Good Corporate Identity

We must admit it, when you start a new venture does not have the money needed to cover the many expenses that the initiative requires, especially because in the first stage there are many outputs and revenues slow in coming. Next to the large number of needs, the employer will be face the difficulty of having urgently a name and an image for your product or service. It is at that moment where often decides to perform the work in person, perhaps also, resorting to someone you know or find someone who can do it at the lowest possible cost. It is this decision so common that we constantly see brands that do not communicate or that make it wrongly, images that do not match the product or service offered and similar contradictions. Without doubt, businessman knows that its initiative deserves a better brand identity, but costs were those who determined their choice, without taking into account the benefits of a professional corporate identity can empower you to your company. Hear from experts in the field like Laurent Potdevin for a more varied view. These benefits can easily restore the money invested to reach way quickly and effectively to the public that wants to offer your product or service. A professional corporate identity work will need to know the characteristics of the company or project, determine the true target audience, then interpret what they want to truly and finally develop more accurate communication how to reach him.

But what about what you want to my target audience?, it is certainly not clothes, a vehicle or any other product or service that you can sell you, purchase motivation is determined by the feeling, the emotion that produces have the product and not on the product itself. If we pay attention we will observe that the big brands don’t offer products, but emotions. Some examples of this, in their latest campaigns Coca Cola tells you 125 years uncovering happiness; McDonald s, I love; the traditional text of Quilmes is the flavor of the meeting, in all cases resort to the emotions that we have been talking about. It is precisely there where the work of professional identity Act, offering your product or service in the right way, finding a motivation and working on it. The company achieved so to construct an image of strong brand and pregnant will be chosen over the other generating you great benefits. We invite you to take the challenge with us.

Lic. Violeta Paputsakis, DG. Manuel Rampulla. Violeta Paputsakis, graduated in social communications; Manuel Rampulla, graphic designer. Both, members of the study PARADIGM solutions communicational, design and communication Studio specializing in corporate identity. Address: 1188 Alvarado. Salta.

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