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Economic Miracle

To understand the historical formation of the Brazilian economic environment, it is necessary to analyze the factors that they had determined to the evolution of the economy, as well as the mechanisms adopted in the maintenance of the growth. Thus, it can be identified which moments had been decisive in economic history, establishing the main factors that had influenced the economy enter the period of Brazil Colony until the known period as Miracle Economic. Through the analysis of the Brazilian economic formation, it is possible to understand the cycles of the economy and its models of development, identifying which was the paper of the State and excessively the economic agents front to the industrialization process and development. It is important to identify to which the main economic problems as well as the adopted measures and its results. In order to argue the economic changes tried by the Brazilian economy throughout its history, this work is segmented in four parts. In the first part, one discourses on colonial Brazil and its basically extrativista economy. At as a moment, the decurrent transformations of industrialization describe. In the third part of the work, an important period of the economic evolution of Brazil is analyzed: the Plan of Goals (1956-1960) of government JK.

To finish the work, an analysis of the Economic Miracle becomes (1968-1973), period of spectacular economic growth, occurrence during the dictatorship to militate. The DEVELOPMENT OF BRAZIL IN the COLONIAL PERIOD During century XVI, Brazil was not considered importantepor Portugal, although its enormous territory. (BAER, 1996). Brazil was inhabited for nomadic indians, whom, beyond not subjecting to work with it disciplines, also were not in great number, therefore, had been decimated by the illnesses brought for the Portuguese colonizadores. Wood-Brazil was the first product of exportation of colonial Brazil. The Europe used the rind of the tree as raw material for corante.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Term CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Administration of the Relations with the Clients, has become a fashionable word. Much is listened to the term in the enterprise conferences, publications of business and generally in many means of information related to enterprise improvement. What we have found in a high percentage is that many people have listened on this term, but in fact they do not know or they do not know that it means and what is its tangible application and benefits for a organziacin. Therefore we want to share with you a simple presentation in which we want to expose of clear form that it is CRM and so that it serves. In our daily work like consultants in the subjects of CRM, SFA and Centralization in the Client we were with people who have much restlessness of how to be able to take advantage of these administrative techniques to generate benefits in their businesses. Lamentably the great ignorance exists in which CRM means and the form as it is possible to be implanted and to be useful in the company. When realising an exercise to deal with to explain of simple form east concept, we were that an industralist or a professional of the areas of trade, sales or service to the client on the matter frames his restlessness in 5 key questions to include/understand that it is CRM.

We have developed a presentation that tries to respond the 5 following questions: 1. What is CRM? 2. Is applicable CRM company? 3. Is prepared my company for CRM? 4. By where beginning an Initiative of CRM? 5. What I do if we are not preparations for CRM? In this presentation we tried to give answers to these questions that can help to include/understand like obtaining benefit for their organization of CRM. CRM is not technology, it is not only software that is bought, it installs and for that reason already we are going to have satisfied and faithful clients. CRM is a business strategy that it requires to be included/understood and to be applied in the precise measurement of each organziacin. We invited it to consult the presentation and bajarala to its computer without no cost, Can visit the section of Guides Free of CRM in our vestibule Culture Client or to go to 5 page called Key Preguntas on CRM. Original author and source of the article

Daily Economic Optimum Bank

Daily the Economic one carried through a study to evaluate which the best institution to ask for a personal credit in Portugal. This study it was elaborated having as base the conditions practised for 18 institutions to operate in our country, being been these applied in six profiles of possible customers. To evaluate the data the simulator of the Deco Proteste was used that had been actualizado in last January. The conclusions of the study had been sufficient go off, that is, if to opt to a bank that practises the TAEG lowest in damage of that it practises the TAEG highest, can get a saving of a thousand and two hundred euros in the total cost of the credit. The study also it disclosed that the Spanish banks Caja Duero and Caixa Galicia, as well as, the Portuguese banks, Widow’s fund Geral and ActivoBank, are the best options for who need to get a personal credit.


The optimization Web is beneficial almost always for our page Web or blog, but exists certain things to consider not to commit errors that will harm to us but that to benefit to us. 5 frequent Errors to avoid when we optimized our Web: To change to all the pages of the Web, but important and that always we must consider, if the something works, we do not have to modify it; it is very common that while we realised an optimization of nuesrta Web we want it to change everything, and this is error, pages that estan or indexed, good not to touch them, or we do if it that they are very subtle changes, costs much that a page is indexed or so that with a few changes we ruin everything.

Not to take a control of which we do and when, if we do not know that we have done, we will not know that it can be leaving or or badly. To have many pages with little content, is but important to have little but as quality, it don’t mention it does not serve to have 100 pages or posts that will not index by their little relevance, better to have 10 with a very interesting content. Not to take into account the users; our Web this done so that the people visit who it find what this looking for, or information or to buy a product or service, is for that reason that we must of knowledge that is what the visitor THIS NOT FINDING to be able to provide it; don’t mention it serves a Web with an incredible design but that nobody visits. Not to take into account the key words (keywords), often we are not conscious that words or phrases they estan taking traffic to us to our Web, first we must know that keywords is those that work well, before optimizing and running the risk of losing the traffic that already we have.

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