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Planning And Organization Of Marketing

How to start to plan and give shape to your projects? They say that ideas are the most difficult to transmit, also says that manuscripts are Testaments to manifest a mink. This methodology of planning in writing will help you not only begin to shape your basic idea concepts, but also will help you to capitalise on your time and your energy when it comes to convey your vision. Keep documents in writing: 1)-everything about your company. ** The date founded * location or locations. * Telephone and physical contact. * Name/s of the founders * a brief history of the founder/res and the project members.

* Also writes a brief and simple announced with the benefits and mission of the project. (2) – All about the product. Write a document detailing each product or service detailing the following. (* Name of product or service * function * details and unique features * quality * needs to cover (your beliefs of how the service would cover a need) 3)-all about your intentions. Write a document specifically detailing your clear mission of creation. You can also say that with audios and videos. * Goals * why your company * the importance of providing a good service * solid intentions * Idea Principal-vision this is one of the most essential documents that you should prepare carefully exposing the because of your creation and intentions, so that in this way allow future partners, clients and social networks to identify with your projects and ideas. (4) – Everything about your partners and customers.

Archives documents in writing from all the testimonials about your company. * Testimonials written for your clients and partners * Testimonial Videos * audio. It keeps on file as well as exposed, all articles, videos, images of others towards your company or you. (5) – Press Kit – all about the press. Archives and exposes everything about your company to be able to promote your brand. * A file with your logos * writes announced press recounting the events of your company. * Start a Blog to keep your networks informed. (* Pamphlets/Flayers * personal card * website * active participation and constant in the 6 social media)-all about the image. The image is the first impact and one of the most important. If you want to expose your business on the internet, you must make sure that the virtual and visual communication is super effective. It maintains good quality of printed and digital photos. * Porta portrait yours * photos of your partners * photos of your products * photos of your company * photos of the events. The secret of the victories depend on the level of organization of what not so obvious.

Marketing Personal Day

After five days between training and typical festivals, I found a strange force that moved me and moves me still. Something like a second conscience, or a critical roadmap for projects. Each step that gave, had as a pointer directing me. They spent nearly thirteen years, to reconnect with the training manual of those days in old San Juan, clear, I had gone through numerous trainings since that time, but browsing that somewhat yellowish manual gave me the impetus of the big idea, train others namely facilitating that others acquire knowledge. I was in Neuquen (Argentina) thinking of channeling my concern when I published my first warning in an act of conscious insanity in the regional press announcing the Marketing Personal course based on my experiences as an instructor of diverse topics and old blue caps manual. Each day that passed more people fell, and each class of that first course was an adventure, because I had to produce the material needed to support what he said. Each day that passed, I felt Pygmalion, each day paid the chisel and the hammer for each who is moldeara.

What was the magic? I firmly believe in providing each person the opportunity to be heard in a heterogeneous Forum on an enabling environment, in a hotbed of ideas. I firmly believe in the opportunity we have to everyone for the rebirth of the attitude, the attitude to positive change. How to achieve this attitude? It is a process, and as a whole process takes time and training, what I will say now, cow type must be read. If you read well, that ruminant with four legs takes quite some time to digest their food through their stomachs, we must chew, forgiveness, slowly applying each technique of self-improvement, to be digested and assimilated into our minds, it is then there, when really there is good habit, positive attitude.


Your self-esteem, nor your social or emotional life are because the consequences caused by your eczema, we recommend to take care of your skin at home, this can reduce the excess of medicines. Our body is protected and covered entirely by our wonderful skin, that’s why we must treat it and care for it so that dermal diseases of your eczema which attacks several parts of our body such as elbows, behind the knees, hands, ankles, face, neck and upper chest, reddened it, irritating it and itching to the point of blistering is and burst. If you have eczema or think that you might have it the first thing you should know is that type of eczema is you are presenting, to also search for the right solution, there are many types of eczema, but atopic eczema is one of the most frequent and serious, well you should know that eczema is not contagious. Keep in mind that in many cases people suffering from eczema also may suffer from asthma and some allergies such as allergic rhinitis, the food allergies and this can trigger or worsen eczema. Allergies to animal dander, rough tissues and powder can also reactivate your eczema. Initially you let’s we begin to feel that your skin is heated and you start to bite and if you scratch much your skin will turn very red, it inflamara or will you fill it up of blisters, also run the risk that you eczema you ruptures and skin you put rough, also you can dry and scalysymptoms may vary enough from one person to another. The following factors can worsen the symptoms of your eczema: allergy to pollen, mold, dust mites or colds animals or influenza contact with rough material dry skin exposure to irritants environmental exposure to water feeling too cold or too hot fragrances or dyes added to lotions or soaps for the skin moisturizes your skin using ointment or Vaselinecreams or lotions, 2 or 3 times a day. Moisturizers must be free of alcohol, odour, dyes, fragrances or others chemicals.

