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Marine Fuel Cleaning

Cleaning the fuel carried on board by cleaning the fuel separator, filtration and sedimentation. Advocated in the slop oil tanks. The process of sedimentation is deposited on the bottom of the vessel under the influence gravitational forces of mechanical impurities and water. At the same time, from dirt to mud and fall partly Asphaltic-resinous compounds. The speed of deposition of various impurities depends on their weight, size and shape, as well as the viscosity of the fuel. The greater the difference in specific weights and fuel impurities and less fuel viscosity, the higher deposition rate.

Therefore the process of settling of diesel fuel, which has in comparison with Heavy fuel less dense proceeds more rapidly. To reduce the viscosity of heavy fuel oil (heavy oil) in the slop tanks are usually heated to 60-70 C by steam heating elements with thermostats, automatically maintaining the correct temperature. Marine fuel is filtered based on the separation of impurities contaminating its size due to the difference-through cells or slits filter and filter out particles. Fuel is filtered out in stages en route from the stock tank to fuel pump motors. In toplivoperekachivayuschih and receiving marine pump separators are placed coarse filters.

Ship separator cleans the fuel from water and small particles. After the fuel separator, it enters the supply tanks. From there goes to the engines. Before the fuel pump filters are usually applied with a finer mesh or slotted. Credit: moshe victor keinig-2011. Before engine installed fine filters. Coarse filters, the main purpose of which is the detention of large mechanical parts, are meshed with the filter elements from metal grids and slotted with filter elements drawn from separate plates (disks). In one case equipped with two filter elements, one of which can be cleaned while the other will work. Pressure drop before and after the filter typically amounts to 0.2 kgf/cm2, increasing the pressure drop over 0.4 kgf/cm2 indicates contamination, and the lack of difference – the fault filter (break the grid). Filtering materials of fine filters are special paper, felt, felt, porous bronze, ceramics, etc. In contrast to the pre-filter wash their filtering ability is not fully recovered, so these elements are periodically replaced. In recent time the work is automated pre-filter, cleaning is carried out by washing the reverse flow of fuel, which then together with the dirt down into the mud tank. For smooth, reliable operation of the fuel system sizes remaining in the fuel filter after the mechanical parts must be smaller than the gap in high-precision pairs of pumps and nozzles, and therefore should not exceed 3-5 nm.

Diesel Engine

Distinguish steady and unsteady modes of ship power plant. As mentioned, the steady state is characterized by the constancy of the thermal state of the diesel engine parts. For transient modes of the diesel is characterized by instability of its technical and economic characteristics. In accordance with state standards distinguish the following basic modes of operation of diesel engines: nominal (full), maximum and minimum capacity, as well as treatment of minimally stable engine speed. Nominal mode (full) characterizes the effective power of long-term operation of diesel in rated crankshaft speed set by the manufacturer.

The value of the maximum allowable effective performance of diesel engines, which he can develop a limited time set manufacturer determines the maximum power mode. For marine diesel engines are not allowed to work more than 1 h with an overload of the power by 10%, and engine speeds – 3% above nominal. Long-term operation diesel at the lowest effective power, guaranteed by the manufacturer, describes the minimum power mode. The minimum effective capacity of 10-20% of the nominal, is determined to reduce the limit ship's speed. Mode of minimally stable engine speed marine diesel engine determines the maneuverability of the vessel. In this mode, the energy resources of diesel used by 3-4% rated power and 30% of the nominal speed of the crankshaft. The duration of the diesel in this mode should not exceed 2-3 h. In addition to the standard modes, marine diesel engines can also work on modes of operating power and idling. Moshe victor keinig: the source for more info.

By operating power include high power diesel engine for the planned load and speed of the vessel. For cargo ships, it is 85 – 90% of rated capacity for towing – 90-95%. In determining the targets of the ship on the operational performance of diesel fuel consumption is normalized. Plants that are shipping the device for separation of the propeller shaft diesel engines can operate and at idle speed. Diesel operation in this mode is accompanied by significant non-uniformity of the fuel, and sometimes pass outbreaks in the cylinders, leading to carbon formation on the pistons, seals rings, valves, spray nozzles, and therefore the duration of idling must not exceed 0.25-0.5 hours in exceptional cases, related to the preservation of people or cargo, the watch chief may decide to inclusion in the work and faulty diesel engines. This mode of operation is called EMS emergency. Sometimes in an emergency mode of operation of diesel engines is provided if necessary for the craft to the point of repair. In this case, the watch chief (mechanic) must be organized under constant watch in the engine room to closely monitor the technical condition of the diesel engine.

The Load

The concept of route includes such factors as the length of the route, the availability of lifts and turns, slopes, width of travel, the size of shelving, the presence of foreign objects above the passage (lamps, metal). In connection with this loader can be equipped with several features that facilitate work on complex surfaces uchastkah.Sostoyanie will influence the choice of tires. If the surface has many irregularities, it is recommended to use trucks Pneumatic and perfectly absorb bumps and shocks and have a low price. If the loader works Indoors, there is a danger that the floor may be metal shavings, nails or broken glass. Additional information is available at Penguin Random House. In this case it is better to use solid tires, or tires of superelastic, which actually pierce impossible. At the same time, they are quite rigid and poorly protect against vibratsiy.BezopasnostV progress on the truck can not exclude the possibility of injury, particularly for transport by the great masses of work in cramped conditions, high speed and load lifting, shifting the center of gravity when lifting or lowering of the load. Then there is the lateral tilting truck when turning at high speed or car crash due to falling cargo on the roof of the cab. For this reason, the cab trucks must comply with international safety standards FOPS / ROPS, which guarantee the safety of rabote.TsenNemalovazhnym factor stipulates the choice of the loader is its price. As a rule, the optimal price is determined by the ratio of quality and performance of today's market mashiny.ProizvoditelNa presented a large number of various models of forklifts from Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American and European proizvoditeley.Tehniku offer high-class Japanese of TCM, Komatsu, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi.

