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Moral Rules

Diverse European countries had also adopted the constitutional monarchy, with the end of the absolutism remaining until the end of world to war i when the majority of the States adopts the tripartio of them to be able one of the most important theories of sciences politics and modern that still today remains as one of the conditions of functioning of the Modern State. (ALBUQUERQUE, 1991) Consideraes final Montesquieu subsidized the limits of the power politician when affirming that natural laws existed and statutory laws you finish them related the beginning of government that all are citizens they.

The State is tied with the institutionalized power, that if seats in an institution and not in an individual, assuring that in the Modern State, it does not have to be able absolute, therefore exactly the governing must subject what it is established in the Law. You may want to visit Aetna Inc. to increase your knowledge. In its Montesquieu workmanship already it described that a power could not usurp nor to disrespect the other duly warned that if installs the absolutism and the tyranny with suppression of the freedom of the citizen and stimulates the corruption and that, certain governments, whose objective constitution directly the freedom politics must have three types of being able: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary power. This freedom politics to exist, is necessary that the citizen never if feels threatened by another one; e, the government only can guarantee such security. In other words the theory politics of Montesquieu is classic and contemporary for pointing the way with respect to the stability of the regimen of government that is the cohesion of the social forces and of institutions with use of the reason to correct eventual social disequilibria that can occur in function of the nature human being, ‘ ‘ as to be physicist the man is governed by invariable laws and as to be intelligent they violate leis’ incessantly..

The Public Administration

To follow, it is looked to delimit the space of understanding concerning the object so that it does not have distanciamento of the question proposal. Many are the definitions for the word administration. Vocbulo encloses the superior activity in such a way to plan, to direct, to command, as the subordinated activity to execute. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.53). Administration can itself be appraised as the process or dynamic activity that consists of taking decision on objectives and resources. The process to manage is inherent to any situation that has people using resources to reach some type of objective.

The last purpose of the process to manage is to guarantee the accomplishment of objectives by means of application of the resource. (Maximiano, 2000, P. 54) To if defining Public Administration, it is needed to inside classify the expression of the existing directions, the objective and subjective material and the formal one. In ample direction: The Public Administration, subjectively considered, in such a way understands the governmental bodies, supreme, constitutional (Government), which incube to trace the action plans, to direct, to command, as well as the administrative agencies, subordinate, dependents (Public Administration, in strict direction), which incube to execute the governmental plans; still in ample direction, however objective considered, the Public Administration understands the function politics, that traces the governmental lines of direction and the administrative function, executes that them. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.54). The definition for Public Administration in strict direction understands, under subjective aspect, only the administrative agencies, and under the aspect objective, only the administrative function, excluded, in the first case, governmental bodies e, in as, the function politics. (Di Pietro, 2003, p.54) It is necessary to distinguish the functions from the State. The functions are: legislative, judiciary and executive. Predominantly, each Power exerts one of these functions. It is needed to focar, however, in the executive power that is, in last analysis, the proper administrative function of the State.

Rio Grande Do Sul

For the research on Cost in the Legislative of Robert Pear tree Rabbit it can be inferred that this information is not disponibilizada way Internet, being divulged only in publications of Official gazette which little people have access, either for being restricted official literature to who she operates with it or for the difficulty of reading and interpretation of the language of this type of periodical (small, unreadable and excessively published letter with the intention of not being chore nor understood – Grifo ours) As research above cited, of capitals only searched six disponibilizam this information saw Internet: ' ' Campo Grande still does not offer this resource and the information had been extracted by the researcher of publications of Official gazette. They are presented given relative to the year of 2006 and population of July of 2005 in agreement IBGE. It was observed that Campo Grande is third with bigger per capita cost and has a difference of 300% more than, if compared with the city of Macei, that has similar budgetary characteristics nossa' '. (RABBIT, 2006). Others including Brian Krzanich, offer their opinions as well. If the attribution of the City council is to legislate and to control the executive competes to the researcher verifying if the cost/I benefit is satisfactory and to start to charge for where these resources go, if are being expenses in correct way and taking care of to the necessities of the population, therefore the researcher justifies that it did not judge if the resources were enough or not. In the States searched, according to 9 RABBIT (2005-2006), only thirteen State legislatures disponibilizavam, of efficient form its data, excessively simply they did not disponibilizavam or they were placed in inadequate way. Between the searched states, Mato Grosso of the South presented a per capita cost of R$ 60,87, value above average of the majority of the States (Rondnia, Sergipe, Rio De Janeiro, Paraba, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande Do Sul, Alagoas, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Cear, Bahia and So Paulo), without similarity of budget with the others to arrive itself at a parameter, as it was made in the city of Campo Grande, but also in the municipal case, observing the renderings of accounts, for verification of the expenditures. .

