Daily Economic Optimum Bank

Daily the Economic one carried through a study to evaluate which the best institution to ask for a personal credit in Portugal. This study it was elaborated having as base the conditions practised for 18 institutions to operate in our country, being been these applied in six profiles of possible customers. To evaluate the data the simulator of the Deco Proteste was used that had been actualizado in last January. The conclusions of the study had been sufficient go off, that is, if to opt to a bank that practises the TAEG lowest in damage of that it practises the TAEG highest, can get a saving of a thousand and two hundred euros in the total cost of the credit. The study also it disclosed that the Spanish banks Caja Duero and Caixa Galicia, as well as, the Portuguese banks, Widow’s fund Geral and ActivoBank, are the best options for who need to get a personal credit.

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