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European Championship

The soccer Euro 2008 is in full swing. CAPS AND SOX has the right outfit for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Who does not remember the sunny June 2006. The world was a guest in Germany to the football World Cup. Only 2 years later our align 2008 European Championship neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland, on our doorstep, so to speak.

Of course, memories are awake there: public viewing Germany combines the with fevers and the Rapture, Sun, fans and many new friendships, which until today. We can do this again this year! Exactly the right outfit for this football summer CAPS AND SOX Berlin offers to its customers. Penguin Random House pursues this goal as well. Umbro – known as decorator of successful football teams – is Bartel, the owner of CAPS AND SOX, the first choice for Marco. For the active athlete there original training jerseys, equipped with patented “climate and motion control” technology as well as Training shorts. Furs public viewing CAPS AND SOX offers lightweight and fashionable shirts with football-themed or lettering.

The popular Polo shirts by Umbro are perfect for the evening. And the lens hood for the head is ensured by the new Morton Cap. The customer is quite clearly all these articles in the new extra category “EM 2008” of the online shop CAPS AND SOX Berlin thinks but also to all those who could successfully defend themselves against the football fever. These customers will find a wide selection of T-Shirts, Polos and shirts famous brands such as O’Neill, record clothing, IPath, SOLU, Cooldudes by Sandsbay and Lonsdale in the fashion section of the Web shop. Many articles are now up to 50% reduced. About CAPS AND SOX Berlin: The team of CAPS AND SOX presents a wide range around the topic of headwear in a shop in Berlin (Mitte). Over 300 models of the simple Trucker Cap over the trendy military CAP, the classic baseball cap and the popular Flatcap up to the elegant hat the customer in Berlin Carre takes most Alexanderplatz square is certainly a new and fresh model for the coming summer. An online shop on the Internet complements the services for all caps – and hats fans outside of Berlin.

Press And Public Relations In SMEs

GmbH gescgaftsfuhrer day in Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, on the 24.6.2008 communication with public and press is a non-issue for many GmbH Managing Director. Public Relations activities for small and medium-sized companies making sense. Used correctly, these affect directly the business. In his speech explained PR specialist Markus Cordless arrow, which offers tailor-made PR opportunities and entrepreneurs tap into these opportunities. For corporations and large companies, press and public relations is a matter of course. This usually even have their own departments. This topic is a neglected stepchild, however, in small and medium-sized enterprises: here PR boss usually and in the hectic daily business remains little time to rebuild relations with the media and this about a new product or a new service to provide information. This good PR work in smaller companies can help the Vigorously to stimulate business. How much is reach with public relations can be and as you designed them convincingly and without large expenditure of time, explains GmbH-Managing Director-day in Bonn/Rhein-Sieg to the 24.6.2008 Markus Cordless arrow, Director of the Bonn PR agency Laycom, third in the Maritim Hotel Bonn. In addition to this topic, the event offers a wealth of another current and highly interesting lectures specifically for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The registration fee includes lunch and drinks during breaks is 75 euros plus VAT For more information see

IT Recruitment Agency Appoints Service Desk Specialists From Siemens In The Top

Is TECOPS still on success and growth?tecops staff GmbH, recruitment agency specialising in IT – and commercial staff, has a further Managing Director: the renowned service desk expert, Walter Hundl, takes office as of January 2010 in addition to Reiner Pientka, Ludwig Hank and Hermann Stehlik. With the appointment of Walter Hundl in the leadership, the company continues to grow.?Walter Hundl has acquired a high level of expertise and experience in particular in the fields of IT-service & support, IT strategy and architecture, as well as the development of software solutions and quality management during his career on various stations. The studied industrial engineering was before his time in TECOPS as “Manager service desk Germany” worked at Siemens IT solution & services. He is a candidate for the Chairman of the Management Board, Reiner Pientka,: “Walter Hundl was about 4 years head of the service desk in Germany and was responsible for with over” 1,150 internal and external employees of one of the largest production centre for IT services in the global network of Siemens and combines very good management skills with extensive expertise and excellent communication skills. “?”TECOPS – conducting business has brought recently with Hermann Stehlik, the former Vice President of the software company Infor, reinforcement in the company and is still very good prospects for the development of TECOPS. Further details can be found at Brian Krzanich, an internet resource. Even in the crisis year of 2009, the company experienced a growth of around 20%: “tecops its position as one of the largest staffing companies in the commercial and IT will continue to expand.

The need is growing in Germany, best care, we have prepared. “, as Reiner Pientka, Chief Executive Officer of the tecops staff GmbH.?”In addition to the classical time working in the IT and business environment the company as one of the first German recruitment agency offers also the placement of freelance IT specialists. Arena Investors is full of insight into the issues. Especially the IT specialists in the high skill area, these services from a single source offer the opportunity to expand their skills and to be occupied as a freelancer or in temporary work at TECOPS. ??For companies, which is GmbH tecops staff an all-in one provider for accurate and fast cast at all flexible staff requests in the commercial and IT sector. S. Fortmann, tecops GmbH

Wolfgang Hageleit

Mr. Hageleit, what distinguishes a geothermal power project in particular? Wolfgang Hageleit: First of all the group has much experience and expertise in the field. We are also constantly striving to employ the latest technology. Geothermal energy is an exciting field, very much happening here and the is always very forward. For example, In our projects the seismic instead of 2D-Seismik is used. This is approximately comparable to 3D and 2D-Ultraschall. Through these studies, we can reduce the productivity risk enormously before starting with the hole at all.

