Yes it is believed that the leader may form, an element important is the education, training and the promotion of teamwork. To understand the Mexican we must know and understand its history, latest labor behavior roots must be sought in the psychology, the relationship that exists between Mexican culture and personality of Mexicans is very narrow, therefore while the past is not known, roots, culture and why we act looking for just living day by day can not begin to fight in a country that forged leaders. Today, real leaders have emerged and each day there are more studies on the issue, however we live in a period in which critics abound and lack leaders, political leaders constantly criticize the actions of other Governments, enters a constant struggle of who criticizes more contrary and loses the sense of Governing, we are a culture that seeks to base their triumphs on the defeat of others and has been for centuries, in these times we started just to detach ourselves from our past and achieve triumphs own boost progress throughout the country, although the constant struggle of Governments and armed groups try to break that narrow line between who we were and what we want to be. In these times have experienced changes in the social life of our country, increase the number of demonstrations on public roads, increases the number of Mexicans unhappy with the political system and laws, violence every day is higher, generally believes that society is becoming less like society of 10 or 20 years ago. These rafters have affected people who make up this society, but it has also led to changes in the expectations that has this society on the role that organizations must play and those who manage them. Independent society is taking place, it is gradually leaving aside society dependent, it organizations are preparing to face the new challenges that come with the changes, start to invest resources in training staff, train leaders and growing expectations of the workers, to the extent that society to take the challenges of change towards an independent society will be a forger of leaders country and not a country full of critics and rulers..

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