Avoid wool and lanolin-containing materials, these materials are irritating your eczema. Avoid possible contact with water and use less SOAP than usual. Short and fresh bathrooms are better than long and hot baths you do not rub or put the skin with excessive force, or for a long time. After a swim, it is important to apply lubricating creams, lotions or ointments to the skin while it is wet, this will help trap moisture in the skin. Original author and source of the article.

Defeats Computer

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Accommodation Rural

When it comes to tipping by a rural accommodation in Mendoza, one of the attractions that weigh more is without a doubt, the desire to integrate into the daily activity of an establishment of field. In each room, summer house or rural casona invite guests to participate in the care of the vines, cultivation and harvesting of crops or animal husbandry. Latter being an activity that Mendoza it is not limited to livestock, but it includes the attractive possibility of caring for beautiful and noble caballos criollos. In Mendoza, rural tourism is not an exception in a land that holds pleasant surprises at every turn. The country house hotels are usually very close to the main wineries, so you decide on this type of accommodation ensures the unforgettable experience of living the transformation of the grapes in wine from the inside. But bids with which each winery receives today to tourism, largely outweigh traditional wine tastings and guided tours, by that staying in a hotel of field today guarantees tourists countless pleasurable activities. Fly vines in hot air balloons, dine at sophisticated restaurants, bicycling through the vineyards or schedule a personalized tasting are just some of them. Recycle the old mansions of adobe’s farms for proportional greater comfort while respecting its delicious original architecture is a common denominator among the hotels in field in Mendoza.

There, the tourist feels transported to an ancient, magical world and already lost, without having to renounce the advantages of modern life that today is essential for everyone, so as air conditioning, LCD TV and WI FI Internet connection. Many rural hotels have spa services that leverage the benefits of the regional wine, chocolate or olive products to revitalize the skin and tone the body and the spirit of its visitors. Although to achieve an absolute feeling of relaxation is enough with a walk, deeply breathing the air of the mountains, by the colorful vineyards or planting of potatoes, cereals and other crops themselves of mountain agriculture. The hospitality field, with its ideal combination of old charm and comfort of today is an option to take into account when choosing accommodation in Mendoza. Original author and source of the article.

Main Purpose

Ore which exploited from mountain mine, ore block is large, the largest particle size is generally about 500 mm. But the phosphate material disseminated fine-coarse-grained, and closely integrated with symbiotic and gangue minerals. So before sorting, the ore must be approved by the crushing and grinding, so that full dissociation of phosphate rock materials. Crushing and grinding to achieve particle size mainly depends on the dry dip of the phosphate material particle size and beneficiation, phosphate generally flotation. Crystalline apatite disseminated particle size is generally 0.5 to 0.1 mm, the finer coexistence of glial phosphate dip is generally less than 0.1 mm. Mining crusher refers to the crushing machinery whose content is more than 50% of the total content, the row compound particles is larger than three millimeters. Which is invented by British Heng.

According to the size of feeding and nesting coexistence, the crushing operations is often divided into the rough crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing these three categories. The commonly used equipment are jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, crusher, single-stage hammer compound crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher machine, double roll crusher, crusher two-in-one, and so on. More fine the particle size is disseminated, the grinding particle size should also be more fine, otherwise, the phosphorus minerals and gangue minerals can not be achieved the separation of the monomer, a direct impact on the quality of the selected points. Therefore, crushing, grinding the ore separation are all the prepared job. Production practice is not broken ore survived fine as possible. Because, first, ore crushing survived fine, the power consumption and the wear on the greater increase in processing costs. Second, ore is crushed too fine, it is bound to generate a lot of fine mud, resulting in over crushed fine mud to influence the election process, to reduce the effect of selected points. So before the separation work, the right decision crushing particle size must be made, it came to power in the technical and economic grounds. Around the early gneiss apatite siliceous mining ore, basically on the surface regolith, mined ore is relatively soft, the grain size is generally small, and some mining areas are not even directamente after breaking into the grinding and grinding before you enter the mine sieve, sieve out large pieces of artificial broken, and then send to the ball mill.

Run Dealers

What are the two most common difficulties faced by sellers? Conducting research on the subject of what sellers make mistakes, I discovered that the problem of vendors are following types: the first – they do not always may be appropriate to begin a conversation, ie, establish contact, the second – when it comes to complete the transaction, the seller starts to behave poorly. That is, it tightens, blush, stammer, or just trying to as much as possible less affect the topic of money, and accordingly continues to make a presentation. I really like the analogy with the way kids communicate. While they have not grown, yet we are not surrounded by their rules "how to behave in society, they there are no problems in communicating. They directly and can easily come into contact with a stranger, had no qualms. And it does not matter with what kind of person to talk to. Sometimes it does not hurt to learn from children.

