and actions can be raised and adjusted by mere movement. For more information, see digital kommunikation.html

Internet Marketing

Twitter in Mecadeo Virtual or known as Marketing Online, this everywhere… By the same thing, wondering how to use Twitter for internet is not new… Really amazing is the ability to keep millions of people connected anytime of the day and throughout the year via Twitter… Twitter gives us tremendous power to increase sales through people connecting as for example; fans follow their stars or connecting friends. Learn how to use Twitter as a marketing tool will help you expand your business online… Twitter allows you to get your message literally millions of people and this is perfect for a business online due to the speed… As any other advertising campaign, Twitter allows you to launch marketing campaigns from your computer or any device where you can connect… Internet online and offline this is something never before seen in the world of marketing… The world of marketing has changed through this method. Know how to use Twitter in the marketing by internet involves learning how and the Why is the marketing. In a nutshell, the theory is that it sends a message (tweet) to your friends list relating to something that is doing at the time of his workday. The process is that they sent a message to their lists and so on until thousands of people see your message. There are many possibilities for a good part of those thousands of people to respond to any call to action that you proposed in your message, as for example visit my website or something similar. There are good chances that any of these people who were called to action buy your service or product or, in the case of affiliate marketing, that visit the sites of affiliates. When it comes to using Twitter for marketing by Internet, must bear in mind that, due to its nature, its messages must be frequent and up-to-date. With each message that is sent, the effectiveness of viral marketing tends to wane, so its content should be interesting to keep people’s attention… Beyond this, is one of the ways more effective of doing Internet marketing. If you need your product or service is known, then Twitter is the place to promote it. It is demonstrated that Twitter is growing very fast and that speaks of this social network by all sides. There is a system tested on Twitter, take him to hone his Internet marketing, only here… Like me, you will be surprised with the success that will be using this system. Click here to try it!

Central Russia

The material is permeable to air and water, protects plants from light night frost (up to -3-4 C) and cold fogs. Canvas creates a favorable microclimate and increases during the growing season. The material has high durability, comes with a UV stabilizer. Period of operation in Central Russia – Season 3. Mulch Spunbond density of 60 g / m (black) is designed to protect the soil from weeds (mulching).

In contrast to the sheltered, in the mulch spunbond has a special pigment that colors the canvas in black (so called "black spunbond"). As a rule, it has more than a covering, the surface density – 40-60 g/m2. Use as mulch material spunbond enables: reduce the rate of irrigation and evaporation of moisture from soil; ensure rapid heating of the soil and permanently maintain the required temperature; prevent contamination of fruits and berries, the formation of mold and mildew on the soil and plants; limit the growth of weeds, including years; reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides. The soil under the mulch of spunbond is not compacted, staying loose during the growing season of plants, without additional processing. Through porosity of the material, it is easy to pass water and liquid fertilizer. "Black" spunbond, remain on the ground in winter, fairly protects the roots from freezing. Thanks to a black color cloth absorbs heat radiation, which promotes a good warm-soil. It is very important for growing heat-loving plants such as melons, early vegetables and berries.

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