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Learn Spanish Words

This morning, let’s say that out of curiosity, I put the words in the title: Learn Spanish in various search engines and the results are, how little, enlightening, we are going to stay with Google results, because finally, after they are my hosts: If you put these words into your search engine the search results yield whopping almost 81 million of pagesmost of them offering courses, tutorials, data and tips for learning to speak Spanish, either online or not, whether free or not, most of them in English a tale of what comes this? this is the story: everything I write on my blog public so, moreover, in a few sites of publishing articles for free distribution on the Internetwhich are perhaps written in Spanish here. In total there are about 10 sites and of all of them there are two that I want to leave here a comment, clear, remember that says the sin but not the sinner, at least for now in almost all of these sites public where the predominant language is the English but any other language is less welcome in two of them; one I’m still not quite sure but the other definitely if. To deepen your understanding Dan Zwirn is the source. In which still can not be any insurance, because they have not communicated with me I’ve been postulated about 7 items of which 6 is still waiting for review, these six items awaiting are articles that I have published here and that if it was published was, essentially, a list of words in English the question that should be done is who reviews articles?It can be a machine which, as it is not scheduled to do so, does not recognize any words in Spanish and therefore does not give green light to any article in this language and that, on the contrary, clearly recognized all the words in English of the list and therefore gave its approval to head or was gibberish without feeton the other hand it might be a person or group of people and this gives to definitely think I dare not dwell on this site because as I mentioned do not they have communicated with me at all, but if it is people who reviewed the articles arguably much of them; Since the more innocent, (nor they are programmed to recognize words in Spanish) to what more does paranoid? (they have no intention to disseminate content in Spanish), one thing is certain, the second site that I wanted to comment on is shown that am not paranoid in this site, really very well mounted, very nice and friendly with users, they have released me only 4 out of all the articles that I have sent and probably because those I sent all together at the same time, which then despite still send items have not published me anything more. . Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mark Bertolini by clicking through.

Small Companies

The challenge faced by all the owners of a business, they are all the time so busy working that they can’t see their own business potential. Many times, casting a look at a business think that the owner is doing well. But talking with them I usually discover that they are not winning both to convert income to a rate per hour, as high-ranking employees. In the good times of the 1970s, anyone could start a business and succeed. Those times have gone, and I don’t think again. However this has nothing to do with economic stability; but that new owners of businesses today, must not only be aware of an increasing number of laws and governmental regulations; but also that they are subject to them, in addition to facing the competition of the big conglomerates. Let’s take the example of a financial operation of cutting that existed in the years seventies and eighties.

A client could having all your financial, legal, insurance, retirement needs and investment (real estate, business and market actions) all together in a group. Give them required service of four partners. (An accountant licensed real estate, a registered stockbroker, a lawyer and an insurance broker). In today’s world of business, a similar operation requires at least 20 qualified specialists. Five counters (a general professional, a retirement specialist, a specialist in securities a commercial structure and one specialist in taxes), the same amount of specialized lawyers, some investment specialists, a finance director, a financial strategist, a finance broker, an insurance consultant, an insurance specialist and an expert in property agent real estate with a team of professional advisors. If you decide to invest in real estate development, you must have the security that you need to hire a project manager service to advise and help coordinate the pawns, the designer of the Centre, the director of finance to the construction manager, the architect the Director of marketing, the Manager of sales, etc.

Fortunato Brescia Tassano

1889: Fortunato Brescia Tassano comes to callao from Cogorno, Italy. It starts as an Assistant in the shop of an Italian in callao. He sought to make it pretty in the Peru. I had clear ideas.He hoped to make a capital to invest in something which I thought was a safe investment: farmland. In 1920 Fortunato strove to acquire land in what is now San Borja.Fortunato, was a small farmer who acquired land in the outskirts of Lima. She wanted to be near the city which provided bread products carry, without imagining that the farms that buy would acquire great value when the city began to expand. 1893: acquires Mirannanes fundo bread carry and dairy-1913 purchase fundo Limatambo1920 acquires the Hacienda San Borja and Valverde. Creates agricultural negotiation Fortunato Brescia as holding of their purchases.

Much of what is now San Isidro, San Borja and La Molina and los olivos was part of their land. 1940: Expropriate le part of their land to build the Limatambo airport. starts the real estate business, 1952: Die Fortunato. the capital of the Group amounts to 38 million soles 1962: creates the coast and sea fishing companies. Food technology and Indomar.1969: expropriate you haciendas fortaleza, Pativilca, supe, huacho, webbing and lima. But stay with southern Limatambo, Valverde and the naranjal.1976: becomes the largest local actions fork bcp – 14.2% – were already owners of international insurance Cia and Cia de seguros Rimac1977: join the shareholding of Cia minera Alliance constituting the maker of explosives – Exsa-1979: purchase fabrica de La union1981 tissues: acquires Cinsa, Cia Peruvian paintings and 13 supermarkets Scala… fails in its attempt to buy Banco de Lima Los Brescia invested in trade, agriculture, fisheries, industry and the financial sector, in a process that I take no less than 50 years before achieving consolidated. 1987: Sold its participation in the Bank of credit and withdraw from Scala. 1990: Face imminent bankruptcy, sold its participation in the 1995 Union factory tissue: in association with BBVA acquired Banco Continental and Libertadores Hotels chain.

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