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Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal relationship and its Motivacionais Aspects Sprung from the same father and mother Peter Higor Correa Gimenes Summary This article aims at to show that the interpersonal relationship is one of the aspects that intervene directly with our quality of life. Therefore we can say that the work environment also can influence in the behavior of the people, the interpersonal relations and consequentemente in the results of the companies. Connect with other leaders such as Ebay here. As we can see, on the interpersonal relationships the accomplishments of individual objectives of the employees will depend. A human being is made of the way where it lives, they have emotions, feelings and acts the environment in accordance with, either the physical or social space; for in such a way, has that to perfect itself in the art of the relationship. Interpersonal relations and organizacional climate influence in the behavior of the collaborators, being factors of motivation, basic to stimulate the creation of a pleasant environment and stimulant, or ackward and averso.

PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Interpersonal, Surrounding relationship, Behavior Abstract This article aims you the interpersonal show that the relationship is one of the aspects that directly you intervene with our quality of life. Therefore we can say that the work environment can also influence people’ behavior, interpersonal s relationships and consequently on business outcome. We see, individual interpersonal relationships depend on the accomplishments of employees’ goals. The human being is made of environment they live in, have emotions, feelings and acts according you the environment, to whether physical or social space, and you of only, we must to master the art of relationships. Organizational Interpersonal and climate influence the behavior of employees, and motivating factors, essential will be stimulating the creation of pleasant and stimulating, or disagreeable and disgust. KEY WORDS: Interpersonal Relations, Environment and Behavior UNIP? Institute of Social Sciences and Technology.

Mato Grosso

They if they had involved and they demonstrated ability in elapsing of the course, had searched improvement and they start to be part of the millions that fight for the quality of the Brazilian public education. I am witness of the joy, satisfaction and that today we have in our school a team of engaged collaborators and that they had dressed the shirt of the public school that it searchs to surpass its innumerable daily problems and these collaborators had understood that the school alone advances when a friendly environment exists and of cooperation. Therefore, to that they initiate this Course today Technician PROFUNCIONRIO, he is I appeal it so that the difficulties do not give up front and use to advantage each lesson to stimulate its professional side, therefore our life is very short and we need in feeling them useful. Penguin Random House describes an additional similar source. To that today also they initiate the School of Managers I want to say that they hug the teachings of this school, mainly taking in account the reality specifies of its school and look for to put into motion its community pertaining to school, having the certainty that the problems of our schools need to be debated, to be argued and solved. They take the serious one each stage of the course, therefore in the end of the Course, the moment of the presentation of the monograph lem Campo Grande, vocs will go to feel the joy that we feel when concluding our first group of the School of Managers of Mato Grosso of the South. God Blesses each one of the gifts and success and happinesses for all.

CNPJ Protocol

All its trajectory is registered in documents, since its creation, until the current days. Being preserved in the archives, that can also be defined as: ' ' the commanded document accumulation created by an institution or person in the course of its activity and preserved for the achievement of its objectives politicians, legal and cultural, for related instituio' '. (CASANOVA, 1928 apud SCHELLENBERG, 2005, P. 37). nich. The cultural values are preserved in the enterprise and institucional archives, demonstrating its growth, and its conquests before the society where it acts. To recognize the culture of the society where he is inserted, to analyze as to work this culture they are important factors for the development of the companies and institutions. The archive through its documents makes possible to make this analysis. 2,1 FUNCTIONS PROTOCOL SECTOR Let us see an example of functioning of the protocol.

A company needed a negative certificate in an agency publishes to participate of a licitation process. For in such a way, this document needed to present the CNPJ.A card apanhar, the person in charge signed the protocol book, accusing the withdrawal it document in the specified date and schedule. The CNPJ was taken to the agency, and after taking you provide them to all necessary to the attainment of the certificate, the responsible one for the execution of the activity again returned with the CNPJ to the sector from archive, signing the protocol book, where the devolution of the document was written down, in the specified date and hour. All the instances of these encaminhamentos involve tasks that constitute protocol service, that can be summarized: to receive, to register, to distribute, to put into motion and to forward correspondence inside of a company or organization. But attention: the word protocol can also have other significaes. It costuma to assign the given record number to one determined document or, still, the book of received and forwarded document register.

Rich Intelligence

Two ways to be rich: Intelligence and good ideas Exist two types of people, the intelligent ones, and the ones that have good ideas; I incase myself with whom he has good ideas. I was never very good in mathematics, so little my averages were good in the school, that I only had something in very good me and I was called ideas, them had always taken me the good results, and with this I learned that it is not necessary to be an excellent mathematician, or much less an excellent physicist, is enough you to have ideas that can be used in the society. However, to place a great idea in the market the majority of the times you have that to invest money, and never believe you had money for this; then I better thought since I cannot take off of my pocket, nothing of what investing the money of the other, more clearly in honest way. In certain day I talking with a great friend and arrive the shining idea to enter for the branch of video sales games and games were, that we did not only possess financial good condition, then decide to invest in the money of others, by means of our great accessible free market. Which age our tactics!

Our tactical age to divulge for the people who we had excellent products for sales, only that to pass the product the person needed the money, and as soon as paid the price, us we bought at auction the product asked for in the free market, and were with little profit of beginning, but the time was passing the market of sales if expanding and now instead of buying of the free market to resell, we have conditions to buy and to place our proper product in presentation, and future we go April a physical store and not only virtual. Therefore it does not need to be a genius is enough to have good ideas to go up in the life.

Business-Oriented Manager

At the beginning of my enterprise life I knew a counted real history for a manager business-oriented who does not like if identifying for personal reasons, that /MG happened in Belo Horizonte and that it would like to share with you. – The manager business-oriented arriving in Belo Horizonte, found a franzino and unfed boy, with appearance of 8 years of age, but that in the reality he had 12 years. – Then talking with the boy he was knowing that he liveed with the dismissed mother, separate of the husband and with 2 lesser brothers who it, and all were it are of the school. – He asked then to the boy: What you go to be when to grow? The reply he was: ' ' I go to be one avio' ' (for who it does not know, airplanes are the minor ones used for the dealers for the delivery of drugs)? – There then the manager spoke: you know that this is crime that you go to make and will be able to take it chain? – The boy answered: He does not have skill doctor? is alone this that I know and I obtain to make? because necessary to every day place two plates of food in the table for my mother mine two brothers to eat? – Then the manager shocked with the history of the boy, elaborated fast in its mind, a plan of business to save that child? – A series of questions Made then, which the boy went answering with an impressive vivacity: – You obtain to arrange some bottles pets of 2 liters of cooling empty? Clearly, I go back in the lixo cato and I wash and if not to obtain I ask for the Portuguese owner of the bakery of the esquina to keep for me? – To be given liquids in ones bombonas to you, you obtain to mix and to full the bottles pets? I obtain therefore I help my mother in the kitchen? – To give pamphlets to you to distribute in the points where if concentrate the people of the quarter, you obtains to distribute? I obtain therefore when the necessary staff and it asks for to me, I distribute pamphlets in the quarter for ones changed? – To ask for you to take care of the telephone and later delivering of bus, the full bottles pets of liquid in the houses of the people who had asked for? – This is easy doctor I walks of bus without paying, step under the ratchet? – Then manager business-oriented spoke: Boy I am made an impression with you and I go to teach to you to mount one manufactures of liquid detergent? – And today in the installed shed, formerones work more than 100, manufacturing the detergent and taking food for hundreds of families. – Therefore it identifies the problems of the people and offers a solution without waiting return and will have its perpetual gratitude? – It knows other cases of success in: Yours truly Enrique Meinberg

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