Very well over communicating said the philosopher and writer L. Ron Hubbard: "Man is alive as far as he is able to communicate." If the seller is afraid of the buyer or has a hidden aggression towards him, then hide it is quite difficult: people like tend to be susceptible to such emotional displays, as it causes internal discomfort. In addition, the seller must understand that he needs a lot of talk and not to forget that not everyone will be comfortable communicating. According to my observations, most good vendors – women than men.

Central Russia

The material is permeable to air and water, protects plants from light night frost (up to -3-4 C) and cold fogs. Canvas creates a favorable microclimate and increases during the growing season. The material has high durability, comes with a UV stabilizer. Period of operation in Central Russia – Season 3. Mulch Spunbond density of 60 g / m (black) is designed to protect the soil from weeds (mulching).

In contrast to the sheltered, in the mulch spunbond has a special pigment that colors the canvas in black (so called "black spunbond"). As a rule, it has more than a covering, the surface density – 40-60 g/m2. Use as mulch material spunbond enables: reduce the rate of irrigation and evaporation of moisture from soil; ensure rapid heating of the soil and permanently maintain the required temperature; prevent contamination of fruits and berries, the formation of mold and mildew on the soil and plants; limit the growth of weeds, including years; reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides. The soil under the mulch of spunbond is not compacted, staying loose during the growing season of plants, without additional processing. Through porosity of the material, it is easy to pass water and liquid fertilizer. "Black" spunbond, remain on the ground in winter, fairly protects the roots from freezing. Thanks to a black color cloth absorbs heat radiation, which promotes a good warm-soil. It is very important for growing heat-loving plants such as melons, early vegetables and berries.

Gastric Band

If you are looking to reduce your weight quickly and permanently, the gastric band is without a doubt your best option. The gastric band is a surgery that involves little risk, and involves placing a band around the stomach, to control the amount of food as well. The upper part of the already divided stomach is much smaller than the bottom. What happens is that he creates an effect of hourglass where it is permitted to accept a small portion of food. This way, the patient will feel full soon, which in the long run will make you lose weight unchanged way, avoiding the excesses in the diet.

The gastric band is an adjustable silicone band, which allows that it adapts over time according to the needs of the person. Enough a special needle, the surgeon to perform the necessary adjustment, thus, shall not be subject to new surgeries. Surgery of the gastric band that lasts little more than one hour, requires general anesthesia, however, to be a laparoscopic surgery, the bleeding is virtually nil. The gastric band has long-term results. It is estimated that the person loses 40% of the weight in two years from the completion of the operation.


What is a nanotube? You could define nanotube, as a kind of tiny dimensions tube, formed that usually with a rolled sheet of graphite, so it also tends to acquire the name of carbon nanotube, but other materials can also be used for its construction as Silicon or Boron Nitride. These carbon nanotubes, shaped allotropic, and depending on the degree of curl of the same, acquire different diameters and internal structures. They are subject to numerous studies, since due to its characteristics, it is capable of supporting its own weight suspended on our planet, and for this reason, it believes that they could be used in the construction of a space elevator, something that would be a technological breakthrough. History: while humans throughout history made use of nanotubes with great frequency, was not aware of many of their applications until a recent time, specifically in 1991, the year in which became globally famous and began the research to its around. The first time that we can meet with nanotubes, throughout history, we must go back to 1889, when Hugues and Chambers, decided to patent a procedure in the manufacture of carbon filaments, using hydrogen and methane as precursor gases, in a crucible of iron. Almost seventy years later, in 1952, two Russian scientists, Radushkevich and Lukyanovich, performed an admirable work, taking pictures of 50 nanotubes, but his work not gained importance due to the cold war. Subsequently, individual works on these strange tubes, not taking reference of ancient works were published.

In 1985, the primos-hermanos of nanotubes, Fullerenes, that are discovered, instead of having tube shape, have it sphere, the discovery was a serendipity, which awarded the nobel prize in 1996 to its discoverers. And finally in 1991, nanotubes, discovered while he was investigating to Fullerenes, and research that have developed since then they could mean a breakthrough in technology and quality of human life. Kinds of nanotubes: monolayer (Single-Walled Nanotubes): as its name already indicates, they are single layer nanotubes, and they have certain electrical characteristics not shared with siblings nanotubes, and so it can be used for the creation of TRT (transistors) and logic gates (are basically different circuits formed by transistors). Multilayer (Multi-Walled Natotubes): Formed by several layers of nanotubes arranged as the famous Russian dolls (one above the other), or as a newsprint wrapping. They are more complex than the previous ones. Bilayer (Double-Walled Nanotubes): Made up of two layers, share characteristics similar to those of the monolayer or SWN. Which applications do? Nanotubes have various applications and most seem to science fiction, are able to transform solar energy into electricity (solar panels), can be used as supercapacitors, without forget that could be its a step agigantado in technology of our computers, serving as transistors, tiny pieces that are the reason why aren’t large rooms with great demand for electric power. It also has other applications, but they are so diverse that I would be impossible to name them all.

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