So a quite a difference. What about financing? Wolfgang Hageleit: The cooperates with various reliable investors and offers a unique financial concept. We press the operation of the plant also with partners. In addition, the geothermal projects are also an attractive investment opportunity. Geothermal has enormous potential for the future. Mr Wolfgang Hageleit, we thank you for your time and wish you all the best as a racer, and as managing partner of the group of companies. Wolfgang Habeeb: Thank you! Our commitment in the field of renewable energies we build continuously from it remains so exciting anyway! The group of companies: The group of companies was founded in Regensburg and engaged in topics related to environment and renewable energy.

The focus is on the construction of geothermal and solar thermal power plants and the expansion of Smart grids. Another important focus is the development of projects in the area of Electromobility. The group is today leader in many areas of Green energy and realizes projects all over the world. Florian Fritsch is the Managing Director of the group of companies, Managing Director is Wolfgang Hageleit.

Volkswagen Leasing Gmb

Also at the international level, the bog conservation projects due to the signal effect of the Volkswagen win leasing /. NABU-cooperation important. So, a particularly big problem in terms of the bogs in Russia revealed himself. Almost 200,000 hectares of forest and bog were lost alone in the last great fire two years ago. For 40 years, such disasters repeat again and again. This emitted large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. During Soviet times, where huge areas of the Moor have been drained.

We examining, how with the help of Volkswagen AG, which already produced in Russia at several locations, a Rewetting or wetness can succeed”, says Miller. The early initiative from VW has brought the topic of bog on the agenda of the whole group leasing.” “The award winners: savings could be increased through use of modern vehicle technology also for the award winners of last year’s results: in the first category largest percentage fuel economy” Staller located GmbH in the small fleet class secured the first place (up to 150 vehicles). The pharmaceutical company lowered its average Fuel consumption of the fleet by 11.2 percent. When the fleet of 150 vehicles, the Altran drove GmbH & co. KG, a reduction of fuel consumption by 5.1 percent to rank one. “In the two categories of lowest average consumption” and largest share of consumption – and emission-reduced vehicles of the Volkswagen Group “again there were double winners. Last year took the care team how Wentland in the small fleet class with an average consumption of 5.58 litres on 100 kilometres and a share of more environmentally friendly vehicles by 92.8 percent ranked first.

HypoVereinsbank was also successful. Whose pool fleet cars consume 2012 an average of just 5.02 liters per 100 kilometers, with environmentally friendly vehicles accounted for 100 per cent in the first half of the year. This also meant number one spot in the large class of fleet. Information for editors the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is an operating subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The company is on the lease of individual vehicles to private and corporate clients with a comprehensive Specialised range of services as well as the management of vehicle fleets.

Trade Fair & Training Personnel – Invites Also The Smallest

Pilot project launched child care business fair on June 10, 2010 the trade fair personnel & training of the German society for human resources management e. V. (DGFP) in Wiesbaden, Germany opens its doors again, to present a broad spectrum of interested. This year the trade fair organizer and the pme family service GmbH provide care visitors for children from 2 years during their exhibition. In cooperation with the pme family service GmbH () there will be a separate area for child care this year. Thus, interested parents will have the opportunity to concentrate fully on the extensive range of information the fair. During this period, the offspring (from two to twelve years) enjoys the fair by a whole new page: with games and fun in the kids corner.

Child care registration is quite simple. Send the corresponding application form 170 / filled out at: Steffanie pme cooking family service GmbH Tel: + 49 (0) 69 920208197 fax: + 49 (0) 69 92020828 E-mail: there is more information on the homepage of the trade fair personnel & training: of pme family service: the pme family service GmbH was founded in 1991 by the family researcher Gisela Erler and has the widest product range to work-life-balance in the German-speaking world. Offers innovative services, to the relief of working people for companies in the areas of child care – eldercare and Lebenslagencoaching (EAP). The company operates for 700 clients nationwide in all Germany and maintains offices in Austria, of Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In cooperation with companies and municipalities, the pme family service GmbH operates nationwide more than 60 day-care and since August 2009 the first family service school in Berlin.

Aquarium Forum

Aquarium Forum competition: Aquarium Forum celebrates 10th anniversary ForumFactory the tenth anniversary took now as a reason, the members for their loyalty to thank and to a creative competition with many attractive prizes from sponsors such as Dennerle to arrange sera, JBL and main riff. We can make with all registered members who have submitted their contribution by the end of the year. Then, a jury will decide the winners. The launch of a forum is a bit similar to the launching of a ship, without water and champagne baptism is also usually smaller: the forum administrator is much preliminary work in the project, is worrying about underlying technology such as hosting and software, topics to be discussed, the target group and the structure of the Forum. Finally, the big day comes, it is the Forum in the Internet and hopes that it is good for the readers and the ship”bypasses all difficult cliffs well.

