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(15) LEVERRIER: Astronomer and French mathematician; that he deduced the existence of Neptune by disturbances observed in Uranus. It was then discovered and could be seen. We note: LEVERRIER: you’ll see. (16) LISANDRO’S THE Tower: Famous for the scam which discovered, made against the republica, denounced it. We note: DELATORRE: informer. (17) ARISTIPPUS of CYRENE-founder of hedonism, philosophical doctrine of the placer.

We note: ARISTIPPUS of CYRENE: you’re kind of siren. (18) Of the PIANO-uno of the best known arrangers and composers of tango in Argentina. (19) The Moon, the Sun: The Bible says that they are the only positions lights to illuminate the Earth. Gain insight and clarity with Mark Bertolini. We note: LA LUNA: A (single). Sun: Only (only) 20) ACHATES: the most faithful friend of Aeneas in the Aeneid of Virgil (verb follow) – since Aeneas was the head of the Trojan group.

His faithfulness is convirtio in proverb. ((21) EL ALAMEIN battle fatal to ROMMEL – EL ALAMEIN: German 22) VALENTINA TERESKOVA: (Russian). First woman cosmonaut. Watch us: brave strip BROOM. By astrological characteristics: 23) Marte:muerte. 24 Saturn: silent. (25) VENUS: Good (love). ((26) URANUS: Hurano 27) SUDAN: the world of hot zone. We observe, SUDAN: SUDAN sweat (sweat). 28) BUONTALENTI – sculptor of the 16th century, observed: BUONTALENTI good talent. (29) CARL MILLES. Swedish sculptor who prompted the erection of thousands of sources. We note: MLS: thousands. There are many more cases, we think that all the words are probably susceptible to this type of analysis, the development of Linguistics will tell someday. Meanwhile, we continue investigating, time either us clearly, blessing and will tell us if we will arrive at a new language. Nelson Astegher Bibliografia used in the research: Theological Doctrine, B. Mc Konkie, pag, 29 and 30. Jewish encyclopedia Paul Link, Editorial Israel, Spanish 1950. Bible Dictionary (Editorial Caribbean, w. w. Rand) research library of the Icep Institute of higher education and research.

Economic Independence

It is important that when a person enters a company that uses the model of business MLM, Network Marketing, marketing network, etc, etc and want to achieve economic independence, that research first to find out, indage if the owners of the company have experience, are competent and above all honest. Once you have this investigation, comes the next step, is to see which product or service marketed the company (it is important to know what difference there is between them), if it is at the forefront of the trend or whether it is behind the trend. Then whether the compensation Plan is simple to understand that understood once you explain it in a simple, clear and precise, also forms be powerful in the short, medium and long term for both the company and partners. Then see if the company has technological tools that allow to develop the business as it should, which can duplicate. But the most important is to find a Mentor within that Company (is a person who is in the situation in which a person wishes to be) to provide the knowledge and skills that once implemented achieve desired results, in this case economic, so that a credible economic independence can be reached that way, acceptable and feasible for each individual.

Without the Mentor is very complicated that the person will succeed, not only in Network Marketing but in any activity that you want to develop. That’s why many people abandon, throw the towel, capitulate because they see that they have no results of any kind and believe that they are losing time and the most valuable for them, the money. Precisely for this reason it is key to find a mentor that guide you toward that economic independence. Economic independence.

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