PRESENTATION: Our Christ the King parish, located in the urbanisation Santa Beatriz, Lima Cercado, account with the participation of various groups corles, animation in Sunday masses and activities within the pastoral work. Our pastor: father Luis Elordi CP. In their eagerness to see all these groups work in a coordinated way and communion, he proposed the creation of a single Ministry of singing before the Parish Council and animation, in masses and parish activities, which would be represented by a single person, responsible for coordinating unit of that group. The Parish Council, consisting of 7 people including our pastor, agreed with the proposal and was then appointed to the person who must undertake this mission, and was elected a Member belonging to one of the groups for a year. The necessity of establishing an order of labour for this mission, inevitably forces the creation of a general regulation for all groups in question, which should be complied with at the foot of the letter, if it is to belong to such groups. Chapter one general representative. 1.1 Attitudes, obligations and responsibilities: general representative, must have availability of time needed for the pastoral work their behavior must be consistent with their testimony of life your attitude main must be like St. Paul’s (no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in my) that will banish all eagerness to personalism and protagonism likewise must incarnate the Gospel in your life (father(, which may be one, as you and I are) always seek unity among all members of the groups. The representative, is obliged to inform the various choral groups, all decisions taken in the coordination parish (E.C.P.) team as well as the collect the concerns and suggestions of each of the members of such groups, this involves listening to each of them. General representative is generally responsible for the behavior of each Member of the groups corals and therefore it has the authority to separate or integrate the members thereof, after consulting the Parish Council (C.P.) 1.2.

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