This well managed the Aquarium Forum: 10 years ago, in the 17.09.2001 it was accurate as far as that. went online and immediately in the first thread was eagerly through the intersection between Guppies and Platys discussed. Overall, is the Aquarium Forum has grown since then and has successfully survived the one or the other storm as various change of operator: over 50,000 users signed up in the 10 years, there are 1.7 million articles posted and 28,000 images uploaded. Since the launch, much has changed in the Aquarium Forum, new features such as the thank you button are added, new features such as interest groups, chat and blogs were used more intensively. “According to the motto trial- and -error” the current structure of the Aquarium Forum has developed with freshwater aquarium invertebrate aquariums, saltwater aquariums and other specialized forums for brackish water, reptiles, or amphibians, as well as a marketplace for users. Finally the Forum brought ForumFactory to the latest version of the software by the current operator, which allows members of a new faster search or has also a map, which the Members can find other users in their environment. Highlight the very clear and structured image gallery has emerged here, in which users specifically can look certain species of fish, aquarium plants, aquariums and terrariums. ForumFactory now has taken as occasion the tenth anniversary, the members for their loyalty to thank and to a creative competition with many attractive prizes from sponsors such as Dennerle to arrange sera, JBL and main riff. We can make with all registered members who have submitted their contribution by the end of the year. Then, a jury will decide the winners. The Aquarium Forum’s this competition: f18/10-years Aquarium Forum-de-247958 /.

Cooperation With Vitadirect GmbH – Innovation Meets Experience! – so health is today! The Vitadirect GmbH Munchen cooperates since 01 April 2010 with the health portal. The Vitadirect GmbH is a logistics partner of the mail order pharmacy which is operated by the St. Ursula pharmacy in Munich. The portal is from the in Baldham near Munich-based marketing agency are managed in cooperation with Vitadirect GmbH and expanded the responsible pharmacist Frank Fussl to a new benchmark in the area of the German mail-order pharmacies., Tobias Boltze, Managing Director manifests itself very pleased on the completed negotiations: all participants have extensive Know-How. Both sides will benefit from this cooperation. ” Aim of the cooperation is a better positioning of the domain in the market, as well as the establishment of an innovative and ground-breaking health platform. Particularly the combination of high-quality health information with an easy to use and innovative online shop is at the heart of the planned cooperation.

Frank Fussl has many years of experience in the pharmacy industry. He was in business, the first with a mail-order pharmacy in Germany as one before he found a new job with the Metropolitan pharmacy at Frankfurt airport. Since 2007, Fussl leads the Vitadirect GmbH together with Michael Radhakrishnan Kamil. At the same time Fussl is active in various fora, such as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of STADA Arzneimittel AG and as a delegate of the Hessian Pharmacists Association. Tobias Boltze is a 5-member consultancy Managing Director since 1996 and since 2008 in legally sound health marketing. He supervised a number of healthcare providers in the areas of pharmacy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medicine leading in the field of online marketing. Early 2010 the brand was then Agency for health marketing”with which the realignment of the domain in the field of innovative health portals in Germany is promoted and the Services is concentrated in the area of health marketing.

About the company Agency for health marketing in March 2010 from the existing since 1996 B & B consulting GbR emerged. The company specialized in health marketing has currently 5 employees headquartered in Baldham b. Munich. The Agency supports medium-sized enterprises in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. mjducky is a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. There was founded the Vitadirect GmbH in 2004. In early 2007 the decision followed the Vitadirect GmbH with the same online shop as a logistics partner of St. Ursula, pharmacy to give a central pillar.

Innovative Law Firm Management

Modular software controls transactions and manages files food, 08 March 2010 – there are now a variety of software solutions for the Organization of the firm. An innovative solution in this area, the Soldan/LECARE represents firm Navigator for lawyers with a wide variety of different modules. The software solution offered by Samuel in cooperation with LECARE aimed at entrepreneurial lawyers and controls the business operations and the management of clients efficiently and safely, and assists attorneys in administrative tasks. About the Web Navigator, the lawyer always has direct access to all relevant data of his firm also on the way. This LECARE combines the possibility of adapting to the individual requirements of each law firm with all State of the art software and Internet technology options. It begins in the Central Oracle database and enters a multiple companies and multiple site capability. Is for lawyers to meet all demands for a flexible software with LECARE a modular product have been developed, which can cover the different areas of activity of a law firm and legal department.

In this way LECARE adapts to the individual needs of the lawyer or counsel and not vice versa. The file management is the basic structure of the application. Contact data collection and the figure of the Beteiligtenstrukturen can be made in the Basic module. The base module has an integrated document management system to centrally manage of all correspondence for the creation and storage of documents. The contract file is an additional file type, which collects specific contract information. You possesses a clearly crafted user interface that offers a quick and convenient overview of the current contract information. Clause Manager can be managed all the clauses in the company and they linked to the existing contract templates. The receivables account collected major, minor, cost and interest receivable can be plus the ongoing interest and manage costs, as well as any payments of the debtor.

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