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I’m Mario Arcila, Economist, I live 10 years ago in Florida, USA. The events that occur around the world affect us all we want to or not. What is happening in the Middle East and Africa, strongly influences in our lives; Since the oil its largely comes from those countries and any alteration in them makes its price fluctuated by increasing fuel and thus affecting our pocket. The events of recent days in Tunisia and Egypt have drawn global attention; the first country after 23 years of dictatorship the Government fell; because people can not stand more, they want a change to improve their lives. We hope that people will not mistake again and choose someone the address really well and in a participatory democracy. Egypt live days of anguish, sadness and desolation; Thanks to its Chairman for more than 30 years has carried the nation to extreme poverty. Despite his great wealth of 80% of its people live in poverty, education levels are very low, and in general there is a nonconformity that has led to dropping rather sooner than later dictator Mubarak; He wants to continue holding to power despite some ads that do not submit to new elections but it has not defined 100% that leaves the power; as many have suggested it is leading world including the President of the United States; Barak Obama; a great ally in previous years. There are many countries that continue to suffer dictators who all they do is get rich, while the majority of people live in conditions of extreme poverty. These people are concerned when falls any of them; that town is slowly awakening from its slumber. All have optimism that the economic recovery take its course, but we can not ignore that if members of OPEC (oil exporting countries) there is destabilization in some countries there may be a sudden change in the prices of fuels and affect us all equally. Original author and source of the article

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