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Enterprise Quality

In the current world which speaks of competitiveness in all areas, it is prevailing work with quality to obtain success and survive the work demands. Although the term quality is always subjective, will depart from the will to commit themselves to meeting organizational objectives oriented to provide a service or product ideal. Quality demands individual and group commitment to plan, carry out, monitor both the individual activities as each process in which an organization is based. Is why we must get used to analyze our actions in the workplace to create a values-based environment, fellowship and humility; as well as work in equipment, constant training, leadership and collaboration. Dan Zwirn often addresses the matter in his writings. We insist that the basis of corporate quality, is the individual quality, therefore need to identify our skills and competences; task difficult, but necessary, since when the work to play is not within our competence, generates frustration and unwanted results. It is useful to resort to tools help in the achievement of an ideal professional location such as self-assessments and even professional psychological help.

The end is to develop us occupationally with confidence and security and be in constant preparation to achieve such maturity that allow us any submitted changes. But not everything is working life, in the same way that professionally, our participation in family and social groups require quality in each activity at our expense, in addition to considering that success or failure in any of the areas will affect individual and therefore performance of an entire company. It is important, for all the above, establish in our act daily the challenge of acting quality, surrender our will to achieve individual goals based on the professional and social success indirectly achieving business success. Original author and source of the article.

The Republican

Called by elegantly fill of politics to society and society policy. And again warn: a democracy that is deficient in the creation of citizenship is not sustainable. A very interesting aspect of the welfare society definition, adds to the report it is when most of the inhabitants enjoys rights citizens and where their exercise is not confined to a minority. Another proper usage that we find is the word order, noting that democracy will collapse without social purpose and to emphasize that it is not matter of democracy the formulation of a specific economic policy, but the effects of that economic policy in terms of creation of citizenship, assertions extremely interesting because, on the one hand breaks with the thesis that democracy and liberalism cannot exist one without the other and also specific mention – it is clear one of the diseases that we have pointed to fatigue: the subordination of the policy to the economy. The wake up call is insistent: suffice it to point out that you want to change the Government, it is necessary to understand politics in democracy as a say to where to go, to propose objectives and means to attain them.

The Republican organization in Latin America, incidentally, one of the traumas is the advancement of the Executive, the legislative and the Judicial. Well we know that the Venezuelans. Under most conditions Brian Krzanich would agree. Moreover, the constant warning about a cesarista regime is something we suffer daily. These perverse forms produced widespread skepticism. UNDP-OAS call to a new democratic wave founded on the consensus on the construction of democratic power and the EESC postautoritaria stage. Ends one read the document and concluded in two things: Chavez is portrayed in it and the officers of the unit democratic (MUD, which brings together opposition party), which has been even unable to formulate approaches as these politically correct democratic preservation. Venezuela has two diseases: the caesarism and lack of thought.

Fortunato Brescia Tassano

1889: Fortunato Brescia Tassano comes to callao from Cogorno, Italy. It starts as an Assistant in the shop of an Italian in callao. He sought to make it pretty in the Peru. I had clear ideas.He hoped to make a capital to invest in something which I thought was a safe investment: farmland. In 1920 Fortunato strove to acquire land in what is now San Borja.Fortunato, was a small farmer who acquired land in the outskirts of Lima. She wanted to be near the city which provided bread products carry, without imagining that the farms that buy would acquire great value when the city began to expand. 1893: acquires Mirannanes fundo bread carry and dairy-1913 purchase fundo Limatambo1920 acquires the Hacienda San Borja and Valverde. Creates agricultural negotiation Fortunato Brescia as holding of their purchases.

Much of what is now San Isidro, San Borja and La Molina and los olivos was part of their land. 1940: Expropriate le part of their land to build the Limatambo airport. starts the real estate business, 1952: Die Fortunato. the capital of the Group amounts to 38 million soles 1962: creates the coast and sea fishing companies. Food technology and Indomar.1969: expropriate you haciendas fortaleza, Pativilca, supe, huacho, webbing and lima. But stay with southern Limatambo, Valverde and the naranjal.1976: becomes the largest local actions fork bcp – 14.2% – were already owners of international insurance Cia and Cia de seguros Rimac1977: join the shareholding of Cia minera Alliance constituting the maker of explosives – Exsa-1979: purchase fabrica de La union1981 tissues: acquires Cinsa, Cia Peruvian paintings and 13 supermarkets Scala… fails in its attempt to buy Banco de Lima Los Brescia invested in trade, agriculture, fisheries, industry and the financial sector, in a process that I take no less than 50 years before achieving consolidated. 1987: Sold its participation in the Bank of credit and withdraw from Scala. 1990: Face imminent bankruptcy, sold its participation in the 1995 Union factory tissue: in association with BBVA acquired Banco Continental and Libertadores Hotels chain.


The first thing that should be avoided in wanting to lose fat in the abdomen is universalize and generalize the question. It is easy to recommend to people that you feed a balanced and natural, and however, continues to be an empty phrase. So, personalize: in an ancient temple of Apollo in Delphi, you can read the words you know yourself. A good advice to start. That fat that you want to burn installed there sometime in your life, because even if your abdominal muscles were not of a significant size or your body structure wasn’t athletic, surely you remember a time that did not exist.

Now that you know that you were not always as today, visualize your goal. The fairy godmother will not come to convert you in you who are not, so that a realistic vision of how are you going to improve you will help a lot. Lose fat in the abdomen is a process relatively slow, as it combines a training program to prevent the loss of muscle mass and at the same time a strong will when changing your lifestyle habits. Begins by rejecting the you know by experience that it swells your abdomen (soft drinks, potato chips, beer, copious dinner) and baby water, water is necessary. A few simple gestures that eliminate centimeters of fat in fulminating manner. There is widespread belief that five small meals should be made the day to burn more calories. Do not suffer. The Mediterranean diet is high calorie, allows fats (aahh, olive oil) and consists of three main meals, which can be explained in this maxim, since we are dating: breakfast like a King, eat like a Prince and dinner like a beggar.

A last little trick recovered from the past of our grandmothers to lose fat in the abdomen: starts any food with a hot liquid dish: soup, broth or cream of vegetables. It is satiating, digestive and never, never become abdominal fat. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think that it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

The Excellence And The Success

The search for excellence and innovation is a race that has no end, if we want to grow to extraordinary levels both in personal life as a business is necessary to fight in a determined manner to achieve the best adaptation and bring about powerful changes. Once you have defined a vision or goal that you want to achieve, the first thing you have to do is observe the competition, look at what they are doing, how did so, long led them, analyze every detail. If we aspire someday be at the peak of success then must see the best and learn from them, no matter where we are now, or how long we need to achieve them, we can already begin to imitate them in something. If we begin to do things well then we’re jumping in where others had to learn through trial and error, why the modeling of success is so important because it saves resources and energy, also the results are faster. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows us that we look to the people and successful companies that have distinguished themselves by bring something new, one great competitive advantage than others did not possess, it is therefore essential that you can activate in their life the current creator of the universe. There is always some contribution or extraordinary effort throughout history of success, that share of sacrifice has enabled them to jump fully favorable scenarios, this task requires much motivation. Many people have found the motivation and inspiration from enter the creative harmony of the universe, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt says US actions to help the achievement of our goals much but is the subconscious force which can catapult us to real accomplishments because involved impulses are above the human forces awareno doubt achieve activate the power is the big key to success, many people have made them unconsciously, you now have the opportunity to access your mind and program it according to his wishes, the results are excellent, do it now, visit: original author and source of the article.

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