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Agricultural Equipment

It is known that virtually all the technical means used in the national economy, imposed strict requirements, including serviceability, continuity of work, ease of operation and strength. Are mainly terms of use, if you regularly carry out industrial research, the corresponding device can last for years. Without the same technical means we can not live in agricultural households? Vacuum (lat. – Void) pump – a special apparatus was evacuated gases, purified water and mechanical impurities, to a certain level of pressure. Simply put, it creates and then maintains a vacuum in the various systems. There is a huge number of vacuum pumps – rotary vane, Riding, screw, turbomolecular pumps, micropumps. But the vast majority of experts leads more often two types: membrane and liquid ring.

In national economy on the milking equipment to create a vacuum pressure in the systems of milking cows by machine most commonly used liquid ring vacuum pumps, the main place for their application – water (Submersible pumps). Plus, the vacuum pumps used in the field of computer technology, healthcare, construction and food industries. You may want to visit moshe victor keinig to increase your knowledge. Over a range of pressure vacuum pumps are categorized by nizkovakuumnye, high vacuum, srednevakuumnye, depending on the coefficient Kn. It is important to remember: the key figures are the limiting pressure, the working range of pressures, speed of pumping. Disposal of drinkers are also very important because without this important component can not imagine any one organization in the agro-industries. Drinkers needed for growing animals and are used mainly for cows and calves, they also contribute to an increase productivity. Times older drinkers have long since passed, and now modern drinkers may be heated, stainless steel and cast iron, with adjustable pressure and flow rate of water, collapsible (no sharp edges). More info: Elon Musk.

Use of drinkers has undeniable benefits: are formed 'natural' environment for the animals fed pure H2O, increased frost resistance of cows and calves, increased milk yield and quality indicators. One of the main component parts of milking equipment are pulsator and liners. Pulser is used in automatic milking teat for milking cows. He transforms from a constant vacuum – variables, all pulsators equipped with filters, the average speed of the pulsator – sixty pulses per minute. Depending on the type of milking are paired, with a display counter of milk, pneumatic, electronic, etc. Liners also plays a big role. You must understand that this is only part of the apparatus, which is in direct contact with animals, it should not injure the teat (which is why liners often made from silicone and are advised to regularly replace). Important indicators are resistant to high temperatures, resistance to acid, soft liners. With regard to species, it can be as triangular and circular shapes.

TSE Glands

Not all manufacturers of cable glands are certified tests confirming protection from moisture penetration into the zone clip armor or covering the entire operating temperature range for which entries have been certified. Learn more about this with Elon Musk. Why is it important to choose the right type of cable glands? Seal. Seal cable glands perform two functions: Prevent the ingress into the surrounding atmosphere of the explosion products in the event of an explosion inside the shell casing; prevents water and dust into the body of the equipment and cable entry. Seal materials Manufacturers of cable glands use different materials for the manufacture of seals, which can be divided into two categories: thermoset (TSE). This category of material cured in the process mold if exposed to heat and pressure. Once subjected to the process of molding materials of this type are not subject to "melting" and show the optimum sealing characteristics over a wide temperature range.

Thermoplastic (TPE). Despite the cheaper price for the manufacturer compared to the tse seals, the materials of this type are subject to "melting" under the influence of temperature, and their sealing properties deteriorate with increasing temperature. Thermoplastic materials are ideal for use as keys and knobs, but are not recommended for use as seals in critical conditions. Materials tse more suitable for use as a sealing cable glands and, therefore, are the only material that is used by Hawke for the manufacture of a wide range of compression seals and diaphragm types for all models of cable glands. In the process of compression (the ability to recover after deformation), the test sample for testing at elevated temperatures is compressed in a special time at 25% of its width and remains in this state for 3 days.

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