Rogelio Rodriguez

Trying to sell a bikini in a forum to lose weight is not only unwise, it can be so rude. And yet, I see these ads every day. These are usually erased, ignored or generate negative comments from other members, which means that, besides the two above, the advertiser is hated by everyone. Sell. Why, it's not for that? Maybe, but I do not want to sell me.

I want to solve a problem, additional information or socialize with others. A member who gives me an idea of how to do something or solve a problem, followed by a simple "to learn more, visit mysite. com "will get much more audience," I solve your problem for $ $, visit mysite. com ". Not participate. Post an ad is not to participate.

When you go to start a conversation or putting smart comments or giving solutions to what is being asked, you're a participant. When you put your ad only to see that you get, you're a spammer, at least in regard to members of the group or community. Lying, exaggerating or not to comply. On a forum is better than ever (EVER) tell the truth or you can substantiate what you write. Although the roll cheap works for some cases in a forum you just find that you fail to make you burn with the whole community. Do not use a signature with your link. It seems incredible, but I've seen comments from people who have links but his signature does not appear, just put it when they announce something. This not only identifies your comments and sales efforts, they also lose a lot of traffic interested in what they offer. Although some say that the forums are no longer a viable option, the reality is that still are, not only to attract visitors, and also build your reputation and get links to your site. And everything is free, if you know how. Even today, when much of my traffic comes from search engines, forums and communities always have me interested in my site traffic. There are several ways to advertise in forums and communities, which will be material for other items, but while these four do not make mistakes, you have a source of free traffic and concerned for your site or blog. To learn more, visit Rogelio Rodriguez

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