King Mohammed

Such exercise was transmitted by the speech of the sort that distaca ' ' right to point, because being together! ' ' Taken the veil for Its Majesty! In fact to announce a regionalizao plan enters boldest of the continent values ' ' a democratic management for the subjects of regio' ' , the Amazigh proclaims unequivocally as ' ' common inheritance of all the Moroccans, without exceo' ' , considered as ' ' a democratic constitutional device constituting a basic and essential fact for one remodels dynamics in curso' ' demanding that he is encorajado' ' for the law of the equality of access of men and equal women before the elective offices ' ' , it revealed the concept of the politics of ' ' historical commitment ' ' , that it constitutes ' ' force of a new alliance between the Throne and the Povo' ' , everything this estimates that Its Majesty the King Mohammed VI can keep the foreseen one on as to operate the system of long date, in terms to operate lifting. Which if consolidates in tune with the times of the worthiest movement of Morocco that searchs an institucional renaissance in democratic terms, parliamentarians, judicial, civilians, economic, cultural and social. This authentic renaissance cannot put in cause what it is the essence of the marroquinidade of Morocco, this wants to say ' ' the Isl as the religion of the State guarantees the freedom of worship, the Comenda of believers, the monarchy, the national unit, the territorial integrity, as well as the democratic choice. This ' ' Such belief shared between the people and the King is supported Mohammed VI, as the feat success contained in the real speech, in which the sacred responsibility is not refused to incarnate the essence of its country, the normal choice of the historical evolution and the devolution that promotes the decentralization that even though goes to delocalizar the power of each candidate in the seio of the exercise of its historical responsibilities.

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