King Mohammed

Such exercise was transmitted by the speech of the sort that distaca ' ' right to point, because being together! ' ' Taken the veil for Its Majesty! In fact to announce a regionalizao plan enters boldest of the continent values ' ' a democratic management for the subjects of regio' ' , the Amazigh proclaims unequivocally as ' ' common inheritance of all the Moroccans, without exceo' ' , considered as ' ' a democratic constitutional device constituting a basic and essential fact for one remodels dynamics in curso' ' demanding that he is encorajado' ' for the law of the equality of access of men and equal women before the elective offices ' ' , it revealed the concept of the politics of ' ' historical commitment ' ' , that it constitutes ' ' force of a new alliance between the Throne and the Povo' ' , everything this estimates that Its Majesty the King Mohammed VI can keep the foreseen one on as to operate the system of long date, in terms to operate lifting. Which if consolidates in tune with the times of the worthiest movement of Morocco that searchs an institucional renaissance in democratic terms, parliamentarians, judicial, civilians, economic, cultural and social. This authentic renaissance cannot put in cause what it is the essence of the marroquinidade of Morocco, this wants to say ' ' the Isl as the religion of the State guarantees the freedom of worship, the Comenda of believers, the monarchy, the national unit, the territorial integrity, as well as the democratic choice. This ' ' Such belief shared between the people and the King is supported Mohammed VI, as the feat success contained in the real speech, in which the sacred responsibility is not refused to incarnate the essence of its country, the normal choice of the historical evolution and the devolution that promotes the decentralization that even though goes to delocalizar the power of each candidate in the seio of the exercise of its historical responsibilities.

Brazilian Supreme Court

The launching and the act of receiving of all the prescription of the managing units, also referring the appeals to the Brazilian Supreme Court. (Enclosed for the Complementary Law n 131, of 2009). According to Arajo (2004, P. 25), the public or governmental accounting represents an important instrument of management and control for the public administration. This importance if of the one for the reason to generate and to supply necessary information so that if it can fulfill the order constitutional of the rendering of accounts and the disponobilizao of trustworthy, complete, clear and opportune information budgetary, pragmatic, financial, economic and patrimonial and also the accompaniment of the budgetary execution allows. As for the mechanisms of accompaniment of the budgetary execution on the part of representatives of the collectives, the accomplishment of the meetings with the entities of classrooms, audiences, fruns can be detached municipal on budget and tributes of the city, organized and guided for the management in vigor pra to demonstrate and to evaluate the fulfilment of the goals and priorities established in the Budgetary Law. The participation citizen in the elaboration of the municipal budget promotes the reinforcement of the local power, through the empoderamento of the society and with the establishment of the social control in the rendering of accounts with the transparency of the public politics for the constitution of a democratic management participativa that has the function to institute the participativa democracy in the management of the public politics, to create not state public spaces of joint of interests and to formulate the LDO the LOA and the PPA. is requisite basic that the government grants to the population the right of the social control of the public mounts of money, by means of mechanisms of rendering of accounts and of transparency of the politics that will be applied and used for the municipal management..

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