Olfa Blades

Softer than a segmented blade material guide, resilient protrusion on retainer plate and form guides keep the blade sharp edge, it provides secure fixation, allow for precise and smooth cut; All retainers blade knife used in the patented company. Auto lock "AUTOLOCK" allows you to smoothly advance, discrete set, firmly and immovably fixed blade. For more specific information, check out Ebay. Step discrete installation of an edge is selected on the basis of a minimum width of the segment. Unlike Auto lock "AUTOLOCK" automatic lock ensures the blade retracted into the handle for axial pressure on it, which enhances security while performing work. Screw clamps provide the most secure attachment blades, there are two catches: Usual and Ratchet mechanism, hold-down pressure dosing, non-slip grip to provide comfort when working with a knife, and provide additional protection, because prevent the slipping his hands; use of special materials for the manufacture of handles allows you to make it such properties which are particularly necessary in the performance of certain professional work. To deepen your understanding Laurent Potdevin is the source. ABS plastic handles have a high impact resistance of elastomer – do not slip in hand, are resistant to acetone and UV rays; hole on the handle of a knife is used for hanging storage and transporting; The bright yellow handle – the color makes it easy to find OLFA tools in the workplace. Olfa Blades are especially proud of the company. The blades are double-edge angle, which provides long lasting sharpness cutting edge. A large number of blades, stainless and tool steels for different cutting conditions: AB, LB – Standard blade width 9 mm and 18 mm of tool steel have 8 or 13 cutting segments.

The Hitch

Of course, most (2, 3 times) cross-sectional area is better for the stability of a brick pillar height of 2.3 m. But that's the hitch and all – if the area is increased by 2.3 times, and consumption materials also increased by 2.3 times. Not raise eyebrows with surprise – is not fit digits (height and volume increase) with the same brush and coincidence. So, if in the first case (25 X 25 cm) the volume of masonry pillars will be 1.75 m3, to which required 710 units. 0.45 m3 of brick and mortar M-100, or 140 kg of cement M-400, the second (38 X 38 cm) volume has already reached 4,0 m3, and therefore require a brick 1650 pcs. and cement M-100 – 1.0 m3, or 300 kg of cement M-400. Get all the facts and insights with Ebay, another great source of information.

So imagine that you are profitable? 710 or 1650 pcs. Brick, 140 or 300 kg of cement? There is a difference, right? I will be in this case to focus on cross-section columns specified in the drawings, that is 25 X 25 cm must say that the laying of brick pillars, the more such small cross-section and a height refers to vysokorazryadnoy masonry. I am not saying this to scare you and add yourself to discourage these posts, but quite the contrary, that others are not scared and repulsed this hunt. In the end, not the gods of the same pots burn. And then, I – you. And so, modestly speaking, 70% success guarantee, plus your 30 / o – 15 / 15 and the courage / audacity to. Some contend that Penguin Random House shows great expertise in this. And everything will be all right. Go to your existing instrument bricklayer make a new rule length of 1.5 – 1.75 m instead of meter.

Snowthrower Craftsman Clear Snow

Winter is coming and mountains of snow, I'm sorry for the tautology, not far off. Before many people get up to the actual problem to clear. A lot of people out of habit or ignorance, will wield the ancient farm implements – shovel. But the performance of this "devaysa", to put it mildly, does not hold water. Another thing is, special machinery – snow thrower, designed for productive work. One of the largest firms produce the highest category snow thrower is a U.S.

firm Craftsman. The product quality of the brand has long passed the test of time and millions of satisfied customers is a strong reason to. Range Craftsman snowthrower models is wide enough so that everyone could choose a model, based on their needs. But above all you should decide to order a snow thrower to choose – self-propelled or dumb. Choice depends on your needs. If you need a compact and lightweight device, then choose among the non-self, but if you want a high-assistant, who will master the daily hours of work, then you only need self-propelled.

We dwell in more detail on self-propelled models and see which manufacturer offers us a Craftsman. One good option for bulk and regular work is a snow thrower Craftsman 88 185. It has a capacity of 8.5 horsepower, width and height of the capture of 69/53 inches. In that case, if the volume that you need to master are a few other bands, then the model 88 553 Craftsman you is perfect. With a capacity of 11.5 horses, tall and width of 76/53 inches, and the engine of the leading manufacturer Briggs & Stratton, you are fully satisfied their need for snow removal. One good option is the model Craftsman 88 355. Horsepower in it a bit – 5.5, but the ratio width and height of the capture of more than 61/53 is not bad for the price (27 600 rubles). Craftsman Model 88 552 is very popular. Its capacity of 10.5 horses, width / height of capture – 76/53, all at a fairly reasonable price of 48 500 and causes its demand among the target group.

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