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The Presence

The text is a system of such combinations and thus it must also have a place inside of the system for that one to who fits to carry through the combination. This place is given by the emptinesses (Leerstellen) in the text, that thus are offered for the occupation for the reader. As they cannot be filled by the proper system, it they only can be by means of another system. When this occurs, if it initiates the activity of constitution, for which such emptinesses function as a central commutator of the interaction of the text with the reader (ISER, 1979, p.91). The author believes that in the act of the reading the reader must be prepared to question and to modify its proper beliefs. Of the biggest freedom to the reader when placing that he does not have an only way to interpret a workmanship correctly and to deplete its semantic potential, ' ' … the workmanship does not offer a message of separable it; the direction is not redutvel to one meaning referencial and the meaning is not left to reduce to one coisa' ' (ISER, 1996, P.

29). Valley to stand out that the conception of reader of Iser is of implicit reader, that is: … the implicit reader does not have real existence; therefore it materializes the set of the preorientaes that a ficcional text offers as reception condition, its possible readers. In consequence the implicit reader does not establish itself in an empirical substratum, but yes in the structure of the text. …

the conception of implicit reader assigns then a structure of the text that anticipates the presence of receiver (ISER, 1996, p. 73). The direction truily is constituted by the imaginative activity of the reader who is directed by the proper text that brings obtains the adequate structures to this performance of the reader who only catches the direction of the text as image.

The Question

However, if these phenomena are not gifts and other indications still compose this picture, not if it can consider it as a neurosis, therefore it is mentioned to another type of structure. Of this form, the analyst is taken to perceive of general form, the psychosis concept. Miller (2010) establishes that the fact to generalize the psychosis represents that Name-do-Father is inexistent. ' ' Name-do-Father is a predicate, always is a predicate. It is always a specific element among others that, for subject determined one, he functions as Name; ' (p.20).

To if affirming this idea, one becomes to extinguish the barrier between psychosis and neurosis. It is a representation similar to the fact of if affirming that all the people are insane people, resulting in the declaration of that all the individuals have its particular way to be delirious. Lacan writes on this in the year of 1978. Clearly that this is not the only form of classification, but of certain form, the clinic is accurately thus. You cannot function as psychoanalytic if she is not conscientious of that what knows, its world, is delirious fantasstico, we can say, but fantasstico means delirious exactly.

To be psychoanalytic is to know that its proper world, its proper fancy, its way to make sensible is delirious. This is the reason for which vocs they try to abandon it exactly to perceive the proper delirium of its patient, its way to make sensible. (MILLER, 2010, P. 20). Ahead of these arguments, it was objectified to answer to the following questioning: Which the main difficulties in becoming the diagnosis of an usual psychosis? One estimates that the absence of elementary phenomena (hallucinations, deliriums and others) can cause impediments in the diagnosis of the usual psychosis. This work for contributing for the advance of a scientific study was justified on the question of the diagnosis of the usual psychoses, a time that the existing research does not tell with clarity on such context.

Wolfgang Hageleit

Mr. Hageleit, what distinguishes a geothermal power project in particular? Wolfgang Hageleit: First of all the group has much experience and expertise in the field. We are also constantly striving to employ the latest technology. Geothermal energy is an exciting field, very much happening here and the is always very forward. For example, In our projects the seismic instead of 2D-Seismik is used. This is approximately comparable to 3D and 2D-Ultraschall. Through these studies, we can reduce the productivity risk enormously before starting with the hole at all.

So a quite a difference. What about financing? Wolfgang Hageleit: The cooperates with various reliable investors and offers a unique financial concept. We press the operation of the plant also with partners. In addition, the geothermal projects are also an attractive investment opportunity. Geothermal has enormous potential for the future. Mr Wolfgang Hageleit, we thank you for your time and wish you all the best as a racer, and as managing partner of the group of companies. Wolfgang Habeeb: Thank you! Our commitment in the field of renewable energies we build continuously from it remains so exciting anyway! The group of companies: The group of companies was founded in Regensburg and engaged in topics related to environment and renewable energy.

The focus is on the construction of geothermal and solar thermal power plants and the expansion of Smart grids. Another important focus is the development of projects in the area of Electromobility. The group is today leader in many areas of Green energy and realizes projects all over the world. Florian Fritsch is the Managing Director of the group of companies, Managing Director is Wolfgang Hageleit.

Volkswagen Leasing Gmb

Also at the international level, the bog conservation projects due to the signal effect of the Volkswagen win leasing /. NABU-cooperation important. So, a particularly big problem in terms of the bogs in Russia revealed himself. Almost 200,000 hectares of forest and bog were lost alone in the last great fire two years ago. For 40 years, such disasters repeat again and again. This emitted large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. During Soviet times, where huge areas of the Moor have been drained.

We examining, how with the help of Volkswagen AG, which already produced in Russia at several locations, a Rewetting or wetness can succeed”, says Miller. The early initiative from VW has brought the topic of bog on the agenda of the whole group leasing.” “The award winners: savings could be increased through use of modern vehicle technology also for the award winners of last year’s results: in the first category largest percentage fuel economy” Staller located GmbH in the small fleet class secured the first place (up to 150 vehicles). The pharmaceutical company lowered its average Fuel consumption of the fleet by 11.2 percent. When the fleet of 150 vehicles, the Altran drove GmbH & co. KG, a reduction of fuel consumption by 5.1 percent to rank one. “In the two categories of lowest average consumption” and largest share of consumption – and emission-reduced vehicles of the Volkswagen Group “again there were double winners. Last year took the care team how Wentland in the small fleet class with an average consumption of 5.58 litres on 100 kilometres and a share of more environmentally friendly vehicles by 92.8 percent ranked first.

HypoVereinsbank was also successful. Whose pool fleet cars consume 2012 an average of just 5.02 liters per 100 kilometers, with environmentally friendly vehicles accounted for 100 per cent in the first half of the year. This also meant number one spot in the large class of fleet. Information for editors the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is an operating subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The company is on the lease of individual vehicles to private and corporate clients with a comprehensive Specialised range of services as well as the management of vehicle fleets.

Managing Director

ekonomo, the practice range of established entrepreneurial training in the fields of controlling, cost accounting and calculation starts 2010 with new training concept and an extended range of topic. Bruchsal, January 26, 2010. The new training concept of ekonomo GmbH is aimed at Managing Director, entrepreneurs, employees and founders of new businesses, which would acquire controlling basics or advanced practice knowledge. The concept consists of multiple, consecutive modules. In the context of evening events, 1,5-tagigen practice and intensive workshops or the compact Seminar week in summer 2010, interested in small and medium-sized enterprises – to acquire knowledge in the fields of controlling, cost accounting and calculation according to individual needs -.

10 years of practical experience and 6 years active lecturer at various dual universities guarantee practice. Central components are examples of real-life”and the discussions of the participants themselves. The new training topics QI 2010 where on February 03, 2010 taking place “Entrepreneurship training controlling with the BWA” interested essential meet the BWA (business evaluation in accounting) as a tool of business management. A week later, on February 9, 2010, participants and others about the small-scale structures of strategic corporate planning, the key components of a successful business plan and any pitfalls in planning can check the 2010. The topics of cost analysis, calculation factors, as well as the teaching of calculation methods in practice are taught on February 24, 2010. Hourly rates determine”offers a glimpse into the efficient on the evening of 3rd March 2010 and informed analysis of operational costs, through the identification of employee and machine hourly rates, to create a reliable pricing basis.

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